Adidas Divox 1.9s Women’s Field Hockey Turf Shoes Review

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Adidas Divox 1.9S Women's Field Hockey Turf Shoes Review

Did you know women have appeared in hockey before the men in the USA? It was 1920 for women and 1930 for men. Isn’t it cool enough?

Women want to be stylish, both on-field and off-field. In sport, turf is a great variable for fashion and service. Today, we’ll know more about the adidas Divox 1.9S women’s field hockey turf shoes in this article. 

Adidas Divox 1.9S has become popular since the launch. The pair of turf offers a great deal of quality, comfort, and style. Without further delay, let’s jump into the review.

Adidas Divox 1.9s Turf Shoes Overview and Features

Superb Grip and Lightweight, Makes You Faster!

The Divox 1.9S comes with a rubber outsole with an exclusive pattern. The rubber increases grip in 360 degrees. You can accelerate in any direction faster than ever. 

The turf is compatible with all pitches. You don’t have to worry about the grip or sudden halts on any surface. Quick have become much easier with the superb grip.

Besides the overall grip, the 1.9S is light. It weighs around 300g. It can be an incredible option for fast runners like the strikers. 

The Amazing Fit and Comfort!

Hockey is a fast-paced game. You need to be in control of your body and movement. If the shoe is not fit, it’ll lead you to slippage. Sometimes your balance may get altered due to an unfit pair. 


To get a perfect fit, an inner bootee is a great option. The divox has an inner bootie. It works as an equalizer for gaps left by interiors. You will get enough cuddles to your feet, resulting in the utmost comfort.

EVA midsole

It’s a very common material for the midsole. You will find EVA in the cheapest to high-end shoes. It makes the shoe lighter and more durable than regular turfs. 

Foam Cushion

It adds a deluxe atmosphere in the shoe. The foam sits right in the toe. Thus, the liftoffs get effortless and comfy. 


In modern shoes, you’ll get a lot of features in a shoe but less airflow. 1.9S is extraordinary in this case. The mesh uppers combined with synthetic overlays make more space for air inflow. This feature keeps the feet dry and cool. 


Elastic bands are the best choice for custom ties. Adidas divox guarantees you a personal fit keeping your foot secured in the right place. 

Talking about security, we must look at the safety features of Divox 1.9s.

Safety and Protection

This turf has a mixed impression of the protection it offers. Before judging any further, let it be clear to you that Divox is designed to be lighter, faster, and cheaper. 


Yeah, it’s EVA again. It’s solid and shock-absorbing to make the sole durable. You’ll get a springy feel putting pressure on the shoe surface. It will save the sole along with the foot from damage. 


The interior foam will absorb most of the outer impact. It will lessen impacts on your toes.

Synthetic Upper

The upper has synthetic mesh. It absorbs impact energy from balls or opponent’s missed shots. Additionally, the surface has a foil overlay. It’s a barrier for water to insert into the shoe. 

Let me make it loud and clear through bullets.

  • Has an amazing grip
  • Super light
  • Very affordable
  • Stylish and performance booster
  • Suitable in different pitches

Why may you like the Divox 1.9s?

It’s not easy to satisfy every user with one product. The Divox has some cons that may be tolerable.


If you want to order online, you have to mention the word “women” in your order. Otherwise, you end up receiving a men’s version. 

Feature-wise there is no difference. It’s the size or the fit. 


The synthetic mesh upper is super air ventilating. It’ll keep your foot in good condition. But the protection gets compromised a little. Many of the users complained about getting hurt in the foot. 


Is it durable?

Yes! The synthetic upper, Traxon outsole and EVA midsole make the DIvox unbreakable.

Is it easy to use?

Undoubtedly yes. Adidas Divox 1.9s is super handy and super light. You can wear it in and out of the ring without thinking twice.

Final Words

Considering the price, quality, and features, the 1.9s is a hot deal in the market. Nowadays people wear turf in the street too. Divox can be your regular shoe also. 

The air ventilation in this turf has amazed turf lovers around the globe. The lighter midsole makes it effortless to wear the shoe.

Finally, it has a universal grip. You can try it roughly on every pitch. If you ask me, I would say “Grab it ASAP!” The decision is yours. Have a nice hockey time.

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