Bauer LIL Angel Champ Ice Hockey Skates Review

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Does your baby girl ask you to teach her skating? Are you looking for equipment for your toddler? Trying hard to pick the right one?

Skate should be the first step, to begin with. Getting the right skate for kids is tougher as their feet keep growing.

Bauer’s Lil Angel is the best-looking skate for the little girls. The pink surface keeps the eyes glued on the skate. Additionally, the brand name adds a different value. Everyone knows about Bauer’s equipment quality.

Bauer LIL Angel Review

So, questions may be in your head like – Is it the perfect pick? Let’s get the answer through the article. 

Bauer LIL Angel Review


Bauer is one of the best brands in the hockey industry. We expect better quality from them.

It is a one-piece molded plastic. The quality it offers; is more than you need for a 3-7 year kid. People loved the skate for its longevity and strength. The mold includes the holder also.

Altogether, Bauer nailed it in terms of quality, strength, and durability.


Kids don’t skate as much as a senors do. So, they sweat less. With these conditions applied, Bauer added removable bootie liner in their Lil Angel skates. The liner intends to provide more comfort compared to soaking sweats.

Girls love fluffy things around them. A bootie liner is a Bauer strategy to attract little angels. 

Ratchet Clip

Who thought of switching laces with a clip in a skate? Well, Bauer did. They replaced the laces with a traditional plastic ratchet clip.

Does the clip help? Definitely, yes. Kids are impatient. They want everything to be faster and quicker. The buckle made it faster to put on the boot. Additionally, toddlers can tie up the boot with a clip of their own. 

Not for Figure Skating!!

The Lil angel looks very different than the regular hockey skates. These are cute and lovely. Many parents buy these for their girls to teach both hockey and figure skates. Wrong! These are only for hockey skating.

How am I so sure? Well, looking at the blades, you can say. There is no toe pick. It is round-shaped at both ends. Your kids will start to accelerate just by leaning forward in it. 

The blade doesn’t come sharpened. Plus, you cannot switch the blades if it breaks. The single mold plastic shield holds the blade within it. 

Still, these are rare single edge blades. If your baby girl can take it, her balance will be much better in the future. 

Due to the unavailable these skates, you can buy the similar skates


Bauer Lil angel offers us a preshaped tongue. It has a fluffy bottom that sits on your foot to reduce the pressure from the ratchet belt. 

The tongue is included with the one-piece liner. It provides an all-around comfort in the boot. 


The skate comes in pair sizes. It goes like 6-7, 8-9, 10-11, and 11-13.

The sizes are accurate with the number. Usually, we go one size for skates. That is to get a snug fit. Kids’ feet grow rapidly. You should get one step larger for them. 

My niece wears an eight-size regular shoe. I bought her an 8-9 size skate. It fits perfectly. 

Lil Angel comes in three different fit models. Low volume with a narrow width, medium volume with medium width, and high volume with a wide width. 

I couldn’t give a trial on this as I’m not a toddler anymore. But, I talked with a couple of parents and kids about skating. They gave feedback. Let’s see their reaction to the Bauer Lil angel. 

Feed Back

Simpler the better!

Bauer analyzed the problems a kid may face with a skate. They wanted to come up with solutions. As a result, we have got the Bauer Lil Champ or Bauer Lil Angel.

The simplicity of the design is fantastic. The ratchet strap, one-piece mold, and removable liner make it easier to put on the skate. It is fast and comfortable too. 

Best Quality Material!

You can tell it by holding the boot in your hand. From the outer plastic to the sharp edge blade, the product material is of the best quality. 

A grade raw materials made the skate long-lasting and intact.

The blade comes flat!

The blade needs to be sharpened. I talked with a few of the parents. Some of them were comfortable with that. They sharpened the blade from the store, paying a little extra. Some of them were pissed. They didn’t like to spend additional pennies sharpening the skate. 

The Rachet Buckle Slips

The buckle is made of plastic. Due to abrasions, it may not hold tight. This shouldn’t be a typical case. The plastic may take months to get worn off. As a precaution, you should check the buckle properly. 

The removable liner comes off on its own!

I did a few WH questionnaires with the buyers of Lil Angel. They complained pretty much the same. The liner comes off. One parent said, “My daughter forgets to strap the clip. One day the liner came off and she slipped on the ice. That was embarrassing.”

Plastic is too Hard!

I found this complaint on the internet as well as in real life. The plastic boot is hard. My friend Williams had brought the skate for his 9-year-old younger daughter. 

According to Williams, she felt pain after 20 minutes. She said – it was the plastic that hurt her. The liner is not thick enough. On the other hand, my niece is skating alright. 

My recommendation would be to buy a larger size. If it doesn’t help, try to wear double socks


Bauer has tried innovations with their Lil Angel Skate. This should be the best pick for your daughter’s first skate. 

It is too easy to get on and off. The hard plastic protects your daughter’s little feet from outer hits. Besides the nylon liner provide a warm comfort inside the boot. 

If you buy this skate, make sure your daughter practices at home for balance. I hope this article uplifted all the facts on this beautiful skate. Have a beautiful day/night.

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