Brunswick Wind Chill Air Hockey Table Reviews (Which is right for you)

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Are you looking for a more updated Air hockey table than your current table? If you want to get more smart and digital benefits and pedestal base design and manual scorer on your air hockey table, then Brunswick wind chill air hockey table reviews are for you.

This will be the best choice for you if you want to use an aesthetically designed construction table in your playroom. This air hockey table of the Brunswick model provides all the conditions of your choice. This 84-inch Brunswick air hockey table is called the ‘wind chill’ of all air hockey tables.

The price of this table is not so highly rated. You can buy it very quickly. It has the desired features of all Air hockey players. Give your attention to Brunswick wind chill air hockey table reviews.

Brunswick Wind Chill Air Hockey Table Reviews

Brunswick wind chill air hockey table Overview and Features


The beautifully designed Brunswick 7ftt atomic Air Hockey Table is 34 inches long, 42 inches wide, and 30 inches high. It usually weighs between 100 and 49 pounds. 


In addition to the design, when we want to discuss the bones at the down of the table, it must say that the legs of the table are very stiff and ensure the long durability. The professional air hockey table is designed with a strong pedestal spread and is designed to maintain improved durability. It is made with durable MDF material. It is so admirable that you will be compelled to buy it. This wind chill table is as shiny as it is strong. It will give you the desired durability for long-term use. 

Its durability will surprise you because you can use it safely for many years. It will not break easily even if you use it very roughly. The 100-pound table is very stiff and heavy. So it will be tough for you to move to this table. So if you have less space in your house, then you can choose the 49-pound table. 


The playing surface of this table is stable. And it provides a thick texture that is very enjoyable. The playing surface is covered with a glossy laminate, which is enough to brighten up your playroom. The great advantage of this table is that it has a dual abacus. This will allow each player to monitor the score while playing manually. Many times the electronic scorer system is not considered satisfactory by air hockey players. These types of players will get the full advantage of a manual scorer in this table.


 If you want to buy this table, I would like to give you the best news. You will get 90 days warranty. This means that if you experience a mechanical failure within 90 days of purchasing this product, the company will repair it at their responsibility.

Who is it for?

This Brunswick wind chill air hockey table is a very suitable table for teenagers and older players. This model is made according to the size and strength of their ability. The players of any air hockey tournament can play at this table with great enthusiasm and feel pleased. This Brunswick 7ft air hockey table is the top of all the wind chill tables under MD Sports Air. Although this table has a low-powered blower, the smoothness of its twist is impressive as there is a table all over the table. This table is a perfectly designed table for adult players. This table is intended vital for players who play for a long time and want a whistle load. 


One thing you need to know about this table is that it has two strikers and two pucks. 


  • This Brunswick air hockey table is designed with the best modern design. So this table is very suitable for keeping in a game room.
  • This table has no flashlights and sound effects. 
  • The playing surface of this table is made of incredibly smooth and durable material.
  • The elements of the table give a shiny aura, which is very beautiful to look at. 
  • The playing surface of this table is high glossy. 
  • A high level of durability has been ensured through the pedestal base design. 
  • This air hockey table is made from solid MDF. 
  • Each part of this table is beautifully crafting a classic design that you will not find on other air hockey tables.

 If you want to have an air hockey table in your game room that will light up your space and does not require other decorations, then you should not delay buying this windchill table.


  • The design of the table is contemporary.
  • The playing surface is high glossy.
  • It is ensuring improved durability through pedestal base design.
  • Made of solid material.


  • The blower system is 115 volts.
  • Manual type scorer
  • Absence of leg leveler

Due to unavailable this product you can see the similar Product


What needs to I search for while shopping for an air hockey table? 

Watch for a hockey table; this is supported to use a strong base and support for a desk to last. Iron legs or timber laminate supports are the best. Provide a push in the table and make sure it is stable. Hockey tables that have leg levels should be selected because they provide suitable surfaces and support for playing.

What can I put on my air hockey table to make them slippery?

First, clean the air hockey table surface; with them, you have to clean the strike and puck. It would be best if you sprayed Silicone liquid to reduce friction. Keeping the airflow on the table will provide a better smooth table to clean the fan. Keep the table completely covered except during play. Finally, clean the holes in the table.

Bottom line: 

The Brunswick wind chill air hockey table is a full suggestion of a hockey table. The table made in basic design is very aesthetic to look at. This table has no sound effects, no flashlights, and not even an electronic scorer. It is an excellent table of classic designs that encourages players to buy it. If you want to keep a standard-designed air hockey table in your home with brilliant features, then this table will be perfect for you. This allows you to use it comfortably in your home for several years. So buy this table to fill your game room with decor.

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