Best Roller Hockey Skates in 2023 (2nd one is for New Skaters)

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when you come to start Inline Hockey, most people get confused aboutthe best inline Hockey Skates for them. Whether they should go for Recreational skates, Performance-level skates, or Elite-level skates? If you get stuck into these questions, yes! This article is only for you.

best roller hockey skates

I have recharged tons of models on the bases of affordability, high-performance, beginners, and wide feet inline skates and found the 10 best roller hockey skates and my best pic for my result is LIKU Fitness Professional Inline Skates.

10 Best Roller Hockey Skates Reviews

I have done My researchand learned about the top 10 best Roller hockey skatesavailable in the market. You can easily compare among them and just pick the best one! 

LIKU Black Professional Inline Skates Unisex 

Based on the research, our first pick is the LIKU Black Professional Inline Skates Unisex. In 2017, they came up with this inline skate as a solid option for entry-level skaters. The distinctive features of this lucrative black Skate have already made this one of the best Inline Hockey Skatesever! 

The inline hockey skate comes up with inline skate wheels, an impressive bearing system with shock-absorbing capacity, and a triple protection lace-up closure system. The lightweight Aluminum made frame is highly durable, while its EVA elastic cotton-made lining will help you to take sharp turns regardless of the surface’squality! 

Moreover, this inline skate is universal and available in specific sizes for men and women. Usually, LIKU suggests the size of 6 for men and 7 for women. The specialty of this skate is that it provides the players with greater flexibility while intensifying speed.   

Key features: 

  • EVA elastic cotton-made lining  
  • Aluminum made premium quality and anti-rusted bearer  
  • A triple protection closure system  
  • Solidifying shoe shell, rear, and framing system 
  • Replaceable wheels 


  • EVA elastic cotton-made lining is highly consistent to uphold your stability and flexibility 
  • A breathable lining system is convenient for ventilation to prevent ankle sweating 
  • Excellent wheel configuration: 76 at the end, specially designed to boost up control, and a pair of 80s at the center are for enhancing the speed 
  • A triple protection closure system is highly suited to intact your feet inside the shoe, giving it a perfectly fitting system. 
  • One-piece Frame can carry up to 496 LB Weight to rescue your ankle from taking extra pressure 
  • Easy to assemble, remove and clean! 


  • The installation of brakes troublesome 
  • Some clients found the frame too tight for the ankles to be fitted 

Bladerunner by Rollerblade Advantage Pro

Are you searching for the best inline hockey skate for any entry-level player? Don’t worry! In this regard, Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT Men’s is our second choice. These synthetic constructed inline skates can be one of the best scopes on which players can rely due to the fashionable, comfortable, mostly secured features of the Inline Skates! 

The Inline Skatehas a powerful ABEC bearing and wide 80mminline skate wheels. So that you can easily gear up to speed while controlling the balance perfectly! On the other hand, the closure system consisting ofa45° strap, Lace-up will lock your feet tightly into the boots while its well-cushioned shells will coddle your ankle. As a result, you won’t feel any pain in your ankle. 

Another feature of this inline skate is it has a low-profile frame that is too close to the ground. Hence, you will have to exert less energy to boost up your stability, even on bumpy surfaces! The attractive black and red outlook, supportive closure system, and powerful bearing coupled with wide wheels will catch your glance towards it! 

Key features:  

  • The unique pair of skates are designed to provide a super smooth, comfortable rolling experience 
  • Customized lacing system 
  • 80mm width wheels and ABEC 7 bearing 
  • Well-cushioned and molded shells provide extra protection to the feet 


  • Triple ABEC-7 bearings coupled with 80mm wheels will pamper your ankle regardless of the surface type
  • The closure system will cling the feet into the boots to secure the ankle. 
  • The Velcro strap safeguards rigid heel bone protection  
  • A durable frame structure enhances flexibility, control, and stability 
  • Removable brake 
  • Premium quality 


  • The ventilation system is not up to the mark 
  • Can not afford over 250 Ibs 

Rollerblade Men’s Zetrablade Skates 

This time we come up with another famousinline skate of Rollerblade named Rollerblade Men’s Zetrablade Skates.” This new pair of inline skates is unique from the previous one to the extent that despite being primarily designed for beginners, they still provide a reasonable option for the proficients and other riders. The feature that will grab you over this synthetic built-inline skateis its feasible rolling system and outstanding grip.

The skate is available in US Men’s 10 sizes. A buckle closure system, 80mm wide inline skate wheels coupled with powerfulSG5Bearings are really stunning! The MONOCOQUE frame will serve you flexible mobility by allowing a lower center of gravity. Besides, you will get well-cushioned boots which are too comfortable to wear. 

Key features: 

  • Bio-Dynamic upper shell provides flexible balance 
  • A cuff buckle closure system is highly supportive of ankle safety  
  • 45° strap and laces deliver proper fittings 
  • Wide wheels and high cuff provide feasible rolling at the bumpy surface  
  • SG 5 bearings will ensure your upright feet position  
  • Low energy transmission 


  • High quality and super durable 
  • Extreme ankle support is a big thing to consider! 
  • These well-cushioned boots are easy to wear and feel like wearing comfortable shoes 
  • The cuff buckle closure system will relieve your feet after a long ride! 
  • The wide wheel mechanism is perfectly suitable for any sharp turn at any surface safely! 
  • Rubber stoppers help to slow down your moves in a sudden brake 
  • Durable materials and frame add extra protection for feet and ankle 


  • Skaters have only two available color options from which they have to choose their skates: Black and silver.  
  • Don’t have brakes on both sides 
  • Can’t be put into the washer 

Roller Derby AERIO Q-60 Women’s Inline 

This inline hockey skate is one of the best options not only for women but also for teens to start Hockey skating. The reason why this inline Skate is most popular is that the skate has a variety of size options ranging from Women US 5-10. Every size appears with buckles for customization and laces to firm the skates comfortably. The lightweight, suitable for both indoor and outdoor hockey skating features surely make the player’s money worth buying it! 

The 18 x 23 x 5 inches Aluminum inline skate is somewhat different from the earlier skates since it is powered by Bevo Gold 7 Race Rated chrome bearing and with a composite frame. The purpose is to protect you against slips while upgrading modest speed. Besides, you will also get 80mm wide Inline Skate wheels, which are also convenient to keep balance. 

Another distinctive feature is its Memory comfort foam padded soft boot, which makes the boots super comfortable.  

Key Features: 

  • Suitable for beginner to intermediate  
  • A triple buckle closure system 
  • Bevo Gold-7 bearing
  • Its pre- lubricating bearing system fight against early wear down 
  • Composite frames protect against slips and pull down 
  • Locking cam lever buckles 


  • Easy to use, lightweight and endurable due to aluminum alloy
  • Laces can be secured in a flash 
  • Easy to grab the balance 
  • The toe cap is intended to deliver a proper ventilation system 
  • Memory comfort foam padded soft boot is designed to coddle your ankle and feet  
  • Its 80mm wheels are designed to accelerate your speed, while its powerful Bevo Gold-7 bearing will hold back the boots out of the wheels 


  • Not suitable for flatter feet 
  • Only suitable for wipe cleaning  

Rollerblade Zetrablade Women’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate 

Rollerblade Zetrablade makes another appearance on our list, and for a good reason. When women are increasingly participating in sports, especially  inline skating, this brand has come up with their Zetrablade Women’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate considering the fitness and safety measures of women. The sturdy shell, extreme sensitivity to the ankle, and fluffiness of the boots have already made this skate one ofthe best inline hockey skates!  

The Synthetic constructed inline skate is available in US Women’s 10 sizes. It has a Bio-Dynamic upper shell and a buckle closure system, which allow the players to take a sharp turn at any type of ground smoothly. The MONOCOQUE Composite frame is extremely durable and allows a lower center of gravity so that you don’t have to put much energy to take turns! 

Moreover, its SG5 bearing is intended to intensify speed, while the 80mm wide wheels will greatly support you to keep balance while elevating speed. You can obviously check this nice pair of skate out to make your money worth it! 

Key features: 

  • Customized wheels 
  • The rigid MONOCOQUE frame  
  • The Bio-Dynamic upper shell and a buckle closure system allow the players to smoothly sharp turn at any type of grounds
  • Allows lower center of gravity to exert player’s less energy 


  • Wide wheel and SG5 bearing intent to intensify speed and balance collectively! 
  • High-quality frames are really appreciated 
  • Well-padded and fluffy boots are highly protective to the ankle 
  • Suitable for long-term riding even without wearing socks
  • Provides a firm, comfortable, and super easy riding experience  


  • The materials of buckle and strap are not standard 
  • The sizes are a little bit confusing since some have found their skates smaller despite buying a greater number of sizes  
  • Continuous usage can cause calves and feet injury 

Rollerblade Zetrablade Men’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate 

Rollerblade Zetrablade Men’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate is another best inline hockey skate available in the markets. If you want to have super comfortable while safe gliding, you can surely check this nice pair of skates out blindly! 

The best thing about this recreational inline skate is this pair can be found in different sizes to match your feet perfectly at a super affordable price! The inline skate comes up with wide 80mm wheels and an SG5 bearing, which will help you to upgrade speed while keeping control at any surface. Moreover, the consolidated MONOCOQUE frame is designed to be durable and ensures the player’s safety first! 

In addition, you will have a closure system consisting of buckle, strap, and lace closure, which will lock your feet inside the boot perfectly. Why this skate is most appreciating is its excellent brake system, which functions with a rubber stopper. Therefore, you can easily break at any sudden shock without facing any difficulties. 

Key features: 

  • Suitable for beginners  
  • The lower center of gravity of the frame allows the player to deploy less effort 
  • A high cuff adds extra support to your ankle 
  • Rollerblade 80mm wheels combine speed and balance flawlessly 
  • The braking system is just excellent with its rubber stopper! 


  • Comfortable and highly ankle sensitive 
  • Wheels are suitable for accelerating modest speed and turning round on any surface 
  • Rollerblades are super easy to assemble and separate 
  • Soft boots help to have a long journey without any discomfort 
  • Provide precise ventilation 
  • Wheels can be upgraded once you have improved yourself 
  • A protective closure system locks your ankle and feet perfectly into the boots 


  • Less color variation 
  • Not suitable for bigger feet 

Kuxuan Boys and Girls Camo Adjustable Inline Skates

Want to gift your little one something engrossing while safe? You can check this Black Came pair of skates out! The lucrative outlook and fascinating features will capture your kid’s attention just at a glance. It comes in one pair of four different sizes. So, you don’t have to be worried about your kid’s growing feet! 

The 15.39 x 12.48 x 4.84 inches Aluminum built inline skate is suitable for US kids 10 to 13. Kuxuan Adjustable Inline skate comes up with a lace-up Closure system, ABEC-7 Bearing, which means you can escalate speed while being safe.

Most interestingly, it offers enchanting vibrant led lights inside the 8 Inline Skate Wheelto create more rapture, yet it requires no batteries! Besides, it is convenient for both indoor and outdoor surfaces dueto being lightweight. 

Key features : 

  • Super adjustable four sizes 
  • 8 brightening led and PU wheels 
  • Durable aluminum frame 
  • ABEC-7 bearing system 
  • Triple safety protection system consisting of a high cuff buckle, 45° strap, and laces  


  • Facile adjustable facility with just a press of a button! 
  • Lightweight, easy to assemble, and separate 
  • Easy to keep the balance even on the bumpy surface due to the rubber in the wheels 
  • Precise ventilation system 
  • The closure system is just perfect for locking the ankle to prevent slips 
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor performance 


  • Not convenient for inner cleaning 
  • Lights can be faded over time 


Though these skates are indeed super comfortable and can be a nice present to your little one, be careful before buying them. You can present it if your kid is capable of keeping balance unaided. Because keeping balance in one foot is different from keeping balance in two feet! 

Roller Derby ION 7.2 Inline Skates

Roller Derby ION 7.2 Inline Skates is similar to the previous one to the extent that it also offers different sizes of shoes to the kids. So that, the kids can easily find the perfect one for them. The 14 x 17 x 5 inches Aluminum built inline skate has two variations in size: 64mm for small and 72mm for medium. The black color skate is mostly suitable for the size US kids 11 to 1.

The lucrative black and green color combination, Gold-7 Speed bearing, and a super comfortable Deluxe padded liner offer the kids an interesting while safe and painless riding experience at any grounds. Besides, the Polyurethane wheels are designed to keep balance, which is crucial for little beginner learners. 

Its Cam-lever Buckle closure system provides a secured fit, which is super easy to adjust with just one button! 

Key features: 

  • Sheer, soft, and enjoyable hybrid boots 
  • Cam-lever Buckle closure system  
  • Enlarge to 4 shoe sizes 
  • Urethane wheels suited for easy grip  
  • lightweight but durable aluminum frame 
  • Deluxe padded liner system  


  • Its laces and Hook-and-loop Power Strap provide a secured fit  
  • Switchable brake in the right skate 
  • Slow bearing is just perfect for the beginners 
  • Suitable for long-term riding 
  • The perfect ventilation system in the net-shaped upper part of shoes 
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor riding 


  • Some clients have found the plastic material very poor 
  • One side brake 
  • Size can be a little bit confusing  


Turn forward the toe-box if you find the skate being small for your kid.

K2 Youth Marlee Pro Inline Roller skate

Last but not least, the K2 Youth Marlee Pro Inline Roller skate is another popular inline skate among the youth due to its powerful ABEC 3 bearing, protective lace-up closure system, lightweight, and effective shock-absorbing features. This inline skate is available in 5 different sizes.

 The Stability Plus Cuff will protect the ankle against foot displacement. The distinctive feature of this inline hockey skate is its Composite F.B.I. frame, which is highly designed to absorb road vibrations. This feature is highly effective for the youth to boost their confidence while deploying controls. Moreover, this balanced control helps to take turns safely. 

Key features: 

  • Triple ABEC bearings coupled with 72mm wheels  
  • The conventional lacing system retains the foot secured 
  • The cuff buckle closure system will relieve your feet after a long ride! 
  • Wheels will help you to enhance speed while exerting less energy  
  • The Velcro strap safeguards rigid heel protection  


  • Extends to 5 sizes to match the growing feet 
  • The Stability Plus Cuff offers a lot of support to teach the beginner how to enhance speed gradually. 
  • The bearings and wheels will pamper your ankle regardless of the surface type. 
  • Composite F.B.I. frame sucks road vibration to give the rider a smooth skating 
  • Easy to assemble and put on 
  • A lace-up closure system protects the ankle against road vibration and vibrant movements. 


  • Inefficient ventilation system 
  • Cuff buckles are difficult to adjust 


Checking out the protective pads for your young skater is essential. For a safe and joyous skating experience Wrist guards, Knee pads, Elbow pads, and a good Helmet are always suggested. 

LIKU Unisex Fitness Inline Skates 

Let’s get back to the LIKU again! For the distinctive quality, we have once more chosen this brand with the LIKU Unisex Fitness Inline Skates. It’s a bit different inline skate than its previous one to the extent that it is more focused on health and fitness concerns rather than sports. Its stylish outlook makes this inline skate more appealing to the young generation. They offer two sizes: 5.5 for men and 6.5 for women.

This inline skate is quite different from other brands. Because this skate has water-resistant wheels, which means the skater can roll regardless of the weather conditions. This can easily be your new pair of skates if you are a beginner! 

Other features may include a powerful ABEC bearing, a lace-up closure system, Aluminum alloy frame, which indicates a secured inline skating but with great speed! Moreover, its golden-black stylish outlook is capable of bold out the player’s mind! 

Key features: 

  • The aluminum alloy frame offers firm skate chassis 
  • saturated closure system renders safe forceful movement  
  • its EVA elastic cotton Line adapts to different feet types  
  • INTEGRATED CNC SHELL offers balanced control  
  • Shock absorbers  
  • ABEC bearing  


  • Water-resistant wheels  
  • Easily washable 
  • Precise ventilation system 
  • Triple protection closure system confines the ankle and feet comfortably inside the boots  
  • The wheels and bearing offer the best speed  
  • Affordable price  
  • Shock-absorbing socks will pamper your ankle even on uneven surfaces 


  • wheels can often take off, which can cause a sudden accident 


Though this inline hockey skate offers to take vibrant movements, make sure your screws are tightened; pre-oil the bearing before starting skating to have a safe journey 

What do I need to know before buying hockey skates?

best roller hockey skates

Are you eagerly waiting to buy the best pairs of Inline hockey skates to start skating? Before buying any inline hockey skates, a proper buying guideline can help you in a big way. Therefore, this part is dedicated to the upcoming future skaters! 

Parts of the Inline Hockey Skate

There are mainly three parts to the Inline Hockey Skate: Boots, Runner, and Wheels. 

Boots: These are the part that covers your feet while skating. These can be manufactured separately or even collectively with the main part of the skate. They can be made up of leather, carbon fiber, or plastic. 

Runner: This functions as the base between the boots and wheels. 

Wheels: Different types of skating require different hardness of the wheels, which is measured by a durometer. Usually, the durometer spans from 0-100, where 0 indicates the softest and 100 indicates the hardest wheels. Inline hockey usually requires 72A to 74A wheels to keep balance on indoor surfaces, while outdoor skating needs more durometer. 

High and Low Cuff 

Inline skate cuffs are the main place that provides the player’s support. They can be either plastic orcarbon. Plastic cuffs are used in recreational skates, which are usually a little bit higher than carbon cuffs. Carbon cuffs are generally used in racing inline skates to provide more support. They are low and highly flexible. 

Frames of the skate: 

Generally, Inline Hockey skates feature aluminum alloy frames that are rigid, durable, and lightweight to provide you with more speed. While some companies prefer a MONOCOQUE composite frame, which is close to the ground. Therefore, the players do not have to exert more energy to keep balance.  


Brakes are the essential part of an inline hockey skate to prevent a sudden accident. Brakes can be permanently attached or switchable. Experts advise beginners to use their back leg to install the brake since it is easier. But the seniors usually use their own skills to break. 


Bearings are another fundamental part of inline skates. The quality of your performance depends on the condition of your bearings. Because a premium bearing can remove the impediments between the surface and wheel. There are different types of bearings available in the markets, such as ABEC, SG5, Bevo Gold-7, etc. 


Would a size of a skate be similar to a shoe size? 

Previously, people used to buy the Inline hockey Skates for themselves based on their shoe size. But the problem was found when boots did not match the feet, and the players felt pain in their ankles after having a ride. Therefore, now experts advise you to put the boots on before buying them and then set your mind! 

What size skates for a 7-year-old? 

Usually, a 7 years old child (both boys and girls) wears a size 12 – 1. Therefore, small size inline skates will be perfect for them. Moreover, the child can put on the boots before buying to match the perfect size. 

What are senior inline skates? 

Some of the best senior inline skates may include Mission, Bauer, Alkali, and Tour. These brands generally use Hi-Lo chassis, and wider wheels (ranging from 76mm to 80mm), which are perfect for the seniors to take vibrant stances with higher speed. 6 to 13-size senior Inline Hockey Skates can be a great choice in this regard! 

How do you stop on Inline hockey skates? 

If you are a beginner, then stopping is a great challenge for you. However, you can master it by following only 3 tips: 

  • Take a stance where you will get the lower center of gravity. It will give you greater control. 
  • Try to balance your weight on one leg rather than two legs. If you can balance it with your back leg, which is your pivot leg, then it will be easier! 
  • Try to be stopped at this time at a slow speed. 

Overall Safety tips: 

 The safety issue is always of great importance. Therefore, this part will depict some issues that are crucial for maintaining safety. 

  1. Be aware of the surface type on which you are skating. Because if you are not that expert at handling on an uneven surface, it can cause an accident. If you are a newbie, you can choose a skate park for practicing. 
  1. Before starting skating, don’t forget to wear protective suits such as helmets, knee guards, and wrist pads. 
  1. Don’t skate at night. it will distract your concentration and can occur an accident. 
  1. Pay a full concentration while skating. If you can avoid the themes of the movies or any song, it is better. For to do so, you can always pair up with someone. It will create more rapture in riding! 

Final verdict: 

In a recent statistic, it is shown that Inline hockey skating had secured the third position among other daily exercises. The popularity of inline hockey skate is increasing day by day. More people are participating joyfully. This joy will not be persistent if you have chosen the wrong inline skate for yourself. Therefore, Inline hockey skates should be bought based on the playing style, and adeptness where the size, frame, bearing, and wheels play a significant role. Let’s not forget the safety tips to have a cheerful ride!

Hi, I am Prince. I’m a semi-professional hockey player. I’m the founder and chief editor at “Hockey Ever”. I love playing hockey and helping players to improve their game and that’s why I decided to start this blog.

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