Best Air Hockey Tables in 2023

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Are you looking for the best air hockey tables nowadays? Just a hockey table will give you the gift of hours upon hours of pleasurable time. The game is a great way to throw out social challenges with anyone around your friends and family. You can quickly lose someone with a little trick and effort.

However, Fast gameplay skills and general rules make it more popular than other games. You can play this arcade-style game smoothly anywhere in any size room. The crucial materials for playing this game are its strikes, twists, and tables. If you don’t get the impression of professionalism in these instruments, playing this game will make you feel annoyed instead of happy.

So why not look for popular boards? Can’t find the best commercial air hockey table for your unfinished space, financial budget, and time? But our list is herbal medicine for you. We have listed small, large, and medium-sized air tables for affordable prices. Let’s see!

Top 10 Air Hockey Tables review

In this list, we have included the 10 best air hockey tables. We were left wondering which was the best. However, out of the hockey tables of 36 companies globally, we have selected the 10 best tabletop air hockey tables of 7 companies. There also have the best air hockey table under $500. Sometimes prices can be variants.

Most popular Air hockey tables review

Atomic Indiglo Air hockey table

The hockey table offers one of the most exciting LED lights and a great air pressure experience. The game will surprise you. Its LED lights urge you to play fluently even in the dark. The lights accelerate the game by supporting the activities of the hockey table.

The appropriate length for any hookah table for adults or teenagers is 7.5 feet. The Atomic Nine lighting table provides a 7.5 length hockey table. This type of table is nicely compatible with competitive gameplay. A motor of 120 India is fitting to supply air cushions. Two LED lights and three twists complement this version.

You can enjoy the game for up to 7 hours by recharging the cell battery with a micro USB cable. This is a great choice for kids ages 8 to 16. Even after 3-4 years of use, you will force to say that it is still working.

Key features:

  • Light up: LED lights helps to play in the dark. The lights are wide around the board.
  • Accessories: 2 hockey pucks and 2 magical strikers.
  • Fast and smooth gameplay: Blower Motor’s fan speeds up the game and completes Hela quickly.

54 Air hockey table

Such hockey tables are the right size for small children. The 54-inch-long table is comparatively longer for children. Such tables are rarely available in the market below $1000. But the price of such a beautiful table has been kept within reach. This model table makes the game more enjoyable for toddlers. Adults have a great time playing such games.

There is a corner of LED light from the table. If you want to play this game in the dark, you will see strong light here. There is a scorekeeper right in the middle of the table. It accurately displays the score. A park and two strikers prepare the game assembly. In general, it will be like a professional table, not firm and strong. This type of table provides entertainment for babies and children at affordable prices.

Key features: 

  • 39.6 pounds Lightweight 
  • Four legs for additional support

Sport squad hx40 

Are you looking for the perfect hockey table for small rooms? However, Sport Squad hx40 will meet your needs.

This hockey table is perfect for small rooms. The 40 * 20 * 5 dimensions model can easily place on any small house floor. The table is very easy to set up. It can be folded and set up in 5 minutes. This table can easily host matches between family members at home.

This type of best-rated air hockey table is very easy to store. Sometimes an air hockey table or different tables require a whole game room or a huge room. But this type of air hockey table does not require any game room or huge room. To enjoy this fun indoor game, you have to rely on Active Pak and Two Strikes. Its electrical scorekeeper accurately displays scores. This type of scoreboard game in face-to-face air hockey adds to the excitement of the game. The game is an indoor game, just like an outdoor game. Two hockey strikers and 2 pucks are gifted when you buy this quality sports material at an affordable price.

This electrically powered book has a 12-volt fan of AC power. The manual score system never displays incorrect scores. Although not like a real professional board, you will get the feeling of a professional board here. The perfect size board is made to be enjoyed by children or teenagers.

Key features: 

  • 12V fan with AC electric power
  • Quality materials without assembly required
  • High output surface wind flow

Home pro elite air hockey table

The price of this air hockey table has made it one of the best tables in the market. Several legends have signed up from this table. Danny Haynes, the 11-time USA World Champion, has supported this air hockey table.

In the second place, Tim Wiseman and two-time champion Mark Robin designed the gold standard hockey table. Mark Robbins designed this type of table to encourage karate kids to take it to the professional level. This model has been made to tighten the surface. Its higher bounce can take the game to exciting levels of competition. The table’s surface is given an aluminum rail, which shows a low profile and professional style.

The full size of the table will surprise you. The 16-inch Pro-Quality carries the identity of professionalism. Thanks to the use of off-circles in competitive games. The same type of off-circles of the same size has been used from this table. This game is fascinating and enjoyable for all children, adults, professionals, and amateurs.

Key features: 

  • No side graphics
  • Professional, low-profile, and solid aluminum rails
  • Centerline and circle for competitive gameplay

Harvil 4 foot air hockey game table

If you are looking for a very affordable air hockey table, this air hockey table is suitable. You will find many models in the low-cost range. If you have a small space in your home, you can buy such great play equipment for children and teenagers. When looking for an air hockey table, I found this table for less than $200. The table is a bit big, though, but it is a great one for the price. No hardwood is used on the table. MDF is used here, and the game surface has been made extremely smooth. Its blower motor wheels make the slide easier.

An electronic scoring card has been used as the table scorecard. However, it shows comparatively wrong scores from other air hockey tables. However, it is good to know that it has arranged to keep a manual score. Displaying manual scores will help you in a few days when the electronic scoring card may not work properly.

This affordable small side table can be a great play material for children. It has even been made suitable for solo play. Even if you are inexperienced in this game, you can easily play this game, and adults can also have a great time playing it. 48 * 24 * 31 inches dimensions are suitable for any room. Two sets of 66mm to 75 mm strikers are provided free with the table. Replacement or repair with 90 days change warranty will not cost anything. The compact design and lightweight make this table even better.

Key Features:

  • Warranty: 90 days replacement guarantee. Besides, if any parts need to repair, it will be fixed without any cost.
  • Dimensions: The 48 x 24 x 31 inches dimension set it apart from other tables. It will fit smoothly in any room.

Triumph Lumen-X Lazer Air Hockey Table 

No need to worry. Even if the lights disappear, you can always have fun out there. The amazing new technology of Triumph Lumen-X Lazer Air Hockey Table can brighten up the darkness. Thus, it adds a new dimension to your gaming. Apart from this, the all-rail LED lighting with the cascading effects and the in-game music make this interactive air hockey table more exciting. Plus, double motor blowers create constant airflow to make your gaming faster.

On the other hand, it also provides you with a smooth and MDF-engineered gaming surface that comes with a white and blue silkscreen playing field. In addition to it, with the help of an electronic scorer, you can keep track of your action easily without deviating your focus during your gameplay. The table is made up of 12mm solid legs, including four 2.5 inches leg levelers. That’s why your playfield hangs around perfectly flat, no matter whether the floor is level or not.

Key Features:

  • All-rail LED lighting with cascading effects and in-game music make your play more exciting.
  • An interactive table with two ultra-bright strikers and a light-up puck help create a sublime and awesome gaming environment.
  • Dual motor blowers create constant airflow to make your gaming quicker.
  • Electronic scorekeeper helps you keep your full focus on the playfield.

MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table 

Are you looking for a large and top-selling hockey table? If yes, then MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table can provide you eighty-inch arcade table for a better experience.

Besides, it creates a great environment for your gameplay with an inlaid electronic LED scoring system and arcade sound effects. This LED scoring system also helps you give full concentration on your playfield. Plus, this electric air-powered table is perfect for enjoying exciting games with your friends and family at any home and party.

Aside from this, this table has a premium blower motor for continuous airflow through the tabletop, and a smooth playfield with colorful prints will make you mesmerized, for sure.

Moreover, the five-inch leg levelers will provide you with a fully stable gaming surface. Strong legs will improve the hockey table’s durability and longevity. This table is specially designed for the kids.

Key Features:

  • It provides an electronic scorer that helps you keep full focus on play. 
  • Inlaid LED lights and sound effects make your gaming more exciting.
  • A larger and glossy playing surface makes your gaming super faster.
  • Five-inch leg levelers help the hockey table remain flat.
  • UL certified fan.

ESPN Sports Air Hockey Game Table

ESPN Air Hockey Table offers you an LED electronic scorer, arcade sound effects, and a game timer. These types of equipment will make your gameplay more lively.

Additionally, this table also has a built-in blower fan, which spreads cool air evenly through the table. That’s why you can enjoy fast and furious gameplay at your home. Apart from this, a high gloss playfield helps the puck move swiftly and easily through the surface, which will give you an amazing gaming experience. Plus, 6-inch leg levelers ensure this hockey table’s stability, and protective corner caps, a strong playfield apron, 3-inch thick leg supports improve its durability for sure.

It also includes the necessary accessories such as 4 pucks and 4 pushers and two cupbearers and storage spaces. This premium arcade hockey table is good for both kids and adults. So, you can have many fun playing games with your families at your upcoming party. 

Key Features:

  • An electronic LED scorer helps you keep your full focus on gameplay.
  • A built-in blower fan spreads cool air evenly, making your gameplay faster. 
  • 6-inch leg levelers and 3-inch thick leg support improve its stability and durability, respectively.
  • A smooth playfield helps the puck move swiftly and adds much enjoyment to your gameplay.

Arcade Style air hockey table

The best choice products hockey table comes with a strong 12V DC motor and adapter. This motor helps the air spread evenly, and that’s why the puck can move smoothly through the 58-inch table, which adds more fun to your gameplay, right?

Besides, this hockey table is making up of high-quality wood and PVC. It is also well-equipped with adaptable levelers and leg support that make it more stable. Plus, 4 protective and sturdy corners improve its durability.

Additionally, an electronic LED scorekeeping system helps you keep track of your action easily without losing your attention in your game. This table is also designed with a safe puck distributor to catch the pucks on each side.

Aside from this, it comes with 2 red pucks, 2 pushers, and a carrying bag. So, you can enjoy more fun with your family and friends, and this set also helps you keep things well-organized. The dimension of this table is 58″ x 27″ x 33″. It is also ASTM and CPSIA certified, which means this hockey table set is safe but exciting for adults and kids.

Key Features:

  • A strong 12V motor helps the air spread evenly. It makes your gameplay more exciting.
  • Electronic LED scorekeeping system helps you keep your focus on your playfield.
  • ASTM and CPSIA certified. That’s why it’s secure for both kids and adults.
  • They are making up of high-quality wood and PVC.
  • Adjustable levelers help this table remain perfectly flat, and 4 protective corners make it durable.

7′ Wind Chill Air Hockey

Add Wind Chill Air Hockey Table to your gaming room, and have more fun! This is the perfect gaming table for indoors that you are looking for. It comes with a smooth design with the coat. It also has strong leg supports. So, you can make your family’s nights and weekends more exciting with this.

Aside from this, the UL blower’s consistent flow spreads the air evenly on each side, which will give you the smoothest gaming experience. Plus, this hockey table also includes dual abacus scorekeepers, 2 mallets, and 4 pucks.

Besides, this hockey table’s approximate dimension is 86.25 x 44.5 x 8.5 inches, and it weighs 149 pounds. In addition to it, this air hockey table is made up of tough MDF. It has a pedestal base design, which ensures its durability.

Though this air hockey table is simple, it is stunning and powerful to enjoy endless gameplay with your friends and family. However, it doesn’t have some facilities, including an electronic scorekeeper, sound effects, leg levelers, flashing lights, etc.

Key Features:

  • A 7-inch glossy air hockey table gives you an artistic appeal.
  • A smooth playfield makes your gameplay quicker.
  • It doesn’t have any dead spots. A strong UL blower makes every gameplay more exciting
  • Backed by a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty.
  • A strong support base helps keep the table perfectly flat.
  • Dual abacus scorekeepers.

Best Air Hockey Tables: Buying guide

Want to turn your boring Friday family nights into a full entertainment night? Air hockey can certainly be a good solution. Many people find the best air hockey table for kids as a mainstay for their game room as it adds a lot more fun to the game mood. Plus, it can place almost anywhere, say in your unfinished basement, mini-game room, or your recreational room, to give it a delightful look as well.

But, here comes the tough part. While buying an air hockey table, you find many more options, but choosing a suitable one is quite confusing for most people. An air hockey table can find in so many sizes like a tabletop, kids-sized, or full-sized one. But, it highly depends where you want to set it up in your house. It also depends on the age of the players.

Moreover, your budget will surely play a role in selecting a suitable table size for you.

Read further in the following.

What is the size of the air hockey table?

Tables can sometimes be the size of a huge pool or even a small carom board. So the first responsibility is to make sure what kind of space you have in your home. Is it possible to enter it through the entrance of your house? Does having a table make your room just a game room?

Make sure. Note the space and length, and width of the entrance to your room. Size variations have made its users lucky to pick their suitable one. If you are to buy the full-sized one, consider allotting around 7 to 8 feet of space to set up the table. You can choose a tabletop size if you lack space in your place as it needs around 40 inches of area.

Generally, it is suitable for residential rooms up to 30″ to 38″. You need movement to play. Movement in the game is one of the tips to take great shots. 

A large table or a small table?

Many people suffer from this conflict, whether it is a big table or a small table. Many skilled players also want to buy small tables for affordable prices. Small tips for them: Small tables are indeed cheap.

But these tables are usually made with low-quality frames. Such tables are made to entertain small and amateur players. Their blower enzymes are much less powerful and work poorly. Over time, these tables can bend like bows. You can say for sure that you will disrupt your game then. 

Larger tables usually provide a frame made of strong metal. It much like Arcade is powerful. The strongest surface is the most important for regular play and professionals. Its blower motor works firmly, smoothly, and quickly. Commercially these best-rated air hockey tables for kids are doing very good business. If you are a professional and regular player, then you should choose affordable big tables. Our list can help you in this case.

What about Kids’ skills?

The game is becoming popular with your child day by day. Attraction to the game of choice makes the game more interesting to practice. And this interest increases the amount of play. Sometimes they take on challenges and compete.

Over time, many inexpensive table boards become like bows. The player will practice more in such a situation. Not only children but people of any age will want to play this game again and again. Only air hockey tables with high-stress tolerance will work for you. Good quality, affordable hockey tables will serve very well. A hockey table is suitable for playing for 4-6 years.


Many buyers avoid this issue. But the sidewall is very important for a hockey table. If the air hockey table is damaged, the table will lose its effectiveness. The sidewall reinforces the hockey table. The stronger and smoother the wall is making the game smoother and faster.

Sidewalls are providing good support to take the pucks to the desired goal.

During the game, the puck bounces and hinders the movement. You need more than luck to succeed in the affiliate business. But the sidewall stands as a wall of control for you in the game. So it is vital to check the quality of the hockey table. 

New table or used table?

Many people decide to buy an old table to save money. I can suggest using the old table but understand its quality. New tables can be purchased with much confidence when buying. On the other hand, it is foolish to buy used products without checking them. The seller needs to know why he wants to sell the used product. Many people sell products for product problems. You must check to see if there is any damage to the products. Many times the boards are dull, uneven, the round boxes are distorting.

One of the focuses of this type of game is the score. If this score is slightly reversing, the probability of winning the match is 100%. You need to check how the board’s scoring unit works.

Again, I think you should check the digital blower engine for damage. These motors keep the airflow on the table moving. Nothing gets stability except air. Also, the name of this table is the best tabletop Air Hockey. That is, much of its work is done by air.

Again much money is spent on replacing the blower motor. Adding a little money to that money can buy another table. So you need to take a good test of this blower motor. Just playing a match, you will not understand its effectiveness. Blower Gospels don’t make any noise as simple tips. If even the slightest word is generating, change the decision.

You know Quality Matters.

There are many materials for making tables. Tables can also make of solid wood, aluminum, steel body, or wood particles. Are these able to hold the table with legs made of material? Is the table properly designed for protection? The question may arise in your mind.

There are many types of air hockey tables available in the market. When you are going to finalize your choice, make sure it’s of good quality. Expect long durability from it. The game is highly addictive, and you will have a lot of fun while competing with your friends.

Sometimes, the environment might get entirely wrong, and there is a chance some of your friends might go for breaking the table. They should use good material to give it extensive durability for a competitive match. You need to know what the table is making.

Simultaneously, the table made with what you need to know will be more durable and will give smoothness to the game. Remember that a small particle of wood can hold the stability of your table.

Your Budget

Your budget will dictate your choice for sure. Firstly set your budget limit. Then, it’s time to fix the non-negotiable features you expect from your table. A low budget will let you use fewer features from your table. Googling certain models will help you fix your expected features.

Your Table should have Leg Levelers.

We advise you not o compromise with this feature for anything. Enlist it in your non-negotiable list. This feature will help you level the table while placing it anywhere in your house, even on a rough surface.

You might need a Power Source.

Some table with digital scoreboards requires a power source. Make sure your model might have this feature, and some games may get paused due to an unavoidable power failure. So, it’s better to plan whether you want this feature.

Mallet Variations and Different Puck Sizes

The size of mallets and pucks varies with the table size. However, some people have a different choice while choosing a suitable shape and size. Sizes can be triangular or octagonal for the pucks. A variety of shapes is also applicable for the mallets as well. Different shapes and sizes have different features during the gameplay.

Usually, a very small twist (2 inches in diameter) is used on small tables. In this case, the tables should be from 6 feet to 6 feet. 3.25-inch diameter loops are used in tables of 6 feet – 9 feet in length.

What kind of puck does it take?

The pucks have different colors. Some colors are glowing like dark lights. Dynamo Fire Storm makes these pucks glow like lights. Again some twists are just white soil. These will not be of any use to you. Puck production centers produce Pak of different shapes.

Triangular and octagonal are some of them. Shapes can change the pace of the game. Your opponent is never able to understand your goal. The twists are again in several layers. But the game will be more interesting when you change the twist. You can change the size of the page if you wish.

Manual vs. digital scoring

The scorecard is the most important part of a top-rated air hockey table. Do you want to have a computer do it for you or keep your score? Then, there is another option. There will be lots of commercial tables with digital scoreboards. These will allow you to focus on winning by keeping track of game points for you. When a player wins the match, the computer also shuts off the game/blower.

On each player’s goal to track their score, some table players have manual scoring systems. But there has one advantage. And that is, accidental targets can be ignored or can’t take back with digital scoreboards. Some people let the game take care of the counting for those who like to keep things simple, while others enjoy it. It’s your wish.

Mallets? Pushers? or Paddles?

To hit the puck in the game, you can use Air Hockey Mallets. ‘Paddles,’ ‘Pushers,’ or ‘Goalie mallets’ are Mallets’ other names. Depending on the table and puck’s size, Mallets can vary in size from a few inches to 4 inches in diameter. The larger tables require a larger mallet. Maximum mallets will bring the pads felt at the bottom, but not all. It is an individual choice that depends on the player. The felt pads will save your playing field and table.

On the contrary, some players think that the pads gradually reduce their reaction time and prevent them from playing their game. You have to be sure to replace the felt pads as needed if you prefer to use them in your mallets. Over time, dirt and dust will collect and ultimately damage the playfield designed to protect.

Reviews to Look for

Boost your confidence after fixing all of your expected features and budgets by searching for reviews on Google. You will find thousands of real-time use experiences and images and also about the durability of its existing customers.

Final verdict

Choosing the Durable the best air hockey tables is tricky. Whether you choose to play your hockey game tabletop or a kids-sized table for your kids, a good quality model is critical to play for a longer period. It will make the competitions more exciting and make your budget worthy. A successful buy will ensure a good fit for all of your houseguests to enjoy your leisure and give your recreation room a new look!

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