How to Bake Roller Hockey Skates

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How to bake roller hockey skates is a common asking from roller hockey players others who just use roller blades. As you already know new skates are stiff to wear and making them softer takes 1-2 weeks. It’s a long time especially since nobody wants to use old roller skates even they have a new pair of skates. And if they wear the new pair it may hurt their ankle or make them feel discomfort.

How to Bake Roller Hockey Skates

Why do people bake and heat mold roller hockey skates? Doesn’t it damage the new pair of roller skate? People do bake and heat mold the skates because it helps to fit the roller hockey skates on feet perfectly. Now baking sound so sick, especially we bake a cake, but don’t compare baking roller skate with cake baking. Baking doesn’t cause any damage to roller blades many some brands include the baking process in the catalogue.

So here we’ll instruct you about the baking process and How to heat mold roller blades. Stay tuned here.

Why Do We Bake Roller Hockey Skates?

Baking it’s not the only way to speed up the procedure of making the roller blades fit for your fit, but baking and heat molding can make the most stubborn roller hockey skate fit comfortably.

After heat molding, you’ll have a feeling like now the shape is pitch-perfect no looser no tighter.

How to Bake Roller Hockey Skates

According to Bauer skates baking instructionspeople think they need to buy special type of oven just for baking the roller skates. That’s bullshit. You don’t need any special type of oven and the baking process is the same for all rollerblades. Don’t confuse yourself. Your conventional kitchen oven is enough for 175 degrees Fahrenheit pre-heat.

Baking Procedure

First, check if your roller hockey skates are heat-moldable. For that go through the user manual, or if you want to make sure bakeable roller blades before buying, then check the manufacturer’s website. Usually, the professional roller blades are heat-moldable, but entry-level roller blades are not. So don’t try to heat-mold the roller hockey skates before knowing the truth.

What to Make sure before Baking

  • Preheat the Oven at 175-degree Fahrenheit for approximately 15 minutes.
  • Remove the wheels and bearings from the boots.
  • Don’t forget to loosen the laces that tightly where you can easily put the boots on.
  • Don’t remove the frame; it helps to stabilize the boots.
  • Make sure the frame fits snugly.
  • Have mat on the ground, oven mitt, a tray and a chair nearby the oven.
  • Now wear the socks you usually wear for roller blades.


Step: 1- Placing the skate in the oven

So firstly, pre-heat the oven for 15 minutes at 175-degree Fahrenheit and use an oven thermometer to get the accurate temperature. Sometimes oven doesn’t show the exact temperature which may cause damage to your new roller hockey skates. The key to success here is to keep your patience. Don’t try to increase the temperature to make the procedure faster.

So once the heating has finished, wait for 30 seconds to let the heating element cool down a bit. Now place your boot on the tray and place the tray inside the oven in the center. Ensure the boot is in the center of the oven because it will get all equal heat from all angles. Don’t rush and don’t keep the oven’s door open for a long time. Now leave the boot maximum of 3-7 minutes inside the oven.

Step: 2 – Taking Out the Skate

After 3 minutes, check the skate into the oven, check its quarter panel. If you find the quarter panel is noticeably softer then you may take out the hokey skate. But if the quarter panel is still stiff, then it heats for another 3 minutes. Be aware don’t overheat the roller hockey skates.

Now using the oven mitt, take out the tray from the oven and keep the skate on the tray. The skate is warm now and doesn’t try to touch the frame.

Step: 3 – Putting on the Skate

Put in your sock worn foot inside the skate and tighten the laces. Here is a concerning matter for you which you shouldn’t forget by any chance. Don’t try to pull laces upward or downward otherwise it may cause pulling out or tearing out lace eyelet. Tighten the laces tighter than you usually do.

Step: 4 – Heat-Molding Begins

Now your heat molding starts. Keeps your keen 90-degree angle resting on the mat for 15 minutes. Don’t walk and don’t apply external pressure over the skate. Once the 15 minutes will pass, then carefully untighten the laces and take out your foot. Leave the skate cool down for 24 hours at least. If you need to use it before 24 hours, keep it in the freezer for 30 minutes to 1 hour. This is how to bake Easton skates. 

Substitute for Baking  

Sometimes baking marsblades is prohibited from the manufacturer. Like we have said skates for beginners are not suitable for baking. What you’ll do then to make the roller hockey skate softer? Also, many can’t stand just thinking they have to put their $1000 roller hockey in an oven. It feels so sick. Also, there have potential downsides to baking at home. The sole glued with the bottom of the skate makes come out because heat weakens the glue. Also, even small mistakes during baking like you keep are keeping the skate for more than 10 minutes can cause a meltdown of the synthetic parts.

That’s why people use a hairdryer or heat gun to provide heat on specific spots on the roller hockey boots. For baking Bauer 1x skates, keep the heating gun or dryer 6-8 inches away from the skate. Target a spot and gently circling the heat gun around the stiff spot. Take 3-7 minutes to heat the spot up. You can use your hand to push the heated spot outside from inside the skate. And wait for cool the spot down. This process is suitable as many times as you need.


1. Can you rebake hockey skates? 

– Baking certainly isn’t the best option for roller hockey skates. Each time you bake, it faster the breakdown process of your roller hockey skates. Usually, these skates are only suitable for one or two times bake. So, baking skates twice should be the end of baking. If you need further baking use a hair dryer or heat gun process.

2. Bake roller skate?

– If your roller hockey skates are heat-moldable. For that go through the user manual, or if you want to make sure bakeable roller blades before buying, then check the manufacturer’s website. Usually, the professional roller blades are heat-moldable, but entry-level roller blades are not. So don’t try to heat-mold the roller hockey skates before knowing the truth.

Final Note

Don’t get panicked about baking your roller hockey skates. Manufacturers recommend baking and heat molding. So don’t worry. Baking improves the performance and the skates fit accordingly on your feet. Just follow the steps we told here and rock on your hockey skating game.

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