Bauer Supreme 2s Pro Skates Review

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A better pair of skates will change the game for you. Power, Performance, and Customized Fit are the features that top players seek in a skate.

Bauer’s Supreme 2S Pro is an elite class skate in the hockey world. This supreme series skate lacks no quality of being at the top of any best skate list.

Stick with the review till the end to know a lot more about the amazing Bauer Supreme 2S pro.

Why Bauer Supreme 2s Pro Skates is the Best Skate?

#1 – Power

The Carbon Curv and the ReFlex Pro tongue is an unbelievable combination. These will help you to transfer about 100% energy on every stride. Let’s know more:

Carbon Curv

Comfort is a must to perform better in the ring. Manufacturers face a challenge to ensure the boot’s perfect contour without compromising safety. 3D-Carbon is a stunning approach to that task.

Bauer Supreme 2s Pro Skates

Bauer Supreme 2S Pro is one of the high-end skates offered by the company. 3D Carbon Curve composite boot makes the skate more premium. You can tell it by holding the skates in your hand. 

Additionally, the material is ultra-lightweight and super protective. With these features, Bauer has been able to add comfort with the anatomical shape. 

Reflex Pro Tongue

The tongue is one of the most crucial parts of a skate. It can be the source of your performance hindrance. You might end up injured if your skate tongue fails to protect the ankle. 

Supreme 2S pro comes with a 3-piece 52oz tongue. The thermoformable insert provides comfort. The composite inserts allow the tongue to get in better shape after baking. 

The technology of composite inserts acts like a spring. It keeps the foot in a neutral position. The thermoformable tongue provides confidence in every stride you take.

#2 – Performance

There is no substitute for performance in hockey. Professional players look for specific sets of equipment to enhance their performance. 

The right equipment with the best material may get you trophies. The 2s Pro is not something out of one month’s pocket money. The name Supreme is really justified with the materials in it. 

You will get an LS5-Steel blade under the skates. It is one of the best quality blades available in the market. Additionally, the blade is carbon-coated for increased durability and strength. 

The performance you get out of it is awesome. The blade is sharpenable and replaceable too. It comes with TUUK Lightspeed Holder. The sharp edge bites a bit more on the ice. You can shallow it for losing grip.

 Additionally, the softness of the stainless blade helps it to bend during sharp turns. A little bend occurs smoothness in a quick stop and run situations.

#3 Customized Fit

Players seek expensive skates with the belief of getting a better fit. Bauer’s high-end 2s Pro will not disappoint you. Let’s find out the offered features for a more customized fit. 

Speed Plate 2.0

2.0 indicates the existence of an earlier version. Speed Plate 1.0 has been doing well in the market. SP 2.0 is an improved version of the previous ones. 

The Metatarsal pad improves every stride with more energy being transferred. The 2.0 also offers a thicker foam pad in hot zones to absorb impact. 

Custom Lacing

The custom lacing feature allows creativity in lacing up the skates. Your movements get better if you choose a better lacing mode. The extra eyelets come in handy when experimenting with different styles. 

The 2S Pro offers three additional eyelets. Pro players seek extra eyelets for custom lacing. Brands like Puma brought a net fit lacing alternative to custom lacing. Still, extra eyelets are a better alternative for being cheaper. 

C-Flex with Custome Inserts

Bauer continued C-Flex technology from 1S. You can customize the tongue insert with the given options. It can be stiff or mid. Wonderful, isn’t it? 

The flexon level makes an unbelievable change in the game. Many players face discomfort with default tongue inserts. Sometimes it’s harder or softer than they would love. 

C-Flex allows you to personalize the flexon rate. So, do not waste time settling down with new skates anymore. 

You should spend more where you get more. If you agree with this statement, Bauer 2S Pro should be the best choice for you.


The pros list of the Bauer 2s Pro is infinite. Let’s highlight a few:

  1. Lightweight
  2. Custom Lacing
  3. Custom Flex
  4. Carbon Coated Blade for Durability
  5. Speed Plate to Maximize the Fit


The cons are considerably less. 

  1. The Price
  2. Burn Holes Due to Rough Uses

The second con is rare. You may find it on 1 out of every fifty skates. Yet, you don’t want inner burn holes out of abrasion in an expensive skate like Supreme 2s pro. 


  • Is the item durable?

Without a doubt, yet. The supreme series 2S Pro is a top-line skate. Bauer has left no stone unturned to make it durable. The coated blade is a real example of that.

  • Is this item easy to use?

Supreme 2S Pro is comparably easier to wear. The moldable inserts make the skate more pleasant to wear.

  • What are the available sizes?

From 3.0 to 5.5 with the widths 2E and D


A good pair of skates can be a game-changer.  You won’t be able to do well without the right pair of boots. 

Comfortability is key in hockey. It provokes confidence. The inner pads, lace style, and fitting are crucial to generate courage. 

Supreme 2S Pro should be a recommendable option for every beginner to professional. The price can be high, but the features and quality are top-notch. 

Most of the NBA players suggest spending more on the skate. The build quality and durability are outstanding.

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