How to tape hockey socks

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how do hockey players keep their socks up

If you are familiar with hockey, you must have seen players with taped socks. Players do this to secure their socks and shin guards firmly. Otherwise, constant movement on the ice can result in loose shin guards and socks, which can cause a bruise or fracture in the leg. Even though shin guards have two velcro straps to prevent any shifting, players often don’t get enough confidence to rely solely on them. That’s why they tape their socks. However, how to tape hockey socks?

The simplest option for keeping the socks and shin guards in place is to tape them. One can use either stick Tape or sock tape for this purpose. Grab a roll of tape, horizontally twist it around your hockey socks, and you’re ready to dominate the field.

Keep reading the article to learn more about the hockey socks-taping process and other information. So, let’s start.

Why do hockey players tape their socks?

How to tape hockey socks

There are many reasons behind taping hockey socks. I have listed some of the crucial reasons below:

Securing the shin guard:

The primary purpose of using shin guards is to shield the players’ legs from fast-moving pucks and sticks. Shin guards often shift from their initial place due to constant movement. Moreover, Hockey socks have a tendency to become loose quickly. Therefore, they soon tend to roll down as the game starts, distracting the players from skating. Moreover, it increases the risk of injury from cuts, bruises, or fractures. A hockey sock or stick tape wrapped around the hockey socks can eliminate these possibilities by tightly securing the equipment. However, if you are looking for hockey socks, you can check the best hockey socks review.

Providing extra padding:

Players often use the best hockey tapes over their hockey socks to improve the padding system. One may think of the efficacy of Velcro straps. But in reality, it doesn’t work that much since they tend to slide or shift due to sweat or fall. Therefore, Velcro straps along with sock tape will provide excellent padding to the players.

What kind of tape do hockey players use?

Why do hockey players tape their socks

There are two types of tapes that hockey players use. These are stick tape and sock tape.

Stick tapePlayers use stick tape to wrap the blade and handle of the hockey stick. Otherwise, the stick will gather moisture, damage the blade, and reduce the grip. Stick tape feels like cloth and is typically available in black and white. However, one can also use stick tape to secure the shin pads, but it is trickier to handle than sock tape.

Sock tape: It is a transparent, pressure-sensitive, waterproof, elastic tape that keeps the hockey socks in place while promoting blood flow throughout the legs. In contrast, stick tape, has a plastic-like feel and comes off the roll easily, effectively adhering to the socks.

How to tape hockey socks?

There are various ways to use tape for hockey socks. I have listed some of the easiest ways below:

Method 1: Basic rules for Single-Pass Tape style

One will have to follow the basic rules regardless of taping style:

  • Firstly set up the shin pads on the legs
  • Put on the hockey socks over the shin guard and extend it up to mid-thigh.
  • Now get your hockey sock tape roll
  • Carefully take out 3 to 4 inches long tape from the end of the roll
  • Just below the pad’s kneecaps, horizontally press the tape on the hockey sock two times.
  • Now cut the tape’s edge, and you are ready for the field

Method 2: Double down tape style

Ice hockey players often use this taping style. In this style, players will need four pieces of tape. The procedure is as follows:

  • Wear shin pads and socks. Like the first method, remember to extend the socks to the mid-thigh.
  • Now pass around the tape under the kneecap of the shin pad and peel off the tape.
  • Do the same for another leg.
  • Now pass the tape around the lower leg above the skate. However, don’t make it too tight. Otherwise, it may start ripping during sport-time.
  • Cut the tape off, and you are done.

 Method 3: Barber Pole Tape

This style is also famous for ice hockey skates but requires more tape. However, this style is a super time-convenient method since players will tape the sock with only one piece of tape and don’t have to tear the tape off again and again. In this style, one will have to follow the below procedures:

  • Put on the shin guard and then hockey socks over them
  • Stretch the hockey socks up to mid-thigh
  • Now wrap the tape two or three times around the shin pad’s kneecaps. Don’t cut the edge. Instead, bring the edge down to the lower portion of the shin guard.
  • Pass the tape around the lower shin guard two to three times.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you keep hockey socks up without Velcro?

There are various strategies to follow to keep the socks up without Velcro straps. Major strategies include:

  • Using Hockey sock tapes:  If players use tape over the hockey socks, it will provide additional tightness to secure them, preventing them from slipping off.
  • Wearing a hockey garter belt: Each side of the hockey garter belt has straps to clip the socks. Therefore, if you can properly secure the hockey socks with the straps, it is almost impossible for them to slip off.

Why do hockey players use transparent tape on their socks?

Hockey players typically use transparent color tape to maintain the color of their jersey, ensuring team uniformity. Additionally, these tapes are of excellent quality and are simple to remove from cloth-type socks.


Hockey socks are typically secured in place by hockey players using tape. However, some people are unaware of their techniques. As a result, I went into great detail about “How to tape hockey socks” in this article. In addition, I have included other relevant facts, like the types of socks and the explanation behind using tape over socks. I hope the readers will find the description useful.

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