Best Hockey Skates for Flat Feet in 2023

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It’s a common problem for flat feet person to walk around as it is a medical condition. So, according to WikipediaFlat feet is a postural deformity in which the arches of the foot collapse, with the entire sole of the foot coming into complete or near-complete contact with the ground.” I think you have got the pain of being a flat-footed person. If a flat-foot person wants to play hockey, then what are the best hockey skates for flat feet? Does it actually design that way? 

Best Hockey Skates for Flat Feet

Flat feet hockey skates should be more design-oriented than the features and all. But, nowadays, the manufacturers pay notice to the design and try to improve the features. 

In this article, you will get to know about the best hockey skates for flat wide feet and a complete buying guide to maintaining the considerations before buying. Some FAQs will also be provided for you. So, let’s start. 

CCM Super Tacks 9350 Senior Ice Hockey Skates

This certain product is built with maintaining quality, and it offers various features also. Today, I will review this special skate shoe for people with flat feet. You will get a pair of shoes out of the box with some paper and all. The outlook of this shoe is very amazing with the CCM logo, and the height of the shoe is also decent. The weight of the product is‎1.72 Kilograms, and it has amazing technologies. 

However, let’s see what you will get from the shoe. 

 About Manufacturers and Build Quality

The CCM brand has been one of the best brands out there for manufacturing quality skating shoes for a long time. However, the brand reputation not only depends on the product but also on users’ trust. Manufacturers always try to boost their sales by earning the trust of the users. 

Moreover, they are very customer-centric, and they also think about the flat feet people. 

The CCM brand has launched CCM Super Tacks 9350 Senior Ice Hockey Skates for flat feet people, which is a great success for their brand. People with flat feet problems are now very satisfied with the skate shoe quality and all. They can now enjoy ice hockey whenever they want. 

Again, this product is very long-lasting and does not affect the ice. If you are looking for flat-foot hockey skates, you can grab this pair without hesitation. 

For a superior fit, the manufacturers have used Synthetic Composite MetaFrame. You will also get abrasion resistance from this pair of shoes. In a nutshell, this is one of the best inline hockey skates for flat feet. 

Skate Width

This is the widest hockey skate from the CMM brand. You will find two other different lineups from this brand they are- Ribcor, and Jetspeed. However, if you are looking for quality and the widest skate, you can select this pair of shoes. This Skate size is 1.5 sizes lower than the US shoe size. 

Sole Quality

The sole of this shoe is one of the best in the market as they have implanted a very good quality gluing mechanism also. The material of the sole is also reliable and the rubber quality is also good. You will find a nice design in the sole of this shoe. 

Inserts & Footbeds

The inner part of this shoe is very comfortable and user-friendly. You will find quality foam in the footbed is also one of the finest from this brand. You can take this shoe for having this amazing comfortable footbed.

If you are looking for the best hockey skates for narrow flat feet, then there is no other option; rather you choose this CCM Super Tacks 9350 Senior Ice Hockey Skates as this is the widest and comes with an affordable price range. Though you won’t receive any warranty from the manufacturer, this is a long-lasting hockey skate that you can have.


Here, I’ve got the Bauer Supreme 3S Pro and am feeling very excited because I’m going to break down all the new technologies. Also, while discussing, you get to know Bauer’s biggest change on the supreme line and all the new performance fit systems. 

Technologies and Features 

Brand New Runner: 3S Pro introduces a new premium-grade steel-engineered Tulk LS Pulse Runner. This LS Pulse is +2 mm higher than the 2S runner. The high polish mirror finish increases speed and great glide on the ice. 

Quad Profile: Before, the 2S pro had 10 inches radius all over the runner. But 3S pro’s runner has four different radius zones. 

Lightspeed Edge Holder: This is not a new technology for Bauer. This holder can swap the steel quickly. Just pull down the trigger and release the attachment.  

Flex Rating: 3S Pro has got 80 flex rating, which provides good stability for the skater. Flex rating ensures the softness and stiffness of the boot. Less than 80 has after flex. 

3D Curve Composite: it is lightweight, fully thermoformable, and gives more comfort while in the game. 

Supreme Specific Asymmetrical Toe: This adds additional stiffness, better fitting boot, and reduces negative space making for better control. 

Power Boot Cut Laces: The new shape laces through eyelets increase stability and allow us to bend knees to maximize the stride length.

Reflex Classic Pro Tongue: Totally similar build to 2S pro but has a brand new look. Reflex Classic introduces us to a three-piece tongue with multiple molded inserts. 

Reflex Tendon Guard: The tendon guard allows increased forward flex and gives a maximum range of motion. 

Comfort Edge Collar Pads: They use this collar pad technology in the Ultrasonic skate. It gives an extra bit of comfort, sacrificing no performance. Also, Bauer uses aerofoil and ankle padding inside the boot for extra comfort. On top of the ankle paddle, the Lockfit liner wicks away moisture buildup. 

                      Pros                       Cons
The blade is replaceable. Flex is not too stiff or soft. Build for the aggressive stride player. Ensure stability, comfy and straight-line motion.Blade is replaceable. Flex is not too stiff or soft. Build for the aggressive stride player. Ensure stability, comfy and straight-line motion.

Tester Review 

● Custom-like Fit and Feel: The comfy inside the boot lets you feel like ice is the best surface to use.

●     Lower profile Toe: The toe part must be stiff, and there always be a gap between the toes. But wearing this low-profile toe skate, I felt like my toes were connected and not moving an inch. 

This Ice hockey Skate is a gem to me; Bauer definitely invested so much intelligence to make it super comfy and safe for all. If you need the best hockey bags to carry all of your gear, search at 


M4 Ice Hockey Skates is Bauer’s one of the most powerful options. This model focuses on big strides and strong crossovers. Bauer Supreme M4 is a heavy-duty skate, suitable for 2-3+ times use per week. Like other supreme skates, it also comes with a performance fit system. 

Technologies and Features 

LS+ Runner: I have seen this runner on the previous generation 3S Ice hockey skates. Totally solid stainless steel construction. This runner has the same height and geometry all over it. 

Edge Holder: The Tuuk Lightspeed Edge Holder is one of the latest. It allows you to swap the steel out on the go at any time. 

Digi composite Outsole: It provides more stiffness to the lower portion of the boot. So Transferring energy is quite seamless.

3D lasted Flex Composite: this composite makes the boot ultra lightweight yet highly protective and reinforced with Thermo-formable materials. This takes the boot to the high-end quality that fits for quick maneuvers. 

Comfort Edge Wraps: This new edge wrap brings desperate relief to the players who spend 3-5 times on the ice hockey field. The rough edge makes the ankle sore. 

Tendon Guard: Not a full flex tendon guard, but allows the maximum stride comfortably. 

48oz Felt Tongue: A metatarsal guard provides extra protection and comfort in front of the felt tongue. 

Hydrophobic Grip Liner: this liner has a tacky feel to it, so players who generate a lot of perspiration through socks must not get tense about slipping inside the boot. Also, the Aeo Foam ankle pads are lightweight. 

                      Pros                       Cons
It focuses on protection and stability. Decent midrange skate. Comforting on edges. Ensure stability, comfy, and straight-line motion.Cheap quality Laces 

Tester Review 

● Totally solid skates for a young rush of blood players. There is both good support and protection in the boot. 

● It provided great ankle mobility to my ankle. 

● The fitting process is easy and enjoyable. 

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Buying Guide: How to Choose Flat Feet Skates

So, what factors should you consider before buying the Flat Feet skates? Well, this guide will help you with the considerations that you should follow. Here, you will find some clear ideas in bullet points that you can actually choose the perfect pair of skate shoes. They are-

You need to check the material so that it is suited to the weather condition. 

The size of the skate shoe also be checked, and you can do this by measuring your feet ad the shoe size.

The sole should be good enough to make your shoe perform for a long time. 

Inserts & Footbeds should be very comfortable so that you get a comfortable skating experience. 

You can also check the quality of gluing mechanism. 


1. Can you ice skate with flat feet?

– If you have flat feet and you are thinking that you can’t skate with your feet then you are wrong. There are well-manufactured and designed skate shoes available to ice skate with flat feet. 

2. Which is better: CCM or Bauer?

Though it depends on the personal choice if we talk about the winning percentage, the Bauer is the winner as it is built with premium functionality and is also costly. 

3. Which CCM skate is the widest?

As you know, the CCM brand has three lineups for hockey skating, and among them, the Super Tacks is the widest. 

Final Note

Hopefully, you find the review of Best Hockey Skates for Flat Feet helpful, and you are ready to buy this one for yourself. This is one of the best ice hockey skates for flat feet, and now you can enjoy skating and playing ice hockey with ease. The fittings for this shoe are also very easy and convenient. There is no use instruction from the manufacturers, but we recommend you keep it clean after use.

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