Improve your game with Best Hockey Skate Insoles in 2023

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Superfeet GREEN Insoles is our favorite picks

Best Hockey Skate Insoles

Insoles are a vital part of a pair of hockey skates because this sport needs added protection, support, and comfort in the feet. In terms of roller hockey skates or ice skates, you need the best footbed and insoles. But often, the hockey skates available in the market don’t come with comfortable insoles.

However, there has a better option for you to purchase the best hockey skate insoles separately. The hockey player who regularly plays hockey on a dry or icy surface needs the best foot support from their insoles.

We researched the best hockey skate insoles available considering their support, comfort and price, finally we have reviewed the eight best insoles for hockey skates that can give you the best experience in hockey sports. As well, we provide an effective buying guide and proper maintenance of skate insoles. So, shall we start?

Top list of Best Hockey Skate Insoles

Superfeet CARBON Pro Hockey Skate Insoles

Great in shock-absorbing, energy transferring, and acceleration, Comfortable and supportive, and durable for a long time.

Superfeet Men’s Sport Insole

Soft cushioned and breathable bed, contoured design, fatigue-free comfort, moisture-wicking, and odor-free feature

Elite Hockey, Ice Hockey Skate, Pro Insoles

Lightest weight, best breathable, extremely supportive, very comfortable, and reduce the effort

Superfeet GREEN Insoles

Maximum arch and orthotic support, great shock absorption, rearfoot support, high-density foam layer

Superfeet Premium Flexible Thin Insoles

Perfect fit with versatile skate, orthotic support, unisex design, stabilize cap in the rearfoot

Superfeet Unisex Premium Insoles

Low profile and perfect fit, convenient for men and women, reinforced rearfoot design

Icebug Unisex-Adult Cushion Support Insole 

Maximum cushioned, nice shock absorption, compatible with all skates for snowboarding, walking, and running.

Dr. Scholl’s Sport Insoles

New gel messaging technology, 10% softer footbed, affordable in price, fast-moving

In hockey sports, you must have one pair of perfect-fit insoles. Not only that, the insoles would be best supportive and comfortable. Here we are reviewing top notches insoles for hockey skates.

Eight Best hockey skates insoles review

Super Feet CARBON Pro Hockey Skate Insoles

What customers are saying:

Superfeet has gained love from women and men customers because it is designed for unisex use. Besides, it gets more trustworthy to customers due to the original USA construction. Also, customers praise the long-lasting odor-controlling benefit.

We didn’t get any negative feedback about these insoles from the current customers till now.

Do you need trendy insoles for superior comfort? Then Super feet carbon pro is a worthy item that comes to meet all challenging tasks in hockey. These insoles pairs are made from synthetic material, and the insoles are heel-up types. Good to know that synthetic material doesn’t wrinkle easily, and the heel-up insole design can absorb the maximum shock.

The foundation inside these insoles is naturally supportive, comfortable, and pain relief able. Likewise, it performs best in edge controlling and energy transferring. Moreover, you will get 11% better acceleration with this insole that allows you to tight turns, crossovers, quick starts, and hard stops. Overall, it is the best pair of hockey skate inserts for flat feet.

Key Features:

  • It comes with flybridge features that work for energy transferring, shock, and vibration-absorbing.
  • The carbon fiber stabilizer is very responsive, supportive, and weight-defying during sports.
  •  Full-length durable foam of synthetic material provides long-lasting durability.

Specifications: Brand Name: Superfeet, Package Dimensions: ‎13.58 x 4.45 x 1.65 inches, Weight: 3.17 Ounces, and Size: 13.58Incies.

Super Feet Men’s Sport Insole

What customers are saying:

The existing customer is enjoying the breathability of long-lasting skate wearing. At the same time, a fatigue-free soft cushioned footbed is comfortable for all types of skates.

Some customers said about the bit heavier weight of foam material and arch heel compared with super feet carbon models.

Superfeet sports insoles are exceptionally designed for men’s hockey skates. Superfeet hockey insoles offer a suitable fit and added comfort. The cushioned foam with aero spring glide combinedly works to help you move more efficiently. In the meantime, it can minimize blisters, hot spots, and friction when playing on the ice.

Hence, the cushioned hockey skate footbed can reduce maximum fatigue. At the same time, there is a nice heel cradle that keeps securing the insoles inside the skate. Even it doesn’t need any stiff support. In a word, this insole is super durable and provides comfort for 12 months or 500 miles. The main difference between super feet yellow and carbon pro is that carbon pro is best for shock absorption and super feet yellow is best for all skates.

Key Features:

  • The Aero spring glide and foam combination provides comfort and reduces foot fatigue.
  • It has some perforated forefoot that makes the proper air circulation and breathability.
  • It is superior in moisture wick to keep the skates fresh and odor-free
  • Superfeet men’s insole is ideal for almost all skates due to the thin heel-to-toe feature

Specifications: This insole has come with an 11.81 x 7.87 x 3.94 inches dimension and 4.8 Ounces weight. Also, note that it’s yellow, and the material is cushioned foam.

Elite Hockey, Ice Hockey Skate, Pro Insoles

What customers are saying:

The customers are very happy with the lightest weight. And the air holes feature of temperature control seems great to customers. They expressed their best feelings about this pro insole.

But these insoles are best suitable only for hockey skates. Although you can use it with other sneakers, it may not be suitable.

Another ideal choice for the best skate insoles is the elite hockey pro insole. It comes with several great features. First of all, it is superior and lighter in weight to ensure effortless performance. Especially, it can provide comfort in every step of your hockey sport.

Besides, there are some channels in this insole designed to get support during turning and striding. And the air holes control the moisture entering and exhaust. It works to enter cool air into the insoles and reduce the hot temperature inside your feet.

Key Features:

  • The contoured arch and heel design ensure extreme comfort and flexibility in your feet.
  •  It is an ultra-lightweight insole that is easy to move, forward, run, and jump.
  • The best breathable air holes maintain and control the air quality

Specifications: Elite pro insoles have a 13.75 x 4 x 1.25 inches dimension and 0.81 Ounces weight.

Superfeet GREEN Insoles

What customers are saying:

The last attractive model of super feet in our list is Superfeet green insoles. Do you like a pair of quality green color insoles? When it comes to quality, we would say that green insoles come with an arch and maximum orthotic support.

Most of the customers are saying about the widest and deepest support, a stabilizer cap for rearfoot support. Besides, the high-density foam layer gets praised by customers.

There is only one con you may need to trim the full-length super feet as per your foot shape.

What do buyers say? 72% of 24334+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 5 stars.

The ccm ortho move skate insoles are human-made, and the covering fabric is synthetic. Good to know that it is a high-profile and high-volume insole. It means the space the insoles need to suit your feet. There is some stabilizer cap beneath these soles that mainly works as the basement of the soles. Moreover, the stabilizer cap supports the rear foot and provides stability to the foam level.

Key Features:               

  • High volume profile ensures perfect feet with your feet shape
  • The stabilizer cap comes for basement and rear foot support
  • The heel cup is the widest and deepest support much in shock absorption
  • A high-density foam layer ensures long-lasting performance

Specifications: Brand Name: Superfeet, Package Dimensions: 13.63 x 4.38 x 1.63 inches, Weight: 4.48 Ounces, and Size: 13.63 Inches.

Superfeet Unisex-Adult Black Premium Flexible Thin Insoles

What customers are saying:

The existing customer is happy with its overall performance and versatility. And a lot of customers love the orthotic support and super feet shape.

A few customers feel a problem because it takes too much volume when wearing.

Adult black premium insoles are the most versatile model to suit the widest range of skates. This ccm skate insole will give you a tight-fitting feeling of a low profile and thinner design. And the orthotic shape provides maximum comfort.

It will fit comfortably with the soles of your feet because of the low-profile feature. Also, there is a stabilizer cap that is reinforced at the rear foot. You will get the most flexible low-volume leg support with the stabilizer cap.

Key Features:

  • A premium and low-profile black insole for men’s and women’s skate
  • A reinforced stabilizer cap in the rearfoot gives structure and support
  • Heel cup features accommodate the stabilizing and support the foot 

Specifications: This premium unisex insole measurement is 14 x 5 x 3 inches with 1.6 Ounces weight. This model is suitable for E: 10.5 – 12 US Women’s/9.5 – 11 US Men’s.

Superfeet Unisex Premium Insoles

What customers are saying:

Customers have benefited from the superfeet shape because it can reduce the pain in the ankles and knees. Likewise, they love the high-density foam layer. Also, know that this insole is completely cushioned.

Some customers say these insoles are often displaced when they try to run fast or jump fast. 

It is another great addition to the super feet brand. If you are looking for a pair of premium quality insoles with lightweight features, it would be great. One of the great specialties of this insole is that it comes with a low-profile feature. A low-profile insole can perfectly fit your shoe shape.

After then, this premium insole has a nice reinforced rearfoot design that supports a lot for flexible access.

Key Features:

  • It is unisex in design, so it becomes popular with men and women
  •  Exceptionally durable because of pure synthetic material
  • The low-profile feature provides you with the perfect fit with feet shape
  • A reinforced stabilizer cap makes this insole more flexible

Specifications: These superfeet premium insoles come with a 13.2 x 4.4 x 1.6 inches dimension and 4 Ounces weight.

Icebug Unisex-Adult Cushion Support Insole

What customers are saying:

Most of the customers have chosen the low friction, long cover, and long-wearing features. Moreover, they loved the versatile size availability.

Icebug comes to meet with those hockey people who love to wear skates with the most cushioned insoles. Not only that, these insoles are unisex and can absorb maximum shock too. Hence, having a double arch heel design can reduce plantar fascia pressure. Overall, these insoles are best for snowboarding, hockey-playing, walking, and especially hiking.

Key Features:

  • It provides much support and comfort with the double layer of open-cell polyol foam.
  • The temperature reactive layer ensures the proper coolness in your feet
  • The dynamic design in the soles works to come back to the previous natural form
  • A soft insoles layer help to improve the shock absorption

Specifications: We figure it out with 13 x 5 x 5 inches measurement and 8.01 Ounces weight. The construction fabric is 100% nylon rubber. Also, note that it is a metatarsal pad type of insole. It is suitable for M 9/W 10.5-11 size skate.

Dr Scholl’s Sport Insoles

What customers are saying: 

The customers are highly praised for the affordable price and advanced gel technology. Also, they liked the 10% softer cushioned footbed.

For many, arch support seems to be stronger, even if they have experienced damage on the heel.

Do you often participate in athletics? Then it would help if you had a pair of best-quality insoles, and Dr Scholl’s brings the happiest news for you. These insoles have come with special gel messaging technology that works to keep your legs and feet. Do note that gel technology can reduce the pressure from the lower body. As a result, the sportsman can make their game longer.

A rugged construction prevents maximum pressure and impact on the user’s feet. At the same time, it is 10% softer with cushioned and bouncier gel. They also have a flexible arch shell that supports a lot for motion control and improvement.

Key Features:

  • It has to message gel technology that is 10% softer and more responsive
  •  The tired and Achy Feet allow moving fast without any fatigue or pressure
  • The flexible arch shell is designed for great leg and feet support
  • It is suitable to fit with running shoes, cross trainers & sneakers

Specifications: Dr. Scholl’s Sport Insoles dimension is 4.79 x 2.09 x 14.09 inches, and the weight is 5.92 Ounces. It would be a perfect fit with a 10.5-14 size men’s fit.

What to look for Best hockey skate insoles

What features you should consider buying hockey skate insoles

Insole’s sizing:

Insole sizing would be adjustable with shoes, skates, or sneakers. There are several brands that are producing insoles with varieties of the size range. The manufacturing brands are usually producing 9″ to 11″ insoles for men. So, men with different size’s feet can choose as per their feet size.

Most of the full-length insoles have to be trimmed to fit the user’s feet size. And the manufacturing company designed the insoles with such a method to trim them from the end edge.

Good to know that ¾ inches insoles are designed for a perfect fit. These size insoles do not need to trim to match your feet. If your skate size is 9.5 inches, then the ideal insole size would be “8-9”. And you have to go for the next size if you wear a 10″ skate. 

Insole material:

Generally, there have four types of material used for insoles. These are foam, gel, leather, and cork. Most importantly, each material has some advantages and disadvantages. However, foam and gel are the most used insole material is foam and gel. Both of these are soft and great for shock absorption.

Outer material:

As per our research, we have got a synthetic outer surface that is best for skate insoles. Synthetic fabric is soft and durable, which will give you comfort in every step. Besides, it can be long-lasting for several years. Most importantly, synthetic material doesn’t wrinkle easily and is easier to clean.


A lightweight insole is best for hockey skating. Although, most of the insoles have lighter features. However, you would better find out the lightest insoles. A lightweight insole will allow easy movement.

Footbed type:

There are four types of common footbeds used in insoles. These are rigid orthotic arch support, semi-rigid orthotic arch support, cushioned arch support, and flat cushion. What type of footbed you will choose depends on your preference.


1)    What Are the Benefits of Arch Support in my Skates?

Arch support provides maximum comfort for your foot inside the insoles. It helps the feet align so that the painful areas reduce and ensures comfort. Besides, arch support will increase your moving power in hockey sports.

2)    How do Superfeet Skate Insoles Work?

The superfeet skate insoles can provide the best experience with enhanced comfort. The cushioned insoles of aero spring glide combined with the contoured feet shape. And it keeps stabilizing your feet so that you can perfectly cross over the icy place. In those terms, super feet skate insoles will prevent friction, blisters, and hot spots.

3)    Why Do You Need Insoles for Ice Hockey Skates?

In ice hockey, you always need a pair of skates that is super supportive, comfortable, and stable. And all of these benefits, you will get the best quality insole. Besides, hockey skate insoles come with the proper venting system. As a result, they have proper air circulation and an increase in breathability.

4)Can you put insoles in hockey skates?

Yes, you can put insoles and orthotic support in your hockey skates because insoles provide great support and shock absorption in hockey, ice, and roller skates. Most importantly, insoles and orthotics are designed with a low profile to be a tight fit with skates.

Final Word:

One pair of the best hockey skate insoles can add a new dimension to your hockey game experience. We have reviewed on top eight best insoles for hockey sports. All of the above insoles are superior in performance. Those are designed for meeting all challenging steps in hockey.

Among the above products, we have especially tested two insoles from the super feet brand. Even we have used those and got the best insoles. You can also consider the super feet Men’s Sport Insole and Superfeet Unisex Premium Insoles. 

We recommend knowing about the buying factors before taking a final decision to buy insoles for hockey skates. We e mentioned there are some crucial criteria that are helpful for you.

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