How Tight Should Hockey Skates Be?

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Hockey Skates are the most vital equipment for Hockey players. So, the importance of proper size and fitting of Hockey Skates is indescribable for delivering accurate shots and speed. The over-tight or loose-fitting of hockey stakes can cause numerous hazards for players. Do you know How Tight Should Hockey Skates Be?

proper size and fitting of Hockey Skates

There are several things to determine the tightness of the Hockey skates, such as the strength of the ankle, skate fit, and level of comfort. The basic tenet is that one should tighten the laces in a way that the feet can cover up the maximum space of the boot. As a result, the feet can seldom move while remaining secure. But many people struggle to match these requirements.

Therefore, this article will discuss the appropriate tightness of the Hockey skates to deliver accurate delivery. Besides, the readers will learn some additional information and answers to some FAQs. So, let’s begin.

How Tight Should Hockey Skates Fit?

How to size ice skates for adults

One should tighten the skate in a way that it secures the feet entirely without interrupting the blood circulation. Don’t think of compromising the comfort while tightening the skates. Make sure your feet have at least one inch of space within the boots to ensure comfort.

Furthermore, do not try to tie the laces too tightly or too loosely. Over tight skates can hamper the proper fitting of the feet within the boots. It will hinder the movement of the players. In contrast, over-loose skates can bring numerous hazards for a player. It can wear off from the feet during sports time, causing a lack of confidence in the player and distracting the player’s concentration from the sport to boots.

Besides, there are some things that hockey players should keep in mind while tightening the hockey skates that I mentioned later. If you are a new skater and searching for a nice pair of youth hockey skates, you can click here to find the Best youth hockey skates.

Key things to consider while tightening the Hockey skates

This section of the article has focused on some critical issues for the player to ensure precise tightness and fitting of the Hockey skates. Maintaining all of these vital issues will help the players to deliver better performance. Let’s look into the key points:

1.            Pull outward, not upward

When individuals wear boots, it has a purpose. A proper lacing secures individuals’ feet in the boots while walking or running. So, when you are tightening the laces of your boot, make sure the tightness fulfills this purpose.

If a person can’t fit the feet after multiple attempts, it is best to change the size of the Hockey skate or the tightness of the laces. Some individuals over-tighten their shoelaces, but they relax after a time. Here I am giving you a pro tip. When hooking skates, always drag the laces outward rather than upward. Because pulling outside retains the tightness of the laces for a long time. So, you will not face any challenges from the loosened laces of the skate while playing hockey.

If the laces still get loosened, one can buy waxed laces. They will retain the position of the laces for the entire time on the field.

Again, lace Pullers are another great yet affordable tool for tightening the laces. One can precisely tighten the laces without cutting the hands. Most importantly, these tools are too inexpensive to purchase.

2.            Skate Fit is crucial:

The accurate fitting of the skate largely determines the performance of the players. So, the proper fitting of the skates is inescapable. Here, many people, especially parents, do the wrong thing while purchasing Hockey skates for their kids. Many parents prefer to buy a slightly larger size of skates (usually half size big) than the correct size, thinking that their children would be able to use them for a long time.

I know Hockey skates are pretty expensive, and many people can’t afford to buy them frequently. But one can’t sacrifice the accurate size of the skate to deliver a more satisfactory performance.

The thing is that buying a bigger size means your skates will be naturally loose. The skate will remain to lose no matter how much one attempts to tighten the laces. Feet have adequate room to wriggle in loose-fitting skates. It can have several effects, including difficulty in running, a lack of confidence, an ankle sprain, and so on.

In contrast, a well-fitting skate can significantly boost one’s confidence while securing the feet. So, one can quickly transfer energy through the skate. Here I have mentioned below the list of accurate skate sizes for the readers’ convenience.

Hockey Skate Sizing Chart

Skate Size66.577.588.599.51010.51111.512
US Men’s Shoe Size7.5  88.599.51010.51111.51212.51313.5
EUR Shoe Size40.5  414242434444.54545.5464747.548
UK Men’s Shoe Size6.577.588.599.51010.51111.51212.5


  • Generally, a  correctly fitted skate is around one to 1.5 sizes smaller than the shoe size. So, if an individual’s shoe size is 11, the skate size would be either 9.5 or 10.
  • Though most of the manufacturers follow this size chart, remember that size can vary depending on the size of the feet.

3.            Boot Construction

Boot construction is another feature for ensuring the proper fitting of the skates. Nowadays, different shapes and materials of boots are available. Nowadays, boots that are deeper and wider are in trend. Besides, there are narrower and less deep boots as well. It depends on what type of boots you want to have.

However, if one has broader feet, getting bigger models of boots is best. Furthermore, it is better to refrain from purchasing a model worn by one’s favorite player unless it suits your feet.

4.            Develop Ankle Strength

An ankle sprain is very common for new skaters. Often, senior players also become the victim of ankle bent. Most players think that ankle sprain occurs due to a lack of knowledge of how to skate. But in reality, ankle sprains or other injuries related to the ankle happen due to a lack of ankle strength and balance on the skateboard.

To escape from ankle injuries, try to tighten the skate as much as possible. But don’t tighten it too much; that can hamper blood circulation. It will ultimately enhance the balance of the ankle and will make it more robust over time.

5.      Comfort is Key

Comfort is the key to success in hockey. Since hockey is a fast-paced sport, players get little or no time to pay attention to the tightness of the skate during playtime. So, players have to ensure the comfort of their feet before the match. Otherwise, the over-tightened or over-loosened skate will distract a player’s concentration, expanding the opportunities for the opponents. A player has to tighten the Hockey skate in a way that it feels like an extension of the feet. Make sure the lacing is neither too tight nor too loose. One can give a trial before the match to ensure comfort.

Three ways of tightening Hockey Skates Lace

Three ways of tightening Hockey Skates Lace

There are various types of lacing styles. Here are the three most trendy styles of lacing Hockey skates. Let’s explore!

1.            Under Criss Cross Lacing

The Under Criss Cross Lacing offers one of the most classic looks in Hockey skates. Conveniently, players don’t have to spend too much time installing this style. It is easy to do, time-efficient, and trendy. Most importantly, the Criss-Cross style ensures top-notch comfortable fitting.

Steps for Under Criss Cross Lacing:

  • Begin lacing at the bottom of the skate
  • Take the first eyelets from the outside to the inside on each side
  • Tightly Cross the ends of both eyelets
  • Then bring the eyelets from inside to outside on each side
  • Then repeat the criss-cross process
  • Put the laces from outside to inside again
  • Keep repeating the process until the laces end up

2.            Double Cross Lacing

It is another lucrative lacing style that players can do within a shorter time. Double Cross Lacing ensures the tightness of the hockey skates more than other styles and resists lace slipperiness.

Steps for Double Cross Lacing

  • Begin by going straight across the outside and through the bottom eyelets.
  • Cross the lace ends on the inside and come through the third row of eyelets on the shoe by skipping the previous two rows
  • Cross the outer ends and pass into the next bottom set of eyelets.
  • Repeat the process of three rows above on the inside and one row below on the outer side

3.            Dropping An Eyelet

Dropping an Eyelet is an outstanding choice for defensive players. The style provides greater flexibility in the ankle and foot to enhance stability.

Steps for Dropping an Eyelet

  • Lace the skates as you like. Keep the top eyelets open for both sides.
  • Knot the skates up in a traditional way. One can follow the above-mentioned Under Criss-Cross Lacing or Under Criss-Cross Lacing.

Lace Length & Sizing Chart for Hockey Skates

Here I have mentioned below the chart of lace length and size. So, the readers can easily find out their proper size and length of laces.

Hockey Skate Lace size and Length Chart

Skate SizeLength
Youth 8 – Junior 372″ – 180cm
Junior 3.5 – 5.584″ – 210cm
Adult 6 – 896″ – 240cm
Adult 8 – 10108″ – 270cm
Adult 10 – 13120″ – 300cm
Adult 12 – 15130″ – 330cm

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How tight are too tight ice skates?

Players should tighten Ice skates so tightly that it leaves no space in the boot after putting the feet into it. So, the players can securely place their feet in the boot. Otherwise, it can hamper the players’ speed on the ice ground by hindering their comfort.

  • Why do hockey skates often hurt ankles?

If you are not a regular hockey player, sudden movement and skating after a long time might trigger ankle discomfort. Because players seldom have time to focus on anything else other than sport. So, they rarely experience pain during playtime. But once the playing session is over, players can feel the pain more acutely.

Final Verdict:

Hockey skating is one of the most fast-paced and exciting games globally. A well-fitted hockey skate is crucial to cope with the fast pacing sport. But most players struggle to ensure proper tightness in the hockey skate. So, the article has focused on How Tight Should Hockey Skates Be? So, the players can maintain stability, comfort, and more pleasing performance by ensuring a precise tightness of hockey skates. I hope the readers have found the article informative and practical.

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