Bauer Prodigy Helmet Review

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Bauer Prodigy Helmet Review

Ice hockey is massively popular despite being played in specific countries. North America and Canada receive around 600000 new player applications each year.

High-speed movement and fast game pace have made hockey popular and exciting. So, it is imaginable that the rate of injuries should be high. 

39.8% of the game injuries occur in the face or head.

Today, we have Bauer Prodigy Hockey Helmet. It has promised to save our head and face at a speed of 30 km/h. We are going to review it. Let’s see whether it can keep its promise or not. 

Bauer Prodigy Hockey Helmet Review

We have seen Bauer IMS and Pro Akt series. Both of these are game-changers. On the other hand, Bauer Prodigy is an exclusive production for youth. 

It has some fantastic key features. These are specially intended for youth or junior players. Let’s discover more, shall we?

1. Price: 

Money plays a role in purchasing a hockey helmet. The more you go up the ladder, the more features, and durability you get. You will get a youth helmet between $40 – $300.

Bauer is already famous for its affordability and excellent quality. Prodigy is no exception. 

The helmet comes in your hand at an entry-level price range. It makes the Prodigy one of the best budget helmets under $100.

2. Impact Protection: 

The sole duty of a helmet is to protect. We have a wrong perception of helmets. 

We think the harder the shell is, the better the helmet. It is right. But, only a harder shell will not provide complete protection. It will not compromise your head so easily. That is for sure. But you need proper impact management. 

Prodigy comes with a dual-density foam liner. It is one of the most popular liners in the NHL. The liner is designed to maintain high and low energy during an impact. 

The concussion rate in hockey is very high. You have to keep in mind Prodigy is an entry-level helmet. You will not find features to protect the repeated acceleration and deceleration of the brain in this helmet.

3. Cage Protection: 

Youth to seniors, many players do not want to wear a helmet with cages. This practice is not good at all. 

In hockey, the upper body has the highest rate of danger. Pucks may fly in the face, or a slap shot may lead the stick in your face. In such cases, only the cage can protect your eyes and face.

Bauer offers a caged version of all of its helmets. Prodigy also comes with and without a crate.

The cage is designed for young players. The quick snap-button helps the youngsters to release or attach with no hassle.

4. Comfort:

The R&D has done justice with the prodigy’s comfort level. The ventilation system is well exposed and enough. It helps your head to be in the dry zone—two large holes at the front input enough air.

The dual-density liner has a soft surface. It is so pleasing if you touch it with bare hands. Now, imagine how you will feel wearing it. The liner also has a great ability to manage moisture. 

Bauer Prodigy overall provides the best comfort at this budget. It’s clean and slick makes it more complacent. 

5. Fit: 

You may wear the best helmet in the world. If it doesn’t fit properly on your head, you will be of no use. An unfit helmet will allow your head to jerk during an impact. These bumps occur from concussions. 

According to the Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association, From 1993 to 2003, about eight players had to retire due to concussions.

Bauer Prodigy comes with several features to ensure an impeccable fit. Let’s learn about these below:

Tool-Free Adjustment: The helmet comes with a two-piece shell. It is better for two reasons.  

It has clips on both sides. So, young players can easily unclip the shell to adjust by themselves. It provides the player to have enough freedom on the adjustment at any time of the game. 

On the other hand, young players go through a period of body growth. If you can increase the size just by a pair of clips, it is an advantage. Isn’t it amazing?  

J Hook Adjustability: It is a common problem to get a proper cage according to the face. Many players get in trouble to fit in with the enclosure. Sometimes your nose may touch the crate. The cage may feel to be too close to your face.

Bauer Prodigy has a J hook mounted in four positions. The hooks let the wearer adjust the mask through a snap procedure. 

You can easily snap on the different hooks to adjust to your face. It is too easy to do for a young player.

Quick Release: The face mask and the chin strap both have quick releases. 

The face mask has two slide-on snaps to set up the cage. It is an excellent feature for youth players to follow the action. 

Have you ever felt trouble loosening the chin strap during a match? Sometimes, it is a troublesome thing to unfasten the strap after a period on the field. It happens b tightening the belt too much. 

Prodigy offers the youth a clip to buckle or unbuckle ASAP. It requires about no force to do. A young player can do it without any help from others. 

6. Certification: Last but not least. You have to look for certified safety equipment only. Because we wear protection to save ourselves. It may not serve the cause properly if it is not standard, 

The Bauer Prodigy hockey helmet has most of the most needed certifications. Such as HECC, CE, and CSA approved.

Final Verdict

We tried to describe all the necessary information that you should know about Bauer Prodigy. 

It is one of the best budget helmets. It offers the NHL standard feature for comfort and fitting. The helmet has a cool look, a great liner, and proper air ventilation. A perfect package for youth.

The straps and snaps are specialized for young players. These require less force to fasten and unfasten.

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