Best Hockey Mouthguards in 2023( Protect your teeth)

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Ice hockey is an extremely fast games game in the world. Most of the NHL player’s average speed is near about 30km/h. So your mouth needs the best protection. Missing teeth and jaw injuries are common scenarios for players in hockey. Collisions with players, flying pucks can lead up to extremely painful dental injuries. That’s why the best hockey mouth guard is needed.

Here, I’ll break down the factors that influence before selecting a hockey mouthguard and the features of the current best hockey mouthguards, and also the customers thinking about them. So stay tuned guys.

Top 8 Best Hockey Mouthguards

So far we have shown the best qualities of the hockey mouth protector from our list. Now it’s time to talk about more details about them and illustrate features and functions they are offering.

Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouth Guard

No matter which sports you play wrestling, boxing, baseball, basketball, football or roller hockey, ice hockey, the Shock Doctor Gel Max will provide you with the best protection.


Color: Blue/Black

Size: Youth/Adult

Flavor Status: Non-Flavored/ Flavored

Expanding Rate: 20%

Weight: 2.24 ounces

Features at a Glance

● The Exoskeleton Shock prove frame ensures full mouth protection

● Gel-fit technology makes it customizable to fit your teeth.

● Breathable and never causes any suffocation.

● Protects tongue, teeth, and cheek.

● Crafted with a triple-layer design adds durability and shock-absorbing ability.

What customers say

Sportsmen get shocked using the Shock Doctor Gel Max because of the service it offers at such an inexpensive price. The gel-like mold acts as a cushion and absorbs the pressure from jaw clenching. Some users find the mouthguard large but never complain about drooling.

Some complained about the adult size. Which seems smaller than other adult sizes. 

GuardLab Apex

We all know about the popular GuardLab sports technology company. They have come with this Apex Lite mouthguard for both adults and youth. Also, it provides the sizing chart for the youth under 12, medium for both teens and adults and large for those who have large bites.


Color: Blue/Black/Clear/Green/Pink

Size: small/medium/ large 

Flavor Status: Non-Flavored

Thickness: 2.5mm

Weight: 2.88 ounces

Features at a Glance

● The APEX Bite pattern ensures the perfect outline for teeth.

● Quick and easy to mold. Re-moldable if you want to.

● It was built using 3D technology and 100% the USA made.

● Durable, Flexible, and soft. The 2.5 mm mouthguard is known as a thin hockey mouthguard.

● Suitable for light contract sports hockey, soccer, lacrosse, etc.

What customers say

Go through Amazon’s top reviews and you’ll see the comments like best mouthguard available, exactly what you are looking for, best mouthguard ever, etc. Everyone likes it because of the easy fit and effortless cleaning. Also, it doesn’t obstruct breathing, talking, and drinking.

No one complained about GuardLab Apex’s support. When the durability question comes, the company should be more attentive to making it durable.

Impact custom professional mouthguard

Are you looking for the best ice hockey mouthguard? Impact Custom should be the first choice for you. The 5mm thickness can absorb the force from hockey pucks. Also, this hockey mouth cover includes a kit, with which you can easily set the perfect design of your mouthguard within 1-2 minutes.


Color: Blue/Black/ American Flag etc. 

Size: One size

Flavor Status: Non-Flavored

Thickness: 5 mm 

Features at a Glance

● The professional-grade impression kit helps to customize the shape you want.

● Though it is 5mm thick it ensures optimal oxygen flow and doesn’t obstruct drinking.

● With an impression kit, you can make an impression of your teeth within 2 and half minutes.

● Now send the impression back to the company and they will make the perfect size for you.

● Completely BPA-free and made in the USA.

What customers say

For anyone in contact sports who cares about their mouth, we would love to recommend Impact Custom Professional Mouthguard to them. The users show a lot of loyalty to their custom guards and the price is pretty reasonable. Also, the easy molding process attracts most of the users. Tight fit, you’ll never feel it lose and even after using it several months or more, it will never slip out.

As Impact is a well-known company and makes the Best youth hockey skates as well, so never forget to buy the item from Amazon or their website.

GuardLab APEX Mouthguards

GuardLab sports technology company has built the APEX Mouthguard perfectly to protect our teeth using 3D technology and 3D printing. Their hockey mouth shield is comfortable to wear, ensures an accurate fit, and is scientifically very advanced. 


Color: Blue/Black/Clear/Green/Pink

Size: small/medium/ large 

Flavor Status: Non-Flavored

Weight: 2.89 ounces

Features at a Glance

● It is developed using 3D technology and the most innovative mouthguard.

● They go through thousands of digital scans and make the properly fitted mouthguard.

● The pre-indented bite pattern allows exquisite fit.

● Offers different sizes for under 12 years old, teens, adults, and wide biters.

● The best junior hockey mouthguard includes a mouthguard case.

● Built with dental-grade material and BPA, Latex, and phthalates free.

What customers say

Users like this hockey mouth cover because the boil and the biting process are the easiest. Also, the quality feels impressive, and never try to lose the grip on teeth. Furthermore, the mouthguard case helps to store the mouthguard quite comfortably.

To be honest, this mouthguard feels a bit thin, so practicing with it should be okay. But it sounds like a risk when you wear this mouthguard in a tournament match.

Aero NextGen Mouthguard

Are you searching for a Sisu mouthguard? Here we are for you with the SISU guards which absorb the shocks and diffuse the impact onto the entire mouthguard. So, less force goes towards your teeth. Also, the Aero NextGen ccm sisu mouthguard isn’t made with soft material like conventional mouthguards. It ensures softness as well as protecting ability.


Color: Blue/Black/Green/Pink

Size: small/medium/ large 

Flavor Status: Non-Flavored

Thickness: 1.6 mm

Age: 7+ years

Weight: 2.89 ounces

Features at a Glance

● Fits average mouths and athletes between 5-6 feet tall.

● Ultralight and 50% thinner than other conventional mouthguards.

● The thin, slim, and custom fit ensures easy speaking, breathing, and drinking.

● It uses diffuse technology to spread the force all over the mouthguard.

● The SISU mouthguard features a wider bite pad.

● Comfortable and quick mold-ability for ensuring a perfect fit.

What customers say

Think about Melissa’s (one of the users) children who say they will never wear any mouthguard. Just imagine how much they found in this SISU mouth Guard. Furthermore, this hockey mouthguard is the Best hockey mouthguard for braces. But you should consult with a dentist before wearing braces.

The only frustrating thing about this mouthguard is it takes time to mold. Don’t try to mold it just before the game.

Oral Mart Sports Mouth Guard

Oral Mart Mouthguard features maximum protection for young athletes especially those who are going to join any competition or its practice. This hockey mouth guard for boys is equipped with a dual-layer. The inner gel layer and the outer layer.


Color: Black/Red

Size: Adult

Flavor Status: Flavored

Thickness: 1.6 mm

Boiling Time: 35-40 seconds

Age: 13+ years

Features at a Glance

● This mouthguard comes in different colors and flags.

● The box comes with 5 steps of easy molding instructions.

● Molding time is only 40 seconds.

● Completely BPA-free and Latex-free. Suitable hockey mouthguard for kids

● Made with 100% medical-grade material.

● Gives maximum protection for ice hockey, lacrosse, football, and any contact sports.

What customers say

Most users are completely satisfied with this mouthguard because of its durability and comfortability. Also, the boiling time is something commendable. You can re-boil the mouthpiece if needed. The Oral Mart promised the replacement of the sizes if you feel other sizes will be okay for you.

Some complained about peeling off the side. Even some people have cut their inside cheek due to this peeling off.

Venum Challenger Mouthguard

Are you searching for the best youth hockey mouthguard over the internet? The Venum Challenger series has brought an advanced design for reducing injuries. But it never sacrifices the other good features to make it shock-absorbing.


Color: Black

Size: Adult

Flavor Status: Non-Flavored

Boiling Time: 30 seconds

Item Dimension: 9.41 x 4.69 x 1.18 inches

Features at a Glance

● It features a Ne Xt gel frame for better adjustment.

● The rubber density of the Challenger is much higher than other mouthguards of Venum.

● A customizable fit for teeth is available.

● Doesn’t sacrifice comfortability and ensures breathability.

● The strongest shock wave is dispersed by a lower rubber frame to your strongest teeth.

What customers say

No one said anything about its fitting because it offers customizable fitting. Also, the boiling time is just a few seconds. The fitting process is not that daunting. Completely hand washable.

The frustrating matter is the Challenger has broken in the user’s mouth quite a few times. But hopefully, Venum has made the necessary changes to make it durable.

Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouthguard

The double brace mouthguard protects both upper and lower teeth. It is made with 100% medical-grade silicone. Which doesn’t cause any harm to your teeth.


Color: Blue

Size: 3 sizes

Flavor Status: Non-Flavored

Made of: Silicone

Features at a Glance

●It features instant fit, no need for pre-boiling or molding.

● It adapts to the teeth’ position when braces get adjusted. 

● Features with both great protection and comfortable fit.

● It is built with high-quality 100% medical-grade material and lasts long.

● Completely Phthalate, BPA, and Latex-free.

What customers say

It offers perfect fit and bracket protection. Really comfortable as a hockey mouthguard of women. But for an adult of 13+ ages, the youth mouthguard suits mostly. Instant fit for adults, kids, and youth.

Sometimes the Shock Doctor mouthguard doesn’t fit with teeth. It’s not about size, it’s about rigidity. Also, no change in the return of the product. 

Buying Gide of the Best Hockey Mouthguard

Choosing the Best Mouthguard for Hockey

As you guys already knew that hockey is a contact-heavy game. It requires so many protections. Even players want to know how to fit a hockey shin guard as well as what to look at before getting a hockey mouthpiece.


A mouthguard is the kind of thing you can never wear if it feels uncomfortable. You may feel uncomfortable from angels. Like if the breathability is low or you can’t speak easily or drinking is hard can lead you to feel uncomfortable.

Custom Imprint

The pure hockey mouthguards are customizable. Mouth shape is kind of your hand’s fingerprint. It’s really tough to get the exact size for your teeth as everyone’s teeth and jaw implantation is different.  That’s why I try to select a mouthguard company that offers customizable sizes. It may cost more but provides the best service.


Suppose I have insufficient money to purchase customizable hockey mouthguards. In this case, try to consider what would be the best choice for you. try to differentiate the mouthpieces between youth and adults. Also, if you have braces on your teeth, try to find out the best hockey mouthguards for braces.


It completely depends on the choice of hockey play. Some never feel comfortable with mouthpiece shape. So, they use a strapped one secured with a helmet. In contrast, the strapless has no strap and no additional security to hold the mouthguard on the teeth.

Dental Certificate

Anything about the mouth comes with a dental certificate. The dental organizations give certificates after examining the mouthguard. They check if any harmful things are present in the mouthguard. 

Some Important Terms in Hockey Mouthguard

We have discussed hockey mouthguards, but some terms may sound confusing to you guys. So here we are describing those terms.

Custom Mouthguards: These types of hockey mouthguards are customizable, it means you don’t have to buy just guessing your mouth size; you can use an impression kit to get the perfect mouthguard.

Breathable Mouthguards: Breathable means enough space for air passing. While we play hockey, you just can’t breathe with your nose. Mouth breathing plays a vital role. That’s why a breathable mouthguard is needed.

Field Hockey Mouthguard: Field hockey mouthguards are a little different from ice hockey or roller hockey mouthguards. Because in field hockey, we use the ball and in roller hockey as well as in ice hockey we use the puck.


1. Do mouthguards help in hockey?

no doubt that mouthguard helps in hockey as hockey is a contact-heavy game. Besides hockey pucks and sticks can cause serious damage to our mouth, teeth, jaw. Mouthguards ensure the protection we need. 

2. What percentage of NHL players wear mouthguards?

Though players have no pressure to wear a mouthguard in the NHL, still 60% of NHL players wear mouthguards. It was 48% even two years ago. But as the rate of mouth injuries is increasing, players have started to think about their safety more.

Final Note

We hope you have got an idea about the best hockey mouthguards and the features they provide. Don’t forget to ensure the mouthguard material is water-resistant because it will get in contact with saliva. More importantly, try to get a shock to prove a health-safe mouthguard. Wish you guys a great performance in the next match.

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