History Of Hockey and Hockey stick (who invented hockey in USA & Canada)

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history of field hockey

While playing different games and sports, you might have naturally gained an interest in the origin, development, and overall history Of Hockey. It is a popular game played between two teams where they Manoeuvre the ball with the stick and make a goal in the opposite goalpost. There are different types of Hockey, such as field hockey, rink hockey, and ice hockey. However, people of the USA, Russia, Northern, and Eastern Europe refer to ‘ice hockey when they use the term ‘Hockey.

The Origin Of Hockey

History Of Hockey

There used to be a game like Hockey played with a stick and a ball in ancient times. At first, Egyptians started this game around 4000 years ago. In 1000 BC, we observed a similar sport in Ethiopia. Many world-class museums carry evidence of ancient Hockey from Iran, Rome, and Greece. We can conclude that old Hockey was the origin of Hockey we play in this modern age.

Modern Hockey originated in England in the 18th century. In 1876, the UK formed a hockey association to set up the rules officially. However, this association lasted only for six years. At last, in 1986, Cambridge and Trinity’s representatives and seven clubs from London retrieved the organization. Later on, the British army’s activities played a huge role in spreading Hockey within the whole British Empire.

Hockey & Its Journey To Olympic Games

Hockey Its Journey To Olympic Games 1

The history of Hockey took a new turn by making its first appearance in the Olympic games in 1908 in London. England, Ireland, and Scotland were the first three teams to step on the Olympics. In 1909, England and Belgium acknowledged each other for an international competition which paved the path towards international structuring. In 1924, Paul Léautey formed an organization in Paris named International Hockey Federation (FIH). At last, In 1928, Hockey became a regular part of the Olympic games.

Ice Hockey And Its Origin:

Ice hockey is a popular form of Hockey mostly played in the US, Eastern & northern Europe, Canada, and Russia. It is almost the same as field hockey, where skaters try to shoot the rubber puck (flat ball) in the opponent’s goalpost to gain points. 

History Of Hockey In Canada:

Ice hockey mainly evolved from field hockey played in the UK during the 18th and 19th centuries. However, ice hockey developed primarily in Montreal, Canada. It is the historical spot where Canadians arranged the first indoor ice hockey in 1875. Over time, it grew more, and in 1880, they formed the Amateur Hockey l

League. At last, it turned into professional ice hockey in 1900. In the same year, the predecessor of IIHF adopted the rules in Canada. Gradually, they made their first appearance in the Summer Olympics in 1920. 

Even though women used to play ice hockey for a long while, they got professional recognition in 1990 by making their first appearance in IIHF Women’s World Championship. Later on, women’s Hockey appeared in the Olympics in 1998 for the very first time.

History Of Hockey Sticks

History Of Hockey Sticks

The history of hockey sticks began with the Mi’kmaq tribe of North America in the middle of the 1800s. The people of Atlantic Canada made these sticks with Birch and Hornbeam (ironwood). Around 1860, a brand named “Starr Manufacturing Co.” started selling sticks beyond North America. In 1920, Ash replaced both Hornbeam & Birch and Canadian company Hespeler took over the market. Their new idea of inserting blades within the stick paved a new era for hockey sticks. In 1927, Cy Denneny invented modern hockey sticks’ curved design and leading scorer Mikita popularized it at a later stage (around 1950).


Why Is Hockey Called Hockey?

The name hockey has mainly come from the French word “hoquet,” which means shepherd’s stick. As a player needs to maneuver the ball/ puck to the opponent’s net with a stick, this game is termed Hockey.

Who Invented Field Hockey?

Old Hockey of Egypt, Persia & Greece paved the way for the invention of Hockey (field hockey).  Modern Hockey mainly grew in British Islands. In 1901, Constance M.K. Applebee brought field hockey to the United States and spread it in different schools and colleges. 

When Was Ice Hockey Invented? 

Two groups of McGill University played the first indoor ice hockey on 3rd March 1875 by following field hockey’s general rules. This fascinating match took place at the Victoria skating rink in Montreal.

Final Words:

After coming across this article, I’m pretty sure that the history of Hockey has grabbed the attention of newbies, and you were craving more. The invention, history, and development of Hockey were pretty captivating. The ancient sport from 4000 years ago has passed to the 21st century and gradually evolved into modern Hockey. It’s really amazing, isn’t it? I hope we were able to quench the thirst for knowledge. So, are you ready with the best hockey sticks to enjoy the play on the field?

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