How to Fix Bubbles on Air Hockey Table

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Though air hockey isn’t a popular game yet, this is one of the best entertaining games for two people. You will have lots of joy during playing air hockey. So, after playing for some days, you may discover some bubbles on the hockey table. So, how to fix bubbles on the air hockey table?

How to Fix Bubbles on Air Hockey Table

You should have already known that the air hockey table airflow needs the air supply to float the disc-like ball, and it is an interesting game to enjoy. There are tiny holes on the table to flow air, which is an amazing mechanism to play air hockey on a table.

However, today you will know how to fix bubbles on an air hockey table and repair a hole in an air hockey table. Again, you will know about the necessity to fix bubbles on your air hockey table. Fixing bubbles is possible, and you can do this by yourself. So why don’t you try it?

Why Do You Need to Fix Bubbles on Air Hockey Table?

If you know about an air hockey table’s amazing mechanism, you should discover the tiny holes on the tables. From that hole, the air passes through and gives the ball a motion to play smoothly.

For having airflow, you will get a smooth surface and motion, which is satisfying.

Bubbles and dents are like an enemy for the perfect airflow, and they oppose the airflow. As a result, you get poor airflow, and the game becomes boring. Different parts of the table will show different characteristics.

So, you will need to fix the bubbles and dents from off the air hockey table so that you can get the same excellent performance from the whole over the table. Hopefully, you have understood the necessity of fixing the bubbles on the air hockey table.

How The Bubbles Form on Air Hockey Table?

As you know there is a blower to supply the air to the board and there are some nozzles from where the air passes through. For inadequate airflow, the bubbles can form on the table surface. And once the bubbles form on the tabletop, then it needs to be repaired.

Why Do You Need to Fix Bubbles on Air Hockey Table

When you spread a new paper on your table, the possibility of forming air bubble increases, and every time you do this, you need to fix the bubbles.

But if you maintain your table perfectly then, there will be no fixing issue as the bubbles won’t ever create. So, maintenance is a must for your air hockey table. Sometimes, you will find the holes are not working properly, which means they are not flowing air.

However, this can also be repaired by using some tools, and by repairing the holes the airflow will certainly increase. You can play better on the repaired table than the old one. However, you should know the maintenance process also not face any repairing issues.

Fixing Bubbles on Air Hockey Table

There are only two steps to follow for fixing the bubbles on the table as it is simple to work to do. Before starting, you should know that maintaining is better than repairing, and once you need repairing issue, then the table will never work like before. However, let’s jump into the steps first, and then you will know the maintenance process also.

Step 1: Take Sharp Object

In this step, you will need to take a sharp-edged object, which will be used to fixing the bubbles o the air hockey table. You can take a blade, for example, or anything with a sharp-edged.

Step 2: Puncture 

Here you need to puncture the bubbles as many as possible. You can use a light to see the hidden bubble and puncture them with the sharp-edged object.

This is the easiest way to fix the bubble formed on the air hockey table.

Maintenance of an Air Hockey Table 

As you have known that repairing is not a good decision when you can keep your hockey table nice and working by maintaining it. Here are some points that you can follow to maintain your air hockey table.

  • Table Cleaning
  • Blower Maintenance
  • Dead spot Maintenance

Table Cleaning 

This is the most important part of maintaining your air hockey table. Whether you play or not, you need to clean the table every day. For cleaning the table, you should use a cotton fabric so that any dent won’t take place at the table. Keep in mind that you should not use any dump or wet fabric to clean your table. If you use any wet fab ric, then there will be the possibility of creating an air bubble.

Blower Maintenance

A blower is an important part of an air hockey table, and it supplies air to the table so that the puck can move easily. So, for maintaining the blower, you should clean it perfectly with a clean cloth. Dust and other particles are responsible for air blower blockage. You should clean the blower underneath the table once a week, and it will be very fruitful. You should also make sure that your blower is getting the perfect voltage of electricity.

Dead Spot Maintenance 

Before knowing about the dead spot maintenance, you should know about the dead spot on an air hockey table. Dead spots are the places where the airflow stops. Before starting playing you need to clean all the holes with a narrow object and cotton to get blocked anyway.

If you find any dead spot, you should use a drill machine with a narrow drill bit and drill it. After drilling, you will clean the place to look clean and get the hole blowing air again.


1. How do I make my air hockey table smooth?

– For getting a better experience in playing air hockey, the table needs to be smooth. For smooth performance, you should clean the table surface every day.

2. How do you fix dead spots on an air hockey table?

– If you find any dead spot in your table, then you need to fix it with your drill machine. Make sure that the drill bit is narrow enough not to do any harm to the holes.

Final Note 

Hopefully, you have understood how to fix bubbles on air hockey table, and if the air hockey table is not blowing air, you should search for a place where you can fix this. Maintenance of this table can bring you a longer performance life.

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