Best Field Hockey Sticks for Defenders in 2023 (4th one is a game-changer)

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Hockey is such an interesting game that there have specific sticks for the best performance in different positions like forwards, midfielders, and defenders. In field hockey, the defense position is a very significant part of this game. So, the defenders need to choose the right stick.

Field hockey is a well-known part of the hockey family. And the defenders are engaged to reach the ball to the offense and midfielders. So, they need the best field hockey sticks for defenders who have come with the right length and power.

Best Field Hockey Sticks for Defenders

We have come up with the top five best field hockey sticks from our extensive research experience. And we are confident that a defender will get the best experience with these sticks. So, you can have a look too. 

Five Best Field Hockey Sticks for Defenders Reviews

Best for indoor field hockey: STX HPR 101 Field Hockey stick

Are you used to playing as a defender in outdoor field hockey? Then STX HPR would be the best field hockey stick in 2021. It has a skinnier and lighter stick like an STX field hockey surgeon. It is an ideal stick for passionate and advances outdoor hockey players. 

A hockey surgeon is an excellent late bow with a max toe. It is also best for its durable construction and elegant outlook. Among the 100% construction components, there have 50% carbon, 45% fiberglass, and 5% Aramid. 

STX HPR 101 stick is of overall 34 x 4.5 x 1.5 inches dimension, and it is ultralight of 1 pound. 

Top Features

  • Special construction for best performance at indoor field hockey
  • High quality gripped handle ensures your hand’s comfort
  • A late bow with max toe features offers a maximum successful shot.

What customers are saying

The indoor hockey field’s defense player was highly praised for this stick. They enjoy a great time because the STX HPR 101 is ultralightweight. Likewise, this stick gained credibility for durable construction. 

Some customers have complained about notable cons. The only cons of this nice stick is that is not suitable for outdoor field hockey. 

Best for outdoor field hockey: MALIK Field Hockey Sticks

MALIK field hockey stick is the best field hockey stick for shooting. It comes with all features that a skilled outdoor field hockey player may require. Especially, it is made for specific licking and aerial level skills. 

It has much more rigidity in construction due to the maximum carbon material. We know that carbon is more durable than fiberglass. This hockey stick is made with 85% carbon, 10% fiberglass, and 5% Aramid. 

Also, know that the measurement of this nice stick is 37 x 5 x 1 inch, and the weight is 1.25 Pounds.

Top Features

  • It is designed with a round shape 24 mm bow and a U-shape hook
  • It has come with a round shape shaft that works quickly and still
  • Having a stretched-out wider U-hook that helps with 3D skills 

What customers are saying

Current customers are most appreciative of its strong construction. Simultaneously, the MALIK stick becomes superior to the advanced hockey player due to its high-quality grip. 

However, the MALIK hockey stick is not so suitable for very beginners.

Best for outdoor field hockey defender: GRAYS GX1000 Field Hockey Stick

If you seek an ideal stick for defending position in outdoor field hockey, then the greys GX1000 model would be nice for you. It is made with high stiffness and the best performance power. It performs like a micro field hockey stick grays gx 6000.

This amazing hockey stick is as lightweight as it is durable. There has a nice combination of carbon, fiber, and Aramid in its construction. Carbon material ensures stiffness strength. Then fiberglass reduces maximum vibration when playing. Likewise, Aramid material adds some extra strength. 

The whole size of GRAYS GX1000 is 38 x 37 x 7 inches, but the weight is 1.5 pounds which is a little more than other sticks. 

Top Features

  • It has a maxi head with a hook toe that increases the hitting power and enhances the receiving surface. 
  • High-end construction with carbon, Aramid, and fiberglass
  • It comes with incredibly forgiving power that can absorb the shock and control the ball.

What customers are saying

The competitive players love it so much because they have great benefits in reverse control and drag flicks. Besides, numerous customers liked it for one year of manufactures warranty. 

This product is often unavailable to the customers, and many customers have to feel inconvenienced by this problem. 

Best for an affordable price: STX Field Hockey IX 401 Indoor Stick

STX IX 401 is a nice stick for indoor field hockey at an affordable price. However, it is also known as the best field hockey stick for forwards2020. It is the updated version of STX Field Hockey Surgeon. Hence, the average features among these two indoor sticks, the 401 model, have less stiffness. 

The main construction material is 40% carbon and 60 % mixed with Aramid and fiberglass. Luckily, you will get a low bow combination, and this stick is suitable to play in all positions. 

The dimension is 34x 4.5x 1.5 inches, and the weight is a medium of 1.05 Pounds.

Top Features

  • An advanced version of STX surgeon indoor hockey field stick
  • Up to 40%, carbon construction provides enough stiffness at all positions in hockey
  • Low bows shape features are great for indoor defense player

What customers are saying

Due to the unisex design, these indoor field hockey sticks have gained much popularity. Moreover, it is great for the customer because of having great precision, speed, and lift power. 

A few customers said that they couldn’t perform well in outdoor field hockey. 

Best for-passionate athlete: STX Field Hockey Surgeon Field Hockey Stick

Are you a passionate athlete? Then it would help if you had a hockey that is designed with an extremely low bow. That is why drag-flick skilled player loves it much. Besides, the bow replacement works excellently to increase the power of 3D skill to get out and around the ball. 

Due to its 70% carbon construction, this hockey stick offers great strength and stiffness for the advanced player. The overall dimension of an STX surgeon is 35.5 x 5.5 x 1 inch, and the weight is 1.15 Pounds. 

Top Features

  • This stick has a narrower toe and heel that ensures your skill in ball control. 
  • Extremely lower bow design enriches the 3D skill on the ball
  • The highly durable construction of 70% carbon offers a long-lasting performance

What customers are saying

The advanced-level athlete and drag-flicker player feels maximum comfort using it. Some of the customers said about the stiffness of this stick. 

The limited-budget customers are not able to bear this stick because it is comparatively expensive. 

What are Features good to Consider in a Field Hockey Stick?

What are Features good to Consider in a Field Hockey Stick

You must know, that hockey sticks might come with varieties of features and benefits. Here one thing is crucial to remember hockey is an interesting game. There need multiple styles of sticks. Here is the most crucial consideration before buying the best field hockey sticks for defenders. 

Your position

A hockey stick would be suitable for your position on the hockey field. Do note here a forwards, midfielders, and defenders need a specific stick because their responsibilities are unique. So, never try to buy a hockey stick for multipurpose use. 


The hockey stick is constantly changing and evolving but keep in mind that the original shape will never change. For example, the handle diameter was 25 to 30 mm before, which was great for enhancing the control. But now, the size of this base has been reduced to a junior hockey stick. Moreover, there have been many changes in the design of the head of the hockey stick. We recommend that you check the construction style of the hockey stick as per your requirement. 

The bow

Bow refers to the curvature of the lower end of a hockey stick from any playing surface. The hockey bow was 50 mm before 2006. However, it was seen that this bow size is also not convenient for the players. Since then, the use of a 25mm bow has increased, and it is quite convenient. So, never sacrifice to choose the right bow size. 

Hockey stick material

The material of the hockey stick has changed over the years. In most cases, hockey sticks were made of valuable mulberry wood. Mulberry was very sturdy and durable then. 

 Aluminum shafted hockey sticks have been on the market since the 1990s but have since evolved into metallic. In the recent era, the composite material of carbon, fiberglass, and Aramid uses to make hockey sticks.

Hockey stick length and weight

The ideal length of a hockey stick is 36.5 inches. Also, know that a maximum of 38.5 would be available in the market. There is no restriction in terms of stick length, so many players love to customize their sticks. We recommend considering your weight when you choose a hockey stick. Most importantly, every beginner player should choose the right hockey stick length. 

On the other hand, hockey stick weight is related to the player’s comfort and feel. Usually, expert hockey player recommends choosing medium weight for field hockey. Keep in mind that being too heavyweight is not at all good for you. However, you can adjust yourself with a lightweight stick.  

What different types of sticks are there?

With the change of time, a variety of hockey sticks come into the market. 

  • Wood
  • Composite
  • Fiberglass
  • Aluminum
  • Carbon fiber
  • Kevlar
  • Reinforced 


 If you are looking for a hockey stick at the lowest price, you can get a wooden stick. But it would help if you kept in mind that wooden sticks are not so durable. The good thing is that some wooden stick comes in medium quality and price. Overall, the lowest ranges of sticks are good for beginners. And medium ranges wooden stick is good for the intermediate player. 


Nowadays, composite hockey sticks are the most traditional for a professional hockey player. Luckily, you will get a two-piece and one-piece model in composite sticks. And, one-piece sticks are used much. 

Composite sticks have come with more flexibility than wooden sticks. Moreover, a composite hockey stick is designed for presetting flexibility rating. Also, it works great for low, mid, and high-risk kick points. 

Also, know that composite stick materials are mainly carbon with Aramid and fiberglass. 


Fiberglass is referring mainly to a wooden stick. But this type of stick has come with fiberglass wrapping. Fiberglass wrap adds some strength to it. 


Aluminum sticks have come as the first non-wood model after using wooden sticks for many years. Although, it is being said that Aluminum is an individual material. But every aluminum stick comes with a shaft made of wood or composite mixed. 

Carbon fiber

The ideal measure of a good hockey stick is the amount of carbon used. The main component of the most popular hockey sticks today is carbon fiber. However, hockey sticks made in a combination of carbon and fiberglass are also quite good.


Kevlar is not the main material for a hockey stick. However, it would be great for wrapping some specific parts of a hockey stick. 


The reinforced stick is not so available. You will get a few hockey sticks that come with dipped nano steel material. 

Blade curve: Left or Right

A hockey stick curve may be on the left side or right side. However, it is better to have a curve in the opposite direction of the players’ hands. So, keep in mind that if the player is right-handed, the stick needs to be tilted. On the contrary, if the player is left-handed, then the stick curves would be right-faced. 

So, the what-sided curve in the sticks you should choose? For this, you can go to the store and take a stick in your hand. Then observed on which side left or right, you are feeling comfortable. However, for players in the defense position, a less curved stick works better. 


What’s the most expensive hockey stick?

Commonly, the Bauer Supreme, Warrior Alpha, and STX Field Hockey Surgeon hockey sticks are well-known as expensive hockey sticks. Also, know that all of these are available from 250$ to500$. If you seek the ever-expensive hockey stick, we will introduce you to Sharpe’s Hockey Stick that’s the market price is about $4.25 million US.

Who is the best field hockey player in the world?

In the history of hockey, So, far so many good players have come and won people’s hearts. So, it is difficult to say one specific name. However, we have enlisted some unique hockey players’ names who have participated in various national and international games and gained a reputation.

What is the most popular hockey brand?

What makes a good field hockey stick? In this modern technological era, there have several good brands for hockey sticks. However, there must have some unique brands for hockey sticks. These are GRAYS, Bauer, Osaka field hockey stick, STX, Warrior and Rebook brands.  

What is the hardest position in field hockey?

Although every position has its own responsibility, there is only one hockey player position that is considered the hardest position. The midfielder’s position is the hardest on the hockey field. A midfielder must have multiple expertness in shooting, tackling, dribble marking, and passing. Besides, they have to play their role in the field. 

Two-Piece Stick or One-Piece Hockey Stick, which is better?

A two-piece hockey stick comes with two individual parts of the stick and the blade. Usually, two-piece sticks offer the difference in the game.

On the contrary, one-piece hockey comes with one combined part with a stick and blade. 

Final word

Field hockey is incredibly popular worldwide because it has come with a variety of fun and enjoyment. Even the trend of playing hockey is increasing day by day. So is the production of hockey sticks. But the type of stick varies according to the position of the game. That is why the best hockey stick for defenders is a great solution for the defense position.

We have figured out the top five best hockey sticks for defenders. These are reliable, comfortable, durable, and affordable. However, among the top five best we liked much special one which is MALIK Field Hockey Sticks. I hope you can pick up the right stick after getting experience from this guide.

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