Best field hockey sticks for midfielders in 2023

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As a midfielder, you must have searched about the best field hockey sticks for midfielders over the internet a lot. If you reach this write-up, it means you still got no perfect answer. And still in the hunt for the best hockey sticks for midfielders. Well, after all those running, you have landed on the right page.

The midfield players who have to control the ball and pass it quickly and correctly can be highly benefited from wonderful hockey sticks. Midfielders from all levels and ages can use these sticks smoothly and enhance their aptness in their field. That’s why you need to choose a hockey stick from the best hockey stick brand and the best quality.

Best field hockey sticks for midfielders

A lightweight field hockey stick with a well-measured toe shape, bow, and length guarantees to win for any team. But the important question is, how do you know which stick fits the requirements? We present the top 5 midfielder hockey stick reviews, buying guides, and FAQs that will help you.

Best field hockey sticks for beginners Midfielders

Best Overall: STX RX 101 Field Hockey Stick

Best for Beginner: GRAYS Surf 500 Field Hockey Stick

For Femail Beginner: Brine C400 Field Hockey Stick

Best for Junior: STX Field Hockey Junior Starter Pack

Affordable Price: Dragonfly GX1000 Field Hockey Stick

Top Five Best field hockey sticks for Midfielders Review

STX RX 101 Field Hockey Stick

What We Like

Perfect composite materials, Lightweight and smooth, Maximize hitting power and receptions, A speedy stick, and Fit for developing players.

What We Don’t Like

It is less durable

STX field hockey sticks are already well known for benefitting players of every level, and RX 101 is not out of this expectation. The design of this stick is perfect for achieving dynamic power and enhancing 3D abilities, and this stick performs no less than advanced RX sticks.

RX 101 is a perfect field hockey stick for entry-level players who demand a stick for faster and quicker play and will find this piece handy. The package dimension is 3.81 cm x 11.43 cm x 86.36 cm, and the weight is 1.15 Pounds. All of these make it the perfect midfield field hockey stick. The weight is super light which allows you to go through your opponent and score for your team easily.

Great composition – 90% fiberglass and 10% carbon composition equally offer extra hitting power and soft and forgiving touch. Undeniably great for learning hands. Which will give you a primary feel. That’s why it needed to be the best field hockey stick for midfielders.

Lightweight – Weighs less due to composite materials and optimal balance point, feels easy to handle and move, and increases stick speed.

Attractive design – Its low bow, thinner toe, and handle shapes deliver a larger receiving area and sweet spot.

Advanced feeling – Despite being designed for beginners, the fine bow shape will give you the feeling of using an advanced stick. 

Allows transition – This stick is enough for being skilled fundamentally. Also, it allows players to transit to the next stick as they improve.

Specifications: Brand Name: STX, Package Dimensions: ‎35″ x 4.5″ x 1.25″, Weight: 0.54 Kg, and Size: 35 Inches

DRAYS Surf 500 Field Hockey Stick

What We Like

Meant for first-timer players, with Strong and durable construction, It provides a forgiving touch, Perfect for indoor hockey, and costs less than $50. 

What We Don’t Like

Less powerful for hard shots.

Surf is one of the best field hockey stick brands. Their stick will give you comfort and a stylish look on the field. Surf 500 is considered the best budget-friendly stick, and I had a great experience with these sticks when I was an entry-level player. The outstanding features and enticing, colorful design of Surf 500 would surely make you think about buying it.

It is also known as the ‘Junior Field Hockey Stick’, so this stick will help your little one learn and feel the ball. Also, to ensure your younger player masters stick skills, you can choose this impressive one. So if you are into learning for your little one and also for yourself, then this is the best hockey stick as far as I would think of. These would be the best field hockey sticks for an intermediate level to pro level. You don’t think about your skill before buying this. If you are looking for the best field hockey sticks for intermediate players, then this is your stop.

High-quality material – The combination of high-grade mulberry wood and fiberglass wrapping makes the stick long-lasting. It also provides more control to the ball. 

Lightweight – Since this is a wooden stick, it feels thinner and lighter to handle and smooth to move as per demand. The impressive Maxi toe is perfect for playing in grass fields, reigning over the surface area, and hitting power.

Standard bow – It is beneficial for maximizing control and power over the field.

Fine grip – The built-in grip helps to survive critical opponent shots—no need to add tape to ensure easier hold.

Specifications: Brand Name: GRAYS, Package Dimensions: ‎18″ x 3″ x 1″, Weight: 3Lbs and Size: 30J

Brine C400 Field Hockey Stick

What We Like

High-end composite stick, Lightweight and durable, provides flexibility in the game, It is good for faster play, The Maxi toe makes receiving the ball easier. 

What We Don’t Like

The grip leaves residue.

In the competitive market of composite field hockey sticks, the C400, manufactured by Brine, succeeds to leave a trademark. Along with the strong construction, the eye-catching royal color and design would steal your attention for sure. In short, it is the best mid-range stick for midfielders.

The stick is specially designed for female beginner players. The package dimension is 2.54 L X 10.16 W X 88.9 H in centimeters, and the weight is 1 Pound. Brine field hockey sticks may look giant and difficult to handle, but if you know what you are doing, this is the perfect match. However, it won’t be the best hockey stick for beginners.

Excellent construction – The stick is made of a molded combination of carbon, aramid, and fiberglass. Excellent construction provides more amenities.

Lightweight – Despite being robust, the stick weighs less and does not feel heavy while playing. Also, it creates superior balance.

Durability – Thanks to its aramid-reinforced face and edges, they make the stick less prone to wear and breakage.   

Increases speed – Since the stick is light, it ensures faster stick speed so that midfielders can reach the ball quickly. 

Beautiful design – As females love bright colors and soft designs, you can say the Brine C400 is a gender-conscious stick.

Specifications: Brand Name: GRAYS, Package Dimensions: ‎35″ x 4″ x 1″, Weight: 1 Lbs and Size: 35 Inch MAXI

STX Field Hockey Junior Starter Pack

What We Like

Great stick for beginner players, It ensures full protection, is NFHS regulations certified, is Fit for unisex taller beginners, and has a Budget-friendly starter pack.

What We Don’t Like

It mismatched color

STX names also came along if you are in talks about the best field hockey stick brands. Because they offer verities of options to choose from. This STX junior starter pack is great for introductory performance and does more than contemporary sticks. Since you can think from the name, this full kit ensures the best playing in every way possible.

In short, the STX starter pack provides the best youth hockey stick for beginners. If you are tight on budget when buying hockey products, this all-in-one kit is for you. The dimension is 36 x 6 x 2.5 inches, and the weight is 2.65 Pounds.

Various stick lengths – The manufacturers offer three different lengths of HPR 50 beginner stick for the package. Overall, it would help if you choose your preferred length from them.

Height-conscious – The 34″, 35 “, and 36” are the available stick lengths, which are pretty good for taller junior and adolescent midfielders.

Well-structured – The rounded-handled stick is beneficial for learning skills easily. And the full fiberglass composition delivers forgiving receptions to the ball.

Protection – The ASTM-certified 2 See-S Google and reversible shin guard completely protects the player from accidents.

Ready-to-go bag – The prime stick bag lets the player keep and carry the stick, shin guard, goggles, and water bottle in one place. 

Specifications: Brand Name: STX, Package Dimensions: ‎38.8″ x 8″ x 2″, Weight: 1.16 Kg, and Size: 34 Inches.

Dragonfly GX1000 Field Hockey Stick

What We Like

Made for developing players, Lightweight and durable, A great piece for ice hockey, the Best budget-friendly stick under $100, and has Enticing looks and design.

What We Don’t Like

Not for high-end players.                                            

As usual, the excellent Dragonfly sticks are highly compatible with challenging fields and game types, like ice hockey. Get ready to experience another level of fun with Grays GX1000. 

To be specific, this stick is for those who are yet-to-be-advanced players. If you have learned the fundamentals of field hockey enough, planning to learn more technicalities, grab this piece.

Best composite stick – Grays GX1000 stick is a combination of Carbon, Aramid, and Fiberglass composite. It guarantees stiffness and strength at their best, also less vibration, and maximized control.

Lightweight – Compared to wooden sticks, this stick weighs less, lasts longer, and is easier to handle.

Sweet spot provider– Its head will provide you with a larger forgiving sweet spot. Consequently, the ball won’t rebound too far away while receiving.

More powerful – With it, you will be more powerful in the field by achieving more reverse stick control and drag flicks. 

Chamois grip – Last but not least, its extraordinary chamois grip offers to cushion and prevents the stick from slipping away in the wet.

Specifications: Brand Name: Dragonfly, Color: ‎Black/Blue, Manufacturer: Dragonfly, and Size: 35 Inch.

Bayers’ Guide for Midfielder’s field hockey sticks

The job of a buyers’ guide is to guide buyers before they purchase a product. This section will do the same thing, and I’ll share some essential tips on how to choose a hockey stick. So that your midfield remains top-notch and joyful.

Outdoor vs indoor field hockey sticks:

Field size matters the most when choosing a compatible hockey stick, and different field types require different measuring sticks to ace the game. Before buying a hockey stick, you need to be sure in which field you are playing.

best field hockey stick

Outdoor hockey fields are challenging. Here it would help if you controlled the ball more strongly and powerfully, even though long grass. Heavier and thicker field hockey sticks will help you out in this matter. No matter what you choose to play, be sure to choose good field hockey sticks to showcase your talent.

Contrastingly, indoor hockey fields are less complex. Also, the suitable sticks are less powerful. Indoor field hockey sticks are thinner, lighter, and faster to play. Though outdoor sticks are allowable on indoor hockey fields, indoor sticks are inadequate for outdoor hockey fields.

Stick length:

Another important factor is good to consider while buying a stick. Stick length is mostly dependent on the player’s height and field position.

Forwarders run quickly and must have shorter sticks. Defenders need longer sticks to reach the ball quickly. And standard sticks are the most comfortable hockey sticks for controlling. Like forwarders, goalies need shorter sticks to block the ball from reaching the net. 

Let’s take a look at this chart to know how to measure a hockey stick. It will help you to maintain your skills and avoid back problems.

Body heightsRecommended stick lengths (in inch and cm) 
Taller than 6´4´´38.5 inches/97.79 cm.
5´4´´ to 6´4´´37 inches/94 cm (approx.) 
5´0´´ to 5´4´´35.5 inches/90 cm.
4´7´´ to 5´0´´34 inches/86 cm.
4´0´´ to 4´7´´32 inches/81 cm. 
3´7´´ to 4´0´´28 inches/71 cm.
3´0´´ to 3´7´´26 inches/66 cm.
Shorter than 3´0´´24 inches/60 cm. 

What field does hockey stick best suit midfielders?

Brands’ characteristics will help you to pick the best midfield field hockey stick. Here is a chart of the best brands for hockey sticks.


Established year: 1940, Country: England, Known factors: The innovator of field hockey stick technology, Player type: All, Stick type: Kinetic, Graphene, GX Scoop Xtra, and Nano. All ranges of sticks come with various bow and head shapes, Accessories: Manufactures stick bags, shoes, balls, goalie gear, shin pads, gloves, and clothing. 


Established year:1970, Country: America, Known factors: Popular for producing the best sticks for lacrosse, Player type: All, Stick type: Surgeon – best sticks for control, Stallion – lightweight and standard, The hammer: It is the heaviest and most powerful. Accessories: Supplies goalie gear, shin pads, helmets, field hockey bags, and clothing.


Established year: Before 1980 Country: Germany, Known factors: A large international brand known for manufacturing reinforced field hockey sticks. Player type: All, especially for beginners or juniors. Stick type: Platinum: Platinum is the most elite, high carbon configuration, good for improving strength, Synergy – is for advanced players, and has high carbon content with various technologies, Trillium – is durable, low priced, great quality, RLP technology, made for beginners, Mulberry: Mulberry is good for wooden stick lovers, a combination of high-quality wood and fiber. Accessories: It Sells sticks only. 


Country: Australia, Known factors: Most famous for cricket equipment and hockey balls. Player type: Good for beginners to elite players. Stick type: Extensive range. Accessories: It has sticks only.


What do midfielders do in field hockey?

In short, midfielders link the defense with the offense. They run more than others, protect the ball from opposition, control it, and safely deliver it to their team’s attackers. Inside-left, inside-right, and the center half are their areas on the hockey field. The midfielders are truly the most challenging and versatile players. 

How do you pick the best field hockey stick?

Before you assume a hockey, the stick is best for you, calculate your field position, field type, and body height. Whether indoor or outdoor field hockey, defender or offender role, or tall or short body height, you must check which stick meets every requirement. Your one miscalculation can bring disasters to both in-game and your body.

Why do hockey players tape their sticks?

Players tape their sticks for ensuring better longevity, grip, and puck feel. In general, they tape the blade and handle of their sticks. The taped blade prevents it from chipping or breaking while colliding with opponent sticks. If the handle is taped, the stick won’t be slipped away from the hands.

How to measure a hockey stick?

According to the US method, hold your stick at your side by putting the stick head on the ground. See if the top is 2 inches below your waist. And the Dutch method tells you to hold the stick head in your armpit. And notice if the stick length reaches the middle of your kneecap. 

End Words: 

I hope now you can find the best field hockey sticks for midfielders. I have shared my personal experience on the best hockey sticks because I am also a midfielder on the hockey field. Moreover, I researched the market to figure out these five products.

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