Best Hockey Slide Board In 2023

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The BRRRN Slide Board is our favorite picks

Best Hockey Players Slide Board

Are you looking for the best hockey slide board to perform cardio? Do you require an ultra slide board to perform regular exercises without being too rough on the joints? If yes, I believe our content has the potential to sort the issues.

Cardio and core workouts are quite harsh to the joints like – the shoulder, hip, or knee. Such an exercise will surely take a toll on the individuals who are recovering from injury. However, a high-quality slide board will be a great option in this context. That’s because – a user can efficiently perform lateral exercises, squats & workouts on it without being too rough. It also plays an essential role in empowering the muscles while you enjoy sliding on the board.

In this context, we have reviewed the top 5 hockey slide boards along with detailed guidelines. We have also answered the most probable queries. So, stay with us until the end and invest in the board that will suit your style.

Best Hockey Slide Board reviews

 Best Overall: BRRRN Slide Board

Best Budget: Skate Anytime Synthetic Slide Board

Best Slide Board For The Size: POWRX Slide Board For Workout

Best Slide Board For Durability: SPRI Slide Board

Best Slide Board For Adjustability: Better Hockey Portable Ice Hockey Slide Board

Best Overall: BRRRN Slide Board

What Does The Customer Like?

Brrrn Slide board is durable and versatile exercising equipment. It’s an awesome choice if an individual is especially looking for a board to perform low-impact cardio. The felt pads at the bottom are awesome in maintaining stability while protecting the floor.

What Does The Customer Dislike? 

Their video library is not enriched and the Android app is a bit slow too.

What do buyers say? 77% of 120+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 5 stars.

BRRRN Slide Board is an incredible option for individuals who love to train while facing multiple challenges. This is a highly functional unit that is designed to sustain for a lifetime. As it is a ready-made unit, there is no inconvenience of installation. Open the package and your Slide board is ready to go!

We would highly recommend this Slide to individuals who need to improve their flexibility, strength, and stability. Users can expect to enjoy a holistic workout that will cover everything from head to toe. The company has manufactured it with durable foams and a polished hood to enrich the home with a premium feel.

  • Brrrn has appeared with a  premium slide board to make the daily workout fun as well as challenging. 
  • This unit tends to maximize performance while impacting minimum stress on the joints. Thus, it is highly recommended for individuals who are healing from any previous injury.
  • The Brrrn hockey board can also bring efficiency in balance & mobility. 
  • The brand has slide boards of two lengths. One measures around 5 feet while the other can be adjusted from 5 feet to 6 feet. This choice of length is totally dependent on the height. If you are less than 5 feet 3 inches, the 5 feet Slide will be enough indeed. Go for the 6 feet board if you are taller up to 6 feet.
  • Many customers prefer to get our ‘Brrrn At-Home subscription’. This program is categorized by 10 different workouts. This slide board is slicker than regular ones as it is manufactured with recyclable materials & customized polymer.
  • It’s a board with superior stability to ensure a classy performance.
  • As it comes with mitts, booties & board wipes, it can act as a foundation for regular exercises. 

Specifications: Brand Name: BRRRN, Package Dimensions: ‎74″ x 21.5″ x 3″, Weight: 17.92 Kg, and Size: 5-6 Feet (adjustable).

Best Budget: Skate Anytime Synthetic Slide Board

What Does The Customer Like? 

The ice surface is synthetic and pretty awesome for shooting and stickhandling. All the customers have loved it for its low maintenance, durability, and affordability.

What Does The Customer Dislike?

It isn’t that suitable for figure skates.

What do buyers say? 70% of 202+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 5 stars.

Hockey is an exciting one-on-one game where regular training is mandatory. So, skate anytime has come up with a synthetic slide board to enhance the facilities of home training. Moreover, you don’t have to go bankrupt for this training as this equipment is quite affordable. The company has given its best in this slide board to ensure an optimum skating experience.

Skate Anytime slide board features an ice-like surface where players can practice shooting skills at ease. As it is pretty adjustable, they can configure the rink size at their convenience. So, now you don’t have to wait for snowfall to practice your favorite Ice hockey. 


  • The ‘Skate Anytime’ slide board is a great space to practice Ice hockey. 
  • This unit is quite gentle to skate in whether you are inside or outside.
  • It is designed with upgraded injection-modeled technology and European design to ensure an optimum environment for practicing hockey. 
  • As the Skate Anytime slide board is lightweight and easy to assemble & store, you won’t face any inconvenience after unboxing.
  • For the customer’s utmost convenience, the manufacturer has offered a warranty of 5 years. 

Specifications: Brand Name: Skate Anytime store, Manufacturer: Unisport, Package Dimensions: 31.89 x 15.67 x 4.33 inches package and Weight: 12.54 Kilograms

POWRX Slide Board For Workout

What Does The Customer Like? 

It’s a fun board to slide even when the space is limited. Its size is best for almost everyone out there and the booties are comfy. Their customer service is quite responsive and helpful as well.

What Does The Customer Dislike?

It will take a bit of time to get used to it.

POWRX is a classy brand that has been manufacturing sports equipment for more than 10 years. So; there is no doubt in their quality indeed. They have completely dedicated themselves to enriching your potential.

As this is a versatile unit, we will highly recommend it for multiple exercises like stride, squats, knee tuck, and more. Don’t worry about durability and safety at all as the manufacturer has included all the features you will love for sure.


  • POWRX sliding board is designed to give strength, endurance, and stability to the leg & hip muscles while the players are sliding through. 
  • It features booties that will fit everyone out there.
  •  As it is a lateral edge slide board, users can go for regular exercises while being easy on their joints. This board is specialized in improving stability and balance.
  • Use this board to slide through different surfaces like wood, tile, or carpet. 
  • Its durable PVC and prominent bumpers are specifically efficient in improving glidings. 

Specifications: Brand Name: POWRX, Material: Polyvinyl Chloride, Package Dimensions: 23.62″ x 7.48″ x 6.3″, Item Dimensions: 23.54″ x 7.36″ x 6.26″.

Best Slide Board For Durability: SPRI Slide Board

What Does The Customer Like? 

The slide is slick while the booties are comfy & will fit almost everyone out there. It is a well-made unit and the overall quality is satisfactory.

What Does The Customer Dislike?

The board might become less slick as dust can easily accumulate here. That’s why we would recommend regular dusting before workouts.

If you are specifically looking for an exercise tool that would be light on the joints, go for the SPRI board without worries. This board has gained huge popularity as it can tone the muscles of both upper and lower limbs while improving balance. Due to its durable PVC shaft and prominent bumpers, we have considered the SPRI Slide Board as the best one of this decade.


  • The SPRI Slide Board is specialized in improving balance & stability while intensifying the tones of the abs, glutes, and upper & lower limbs.
  • It can easily & safely glide through different surfaces due to the safety bumpers. 
  • This unit is highly portable (only 4 lbs) and can easily roll inside a storage bag. 
  • They have included a pair of booties, (11″ x 6″), a carrying bag, a strap, and a guidebook for further convenience.

Specifications: Brand: SPRI, Color: Black, Item Weight: 4.25 lbs, Item Dimensions: 23.3″ x 3.25″ x 3.25″.

Better Hockey Portable Ice Hockey Slide Board

What Does The Customer Like? 

Better Hockey slide board tends to provide a home rink for practicing hockey on a daily basis. It will give you the real feel of skating. In terms of durability and adjustability, this slide board is literally the best one out there.

What Does The Customer Dislike? 

The slide board is a bit pricey.

In order to be a high-class hockey player; you need to have good speed on the ice. The better hockey slide board is incredible equipment to train the muscles & maximize speed. It can be a good workout solution for everyone out there as it comes with three different-sized booties. This unit is super convenient to carry as the manufacturer has provided a sturdy mesh bag along with the board.


  • Better hockey slide boards have taken the regular workouts to a new level. This board can specifically target a group of muscles for increasing endurance and maximizing their power. 
  • The slide board comes with a surface that gives the feel of ice. So, enjoying hockey in the comfort of your home has become a piece of cake. It’s also awesome to perform some cardio exercises as well.
  • The Hockey slide board is around 96 inches long. As this unit is super adjustable and comes with three pairs of booties, every one of the family can enjoy some ice time. 
  • This unit comes with its own travel bag. So, users don’t have any worries while traveling. 

Specifications: Brand Name: ‎Better Hockey, Sport Type: ‎Ice Hockey, Package Dimensions: ‎24.57″ x 12.52″ x 11.54″, Package Weight: ‎10.42 Kg.

What to Look for in Hockey Slide Board

Hockey Slide Board

The slide board is incredible exercise equipment, especially for individuals who have to strengthen their joints without pressuring them. However, a cheap or low-class slide won’t be able to provide the required assistance. A customer needs to choose the best ultra slide board by comparing their size, stability, bumper, and many more. In this section, we have briefly described the major points that you shouldn’t skip before taking a decision. So, are you ready to dive in?


In the market, there are different sizes of boards manufactured for different age groups. Small-sized slide boards are specifically suitable for kids and young individuals. However small boards are not versatile enough to perform different exercises. That’s why we would recommend a sliding board of 5.5 to 6 feet. Users can also go for extendable boards as it will give the facility to adjust the board’s length as per requirements.


High-quality and classy slide boards are usually made up of PVC or Polypropylene. If a customer plans to play on a concrete surface, he can go for any material as per preference. However, we would specifically suggest a PVC slide board if he wants to play on a floor covered with tiles or marbles. PVC slides are exceptionally durable but it won’t scratch the floor while sliding. Polypropylene is also an awesome choice as it offers incredible strength, resistance, and longevity together.


The stability of the board is an essential point to consider as the overall performance of the board will solely depend on it. In this context, we would suggest going for a board with an anti-slip PVC base. That’s because – anti-slip means high resistance which I’d essential for preventing unwanted accidents.


The overall weight of the slide board will significantly vary. Classy slide boards are usually flexible and highly portable to ensure easy storage. Be very wise and choose a board that is lightweight and comes with a durable bag for effortless carriage.


Bumpers are an essential safety feature that saves riders from falling. While purchasing a slide board, look for sturdy bumpers as it will decrease the possibility of accidents & injuries. Thus, it will take your regular practice to a new level.


Hockey slide boards are usually affordable ranging from around $49.99 to $299.99. If the board is made up of polypropylene, it will cost a bit less than PVC ones. If you go for an expandable board, it will definitely be more expensive than regular ones.


Which Slide Board Is Best?

 All Five are best but my choice is BRRRN Slide Board.

Are Slide Boards Good For Hockey? 

Yes; slide boards are specifically suitable for players who are undergoing regular training for hockey. As it features a slick surface & lateral construction, riders can perform regular training while skating like a pro.

Do NHL Players Use Slide Boards? 

Slide boards have been popular among NHL players as it can greatly strengthen the muscles. It is not harsh on the joints at all. Even senior players with joint pain can invest in it without worries.

Final Verdict: 

Choosing the best hockey slide board is not that easy among thousands of brands indeed. I believe you were super confused when you came across our article. That’s why we have highlighted five ultra slide boards along with their detailed reviews. I’m confident that our reviews and guidelines are good enough to drag you in the right direction. All of our recommended slide boards are awesome and unique in their own way. Among them, I loved Skate Anytime Synthetic Slide Board for its overall feel, durability, and affordability. Choose the best board which is comfier for you and enjoy! 

Hi, I am Prince. I’m a semi-professional hockey player. I’m the founder and chief editor at “Hockey Ever”. I love playing hockey and helping players to improve their game and that’s why I decided to start this blog.

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