Atomic air hockey table review ( Five-Star Table with affordable price)

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The Automic air hockey table is a five-star table. If you want the best air hockey table at an affordable price, then my writing is a suggestion for you. Because of its durability, smoothness, lighting system, strikes, pucks, sound effects, point collector, and the frame has given me comfort.

Using my own experience, I have prepared a good review for you. And I am presenting my arguments in favor of this hockey table. This wooden table will satisfy you. Anatomic top shelf air hockey table review is helping you to make a decision.

Atomic Top Shelf 7.5’ Air Hockey Table Review

Atomic air hockey table overbiew and features

There is no substitute for this air hockey table for continuous use. The tremendous and aesthetic hockey table provides a long-time service. This table’s specialty from other tables is that the pucks in it are decorated with coloring lights. Very few bands offer such benefits. Also, its excellent power motor conducts non-stop airflow inside it. It will give you a 2-year warranty, which is very lucrative. Read our today’s review and consider all the things you need to decide the product for you.


Atomic Shelf 7.5 ′ Hockey table will give you the experience of heavy objects first. The 230-pound table is much heavier than any middle-aged person. At least 2-3 adults should try to carry it or make it move. Its dimensions will suffer in the hesitation of whether it is possible to enter through the door of your house.

This may seem like a big problem to the outsider, but you will enjoy the unexpected benefits if you look closely. Its heavyweight makes the air hockey table stronger. Its stability has a positive effect on weight.

Atomic Shelf 7.5 ′ Hockey table can hold tears and lots of wear. There is a lot of pressure on the table to score. Usually, players do this unknowingly. The table is susceptible to holding so much pressure. Even if you put too much weight on the table, it will not break or crush.

Strong and large legs have extended the durability of the table. There is no substitute for making it stable and robust. Its typical behavior will free you from the confusion of the game.


The table has an attractive design as well as it speeds up the game. This table will not disappoint those who like the game for a short time. Its layered surface maintains the smoothness of the game. The 120 V power motor will provide stable and temperate airflow inside the table. The airflow flows smoothly from one end to the other. The engine works non-stop and blows air. Any motor that can refuse to serve when playing non-stop. But this 120V power motor encourages nonstop play.

The LED Lumen-X method adds excellent speed to the game. The LED lights on the edge of the table are on all the time. The combination of red, green, and blue light encourages excellent game-play. High-tempo and fast music add extra fun to the game-play. Excitement makes the game enjoyable by raising your hormonal adrenaline levels.


Hockey tables are 4 feet. United States Hockey Table Association has approved them. This 4-foot table is included in the approved tables. A 1.22 and 2.5-foot air hockey table is made, especially for those who like to play very fast. The playground on this table has a smooth flat surface.LED Lumen-X technology has been added to the game-play. The red, green, and yellow colors of the LED lights and the high temp music can make the game move faster. The atomic top shelf 7.5’ air hockey table is the perfect choice for fast players and fans of aesthetics.


Striker is also called bat or paddle. The flat surface of the striker has a handle attached. The high-tops paddles look like tiny sombreros of plastic. Other paddles have to use with small nubs called flat-tops. Overall, Atomic Top Shelf 7.5’ Air Hockey Table is the best air hockey table under 500.


A led air hockey puck is a kind of disc. These are made of Lexan polycarbonate resin. AHPA and USAA approve pucks. 

The pucks are greenish, yellow, and red. Hockey pucks have a variety of shapes. They like triangular, octagonal, square, and hexagonal. The LED puck will help you play when you turn off the lights in the house. They will let you know their trajectory through the morning. You can track by following the light of the puck. Pucks of different sizes are decorated in different colors. The puck’s speed during the game creates a challenge in the game.


The best thing about the Air hockey table is that it will give you a 2-year warranty, which is very lucrative. Suppose there is any mechanical fault or problem in your hockey table within a two-year contract. In that case, the authorities guarantee to repair it. They will not charge any fee for fixing it.


The finishing color of the Air hockey table is gray. The primary material of the table is wood. The floor made for playing on the table is made of wood. An air hockey table can arrange a match for a maximum of 2 players. There is a scoreboard on the air hockey table. Scoring is done through the digital scoreboard in this table. In addition to such sophisticated technology, It has pucks, strikers, connected legs. Aesthetic music effects are set on the table. The table has a Coin operating system. It has a lighting system. The table has no cup holder and no folds. A beautiful black frame encloses the table. The color of the game surface is white. China has been making this kind of beautiful, sophisticated, and aesthetic Air Hockey table. 


  • The LED display is usable in the dark.
  • The legs of the table have strong stability.
  • It has a smooth playfield.
  • Having a stronger motor helps to play fast.
  • There is an excellent flashing light.
  • The fast-paced music makes the game more exciting.


  • It delays a lot during an assembly.
  • It is too more decadent in weight.
  • The table is also challenging to move.


1. Is it possible to play hockey in the dark on the Atomic Shelf 7.5′ table?

Of course, its puke’s light also helps in tracking in the dark. Your typical game will not have the slightest problem. But it is better to take care of the lights.

2. Is the table suitable for small rooms?

Although its dimensions are not suitable for small houses, its other advantages are ideal for buying the product.

3. What would be better to use for table care?

You do not need to play such an essential role in maintaining the table. Since it is made of wood, it is best not to keep it in contact with water. However, a regular clean air hockey table will smooth the pace of the game.

Final Word:

Finally, suitability for the table should be discussed in the Atomic Top Shelf Air Hockey Table review. It would be best if you did not buy an Atomic Shelf 7.5 ′ Hockey table unless you need it. This is a long-term plan. Make decisions that are consistent with your home. This table will speed up your play and give the gift of aesthetic freedom. This is perfect for those looking for a challenging air hockey table.

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