Jackson Elle Skates Review

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Jackson Elle Skates Review

Jackson Ultima is one of the market leaders in the figure skating industry. The company has been working at their level best to present the best items year after year. 

Who doesn’t know about the legacy of Jackson? His passion for the game is an example until today. The company started its journey with the guidelines of Don Jackson back in 1966.

With the Jackson Elle Figure skates, the company has proved its ability to be at the top. We are going to describe the best aspects of the product in this Jackson Elle skates review. Let’s jump into it.

Best figure skates for beginner skaters

The skate is visually very attractive. Women love a touch of elegance in everything that belongs to them. The skate surely sits in that condition. 

The white upper gives a fairy vibe once you wear it. Additionally, the Swarovski Crystal at the back adds the desired stylish look.

The boot suits really well with any sort of costume. A number of women reacted very positively to its exterior beauty.  

The laces with extra hooks open the door to trying different lacing styles. Comfort and custom visual look come will increase your confidence. 

The shiny blades also add extra courage to try new things. The traditional look of the skate makes it perfect for new female figure skaters. 


Jackson Elle comes with a superb boot. From construction quality to comfort, it excels in every aspect. Let’s see what we have got.


Microfiber upper is super durable and featherlike. Elaborately, it’s synthetic leather with a building material called PU or polyurethane. 

The upper is one of the dependable for the longevity and comfortability of the skates. Additionally, microfiber is anti-odor and anti-bacterial.

Leather PU has the super strength to survive in the ice. Also, the enhanced flexibility makes the moves easier to execute. Especially, the fiber top is cut resistance. 

U-Shaped Cuff and Tongue

In figure skating, you have to move your ankles in different actions. The traditional boot cuffs make it irritating sometimes. The new U-Cuff gives more space as well as mobility. 

The back height is adapted to balance the support. Jackson Elle also comes with rolled lining to save your ankle abrasions.

The skate is also considered supportive features to increase comfort, such as tongue and reinforced heel. 

Repeated friction with the tongue irritates the shin. Sometimes you end up having sores on it. The soft top of the tongue makes it easier for the skaters.

Sometimes soles get detached from the skate. Different body postures make the sole to bear weight load. Jackson Elle has eased up this tension. Aluminum plates attached to the high heel saves the sole. 


This is a fusion sole formulated with nylon composite. It makes the sole lighter than it looks. Nylon composites are also known for torque resistance. Your foot will be sitting in the right position without any slippage. 

The rubber inlay makes the sole a great shock absorber. You will get a notion of control with about a 0% slippage in landing. 


Balance is everything in figure skating. I agree that you need to practice a lot to bring in the right balance. As it is crucial, you must avoid things that hinder your balance. Comfort is one of those facts, along with proper fit. 

Jackson Elle comes with a soft liner. It gives enough comfort with expected durability. 


Fit customization is massively popular. Obviously, there is no alternative to it to be more competitive. 

You can mold the boot to get a more personalized fit. Besides, memory foam with anatomical shape enhances the fit supplementary.  


The skate comes with the Mirage blade screwed with the sole. Ultima Mirage is probably the best cost-quality blade for beginners. 

The blade serves all the required purposes at the entry-level movements. It is well known for freestyling. The blade is super polished to give you an aesthetic feel. Lastly, it comes pre-sharpened for you. 

Support Rating

Jackson wants its customers to be less confused. Each skate has different aspects of fulfilling. During a skate purchase, we look around for weight, skill level, and other factors like these. Support rating is a new addition to these. 

The support rating indicates how stiff the skate is. The more it is, the stiffer a skate gets. Well, Jackson Elle has 30 in the support rating. I found it enough strong and stiff to hold me upright.

Let’s look at the pros & cons at a glance. 


  • Reasonable Price
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Versatile
  • Beginners Choice
  • Excellent ankle support


  • The blade is reasonable and basic
  • The boot takes time to break into


Is it important to purchase a quality figure skate boot for a beginner?

Yes! Figure skating isn’t a sport that you can play naturally. At least you need ice and a pair of skates to start. 

Quality figure skate will not only improve your game but also help succeed. 

Should I purchase figure skates that are slightly large for my child to allow room for growth?

Yes! You can purchase only 1 size up for keeping the growing space. It can result in discomfort or imbalance if you don’t wear your child double or triple socks.

Its recommended not to buy bigger sized skate. If you can afford it, it’s better to buy a suitable size for each season.

Final Verdict

Jackson Elle is an amazing option for the beginning of a marvelous career. Figure skating is a sport of balance and acceleration. To learn the sport in-depth, you need the right set of equipment.

Jackson Elle women’s figure skate is an all-round performance giver. At a noob stage of this sport, you might want to try different ways, moves to explore your favorite ways. This skate gives you the freedom to practice all the pre skating moves.

With a wide variety of sizes, this hockey skate is a win-win option for all. Lastly, the decision is yours.

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