How cold is it at a hockey game

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How cold is it at a hockey game

Do you want to attend an ice hockey game? Then the question of how cold is it at a hockey game comes into your mind. You may be worried about how cold the hockey field will be and what you should wear? 

Ice hockey field must have to be cold enough to prevent the ice from melting. And naturally, wearing a jacket or suit is mandatory there. This guide is designed to answer all your questions about the cool environment of hockey games

Moreover, you will get some suggestions of hockey game outfit ideas for the ice hockey field. So, let’s start. 

Is a hockey game cold?

 “Hockey games are not as cold as freezing. The temperature of a professional ice hockey field remains 16 degrees Celsius to 18 degrees Celsius. It is a little bit colder than room temperature. And wearing the best Hockey Skate Socks, hockey jersey and hats would be comfortable to stay for 2.5 hours.”

Is it cold at a hockey game

There have been a lot of controversial reports about the cold temperature of a hockey game. Here we have talked about professional and recreational hockey game temperature. 

Cold at a professional hockey game

Cold at a professional hockey game

The recommended temperature for professional (NHL) hockey games is to start from 15 degrees Celsius, and it should remain up to 18 degrees Celsius. Good to know that water can turn into ice at 0-degree Celsius temperature. It means the 18-degree field temperature is less than the freezing temperature. 

Although the basic temperature of the field will be 19 to 21 degrees Celsius, it will increase soon when people start to come into the field. At the same time, the ice temperature also increases.

The NHL authority has taken exceptional technical support to maintain the ice-cold temperature because they don’t want to increase the ice temperature by more than 14 degrees. They are using an HVAC system for controlling the temperature. 

Then what should you wear to a hockey game? You can wear a light jacket or sweater that can make you comfortable during the whole game. 

Cold at a recreational hockey game

Cold at a recreational hockey game

You can learn from the history of hockey that the environment of a recreational hockey game is different from a professional hockey game. If you are interested in going to a recreational hockey field with your family, it is important to know about the temperature and other factors. 

It is comparatively cooler than the NHL field. It has a 12-degree Celsius temperature. In this case, you have to wear warm clothes as much as possible. So, what to bring to a hockey game? You need to bring a jacket, sweater, hats and gloves. 

What Affects Hockey Game Temp?

The temperature of the hockey game depends on some factors. Knowing these factors would be helpful for the audience. 

Indoor or outdoor hockey:

In terms of outdoor hockey, you will get much colder than in an indoor game. On the other hand, the environment of indoor hockey games is less cold and comfortable.

Sitting place:

A larger rink can contain a huge seat that is comfortable and warmer. The main reason is there are huge people who emit more heat around the rink. Remember that sitting near the ice will make you feel colder. Likewise, sitting higher from the ground can make you feel warmer. 

Outside Temperature & Heating:

In the case of some rinks, the temperature has an eccentric effect. That means you will feel the same cold inside and outside there. However, there are some advanced rinks that can keep the temperature steady. The interior of these rinks is cold in summer and hot in winter. 

Proximity to Air Ducts & People:

It is good to know that the cooling, heating system and design of each rink are unique. For example, if you sit under the vent, you will feel cold inside the rink. Similarly, if you sit near the ice, you will feel cold inside the rink. 

What to Wear at a Hockey Game?

Hopefully, now you know how cool a hockey game is and what its effects are. Undoubtedly you will feel colder than the normal temperature of the house there. And everyone wants to stay in comfortable clothes. But what would be the best clothes? Shorts and T-shirts are not suitable for a hockey game. 

You have to wear a sweater or jacket with a pair of hand gloves and an ear coverage hat. Warm cloth is very helpful to preserve the body temperature and keep a person warmer for a long time. In the meantime, a pair of soft, thin socks can make your body more comfortable.

For better comfort, always keep in mind to wear full sleeve shirts beneath your jacket or coat. Also don’t forget to wear flower pants, socks and winter resistant shoes.

However, if you go with your kids, then be more conscious about their clothing. Kids should wear double shirts or cloth beneath their jackets, and gloves and hats are mandatory for them.  

How to Stay Warm at a Hockey Game

How to Stay Warm at a Hockey Game

Any professional or recreational hockey game needs 2.5 hours to finish. So, it is wise to know the techniques to keep yourself warm. Here are some pro suggestions for you. 

Wear warm cloth:

You can wear a sweat jacket, hoodie or full sleeve coat to keep your body warm. It is good to know that your feet get cold faster than other parts of your body, so you should think about the warmth of your feet and wear joggers or jeans. As well as, Keep the head and ears warm and wear a scarf or a hat, so it is very important. 

Bring hot drinks and beverages:

Usually, a cup of hot tea or coffee can keep your hand warm. Not only that, but it also keeps your body warm for some time. So, try to take some hot drink when you feel very cold at a hockey game. 

Go to a warm place before entering the rink:

If you can spend half an hour at a coffee shop or another warm place with room temperature, it would be best. Going somewhere in a warmer place works great to keep you warm for a long time. 

How Long Does a Hockey Game Last?

Any ice hockey game lasts about 2.5 hours. Also, know that a professional hockey game is divided into three periods. Each period needs to take 20 minutes, and there are two intermissions of 18 minutes. It means the core hockey time is 1 hour. 

However, many times the game is tied, and in that case, 5 minutes extra time is given. So, we need to think about the average time of 2.5 hours. Imagine the game starts at 8 pm then it will finish within 10.30 pm. And this time will be longer if the game is tied. 

What Time Should I Arrive at The Hockey Game?

What Time Should I Arrive at The Hockey Game?

Some hockey fans prefer to reach the rink before sometimes to start the game. It is a very good habit that will give you enough time to choose a perfect seat. Also, you can collect some beverages for eating. You will feel very cold when you first wear it, but the people will grow over time, and the environment will warm up. 

The inside of the rink will be warmer when the game starts, the music is played, and the fans start to chill. 

Can I Buy Hot Beverages at Ice Hockey Arenas?

In the Professional Hockey Game Area, you will find a limited range of Beverages items and drinks. But there is a variety of beverages; drinks are available in the recreational hockey games. There you will find more items like tea, coffee snacks and chocolates. 

Besides, the beverage price is very less in a recreational hockey game area. On the other hand, you have to spend a lot to buy the same beverages from a professional hockey game area. 


1)   What do you wear to an ice hockey game?

In ice hockey games, you must wear a few layers of clothing. First of all, your regular attire should be full sleeves, and there should have a thick jacket or hoodie over it. At the same time, you need to wear gloves, socks and hats to keep your hands, feet and head warm.

2)   Why do ice rinks not melt?

A specialized HVAC system is used in ice rinks to prevent ice melting. This system uses glycol in propylene so that ice does not melt. The function of this system is to keep a large area cool within 5 degrees to 15 degrees. 

3)   How long does a game of ice hockey last?

The real-time of an ice hockey game is about 60 minutes without intermission. And each intermission takes an additional 20 minutes. So, overall, a hockey game can last up to 2.5 hours. 

Final words:

I hope you have a good idea about how cold is it at a hockey game. The temperature of an ice hockey game is bearable. And this cold is different for professional and recreational games. You need to spend 2.5 hours to finish a hockey game. That is why it is essential to wear warm clothes like jackets, socks, gloves and hats.

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