Bauer Nexus 2N pro Stick Review

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Bauer Nexus 2N pro Stick Review

Can you imagine teams playing hockey without sticks? No, right? A stick is like the sword of a warrior. You need it to score and defeat the opponent. 

In the hockey equipment industry, Bauer is one of the top notches. Their Nexus 1N is considered to be the most popular stick in NHL history

In the 2016-17 season, about 90 players used the 1N. Later Bauer launched a successor of the 1N called Bauer 2N Nexus pro.

Can Nexus 2N pro keep the reputation of its predecessor? You will find the answer after you finish the article. 

Bauer Nexus 2N pro-Stick Features

Bauer produces its sticks in different lines. Nexus is one of those. Sticks from this line are suitable for all. From slapshots to snapshots, the nexus family keeps everything in balance. 

We will know a lot about this series as we are reviewing Bauer Nexus 2N pro in this article.

Don’t you want to know about the other lines of sticks?

First, the Vapor line

Well, this line off you the quick handling. The vapor series come with a low kick offering your snapshots. You can force the opponent to misjudge you with all these advantages with your sticks.

In the second, we can put the “Supreme” family. 

The name says it all. The R&D team worked a lot to improve the power of these sticks. The higher kick point transfers maximum energy to produce mighty slap shots. If you are a rocket shot lover, the supreme series is made for you!

What is so special about the Nexus 2N Pro?

The lightweight, mid-kick point with more sweet spots and different new technologies make it unique. Let me explain:

Bauer 2N pro has already got the attention of players for being the lightest stick in the Nexus family. According to some researchers, the nexus 2n pro is 10% lighter than other Bauer Nexus sticks in the market. 

In recent times, Buer 1N has dominated the market. Star players like Auston Matthews, Jonathan Toews, and many others used the 1N. Bauer used their chances to get direct feedback from these Pro. 

They refined the 1N and fine-tuned it with more advanced technology,

such as the R-lite blade system, ACL Blade Technology, DuraFlex Resin System, and P92M blade pattern.

You will get the feel of the Vapor and Supreme series in a single stick together. It will give you the best puck control as well as the super slapshots. If you think of a pure all-rounder stick, Bauer Nexus 2N Pro is the one. 

Pro players also suggest the Nexus for the beginner to be versatile with their game.

New Technologies in the Nexus 2N Pro

  1. R-Lite Blade System:

Nexus family has a reputation for great puck feel with the PowerShot ability. The R-Lite blade is one step further from that existing fame. 

It is a borrowed tech from the Vapor line. Also, the Nexus team has added a softening layer with the system to increase accuracy in quick puck receives.

R-Lite is an updated form of the technology used in the vapor 1x lite. With a little less weight and more stiffness, have upgraded the 2N Pro’s puck control.

2. ACL Technology:

Bauer has been working to improve the quality of their composite sticks. They leave no new tech unturned to increase durability as well as performance. 

In the beginning, composites had bad feedback about being less durable. Bauer was always aware of this. Advanced Carbon Layering is one of their strategies to incorporate thinner and more carbon layers. More thin layers make the stick unbreakable and lighter.

Bauer claims that the new 2N Pro can deliver faster wrist and slapshots than its ancestors. 

3. P92M Blade Profile

Bauer’s P92 is a popular blade pattern in the market. Players loved it. They gave feedback to Bauer for a newer blade profile identical to the P92.

P92M is generated from the players’ requests. The P92M comes with no surprises but a taller blade length. 

It is always better to have more blade space. You get more to with the extra length. Players say that it helps them a lot to take advantage of the rebounds.

4. DuraFlex

One-piece composites had been giving trouble to players in available flex options. Either these would snap or break suddenly until the DuraFlec technology has come onto the market. 

Bauer has adapted the new tech in their Nexus. It made the sticks more lasting despite having lower flex. Players like Auston Matthews are taking advantage. His 82 flex stick is helping him to win matches.

5. Easy-Load Taper and SweetSpot

Bauer 1N has already introduced the technologies to us. The Nexus 2N pro also includes these features. 

The tapered design helps the stick to last longer with a larger kick point. 

The SweetSpot technology with the easy load taper manages smooth energy transfer. The stick reacts more quickly with the lower hand allowing you to do faster snapshots. 

Just load and release!


Should you buy the stick? 

The answer is definitely, yes. Success in any sport lies in versatility. The specifications clearly show the bright future of the 2N Pro. 

Bauer has taken all the great features from its previous model and allocated those with newer technologies in the Nexus 2N Pro. 

If you are a beginner or never have tried a nexus, it should be the first one.

The flex is redesigned to generate extremely powerful shots. The mid-kick with lower flex makes the stick comfortable in everyone’s hand.

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