Stx Surgeon RX3 Stick Review

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Did you know STX was a Lacrosse brand? They switched to the hockey industry in recent times. It is fascinating that they have reached the top 10 of the best hockey brands with Bauer, CCM. 

To come across this far, STX had to produce excellent hockey equipment. I think the Surgeon Series worked for the brand pretty well. 

Surgeon RX3 is one of their popular sticks. It is probably one of their biggest hits in the market.

It offers high-end stick features and quality comparably a $70 less.

Is the RX3 worthy enough to be purchased? Or is it overhyped? We will get all the answers in the following review.

Why you buy Surgeon RX3 Ice Hockey Stick

The shaft of the Surgeon is a combo of hockey and lacrosse shafts. It makes the shaft different than others. The ergonomic shape minimizes negative spaces while you hold the stick. 

This feature is entirely a new phenomenon in the market. You will get extra depth of comfort as a result of it. 

STX didn’t lie. The hybrid shaft really works. I had a chance to give a trial with the RX3. The U-shaped underside reinforces the grip. It ends with more balance and puck control. 

The feature is named TrueGrip. It got popular soon after the launch of Surgeon sticks. STX had broken the idea of the traditional shaft design. 

Players appreciated their approach. I believe you will do the same.

Precision Flex II

The company claims the Surgeon RX3 to be the best double kick stick. I was fascinated by the confidence in their statement. It is hard to describe in words. Flex preferences vary from individual to individual. 

From my experience with the Surgeon, I think the STX is valid with their words. The lower hosel of the stick provides quick release on every shot. It becomes easier to take quick snapshots. 

Additionally, the hybrid shaft allows you to transfer full energy for rocket shots.

In my mind, it was Bauer’s nexus. I was trying to match both. But the RX3 is too different from the traditional sticks to compare with.

Pure Blade, Pro-Grit, Silver Streak

This part will be interesting as it’s about the blade. According to STX, Surgeon RX3 has come with woven carbon fibers. 

It has a 3K seamless carbon fiber layer on its face and 18K layer on the back. The 18K rings bell in my head. I thought there would be a massive weight decrease. Yes, but not on the scale I was primarily thinking of. But both of these layers minimize the noticeable weight of the overall stick.

STX also pays attention to the details. They added sandpaper on the blade surface. Pro-grit produces more friction with the puck. 

You may wonder at your first shot. I felt a more balanced puck feel with the RX3.

Plus, the Silver Streak increases durability. The surface doesn’t wear off too quickly. 

One last important thing, taping the blade, may give you some trouble. I tried to tape it. The glue doesn’t seem to hold that much at the beginning. It may get better if you do overlaps. 

What did I feel about the STX RX3 stick?

First impression: Visually, the rx3 is impressive. The graphic on the shaft caught my eyes. The print and the sandpaper on the blades reflect light differently. 

About the grip: I have got a dominant feeling while I was holding it first. It is light and strong at the same time. While holding the stick, you will feel that you can control it in any way possible. Of course, it is not the lightest in the market. The pure grip does the magic.

I thought it would be weird to get used to the new shaft design. The end result- I am surprised. It took almost no time to feel comfortable with the stick.

Can I compare the RX3 with the high-end sticks? I can say, yes. To me, the stick will not frustrate you. The shot power is better. Mostly, the quick release plays the trick. The puck takes off sooner than I usually used to. 

There was no trouble with accuracy. You have to choose the right size and the correct curve. Otherwise, you may not get an accurate shot.

The shaft may not feel great with globes on. If it happens so, check the size. A smaller size may occur such trouble. 

Lastly, I loved the pricing. STX offers such a high-end quality at an entry-level price. This is truly a market killer. I really loved the product quality with the price. The 3K carbon layer shaft and 18k base layer felt like a feather on my hand. 

Final Words

STX has proved their worth in the Lacrosse industry. Now they are reaching their goals in hockey. Players like Jiří Hudler, Matt Moulson, and more are using STX equipment. 

RX3 is an example of how good STX got in the hockey industry. The product quality is premium. It is hard to avoid the look and feel of the RX3 once you come across it. 

The dual flex with pure grip gives the best control and performance. Pure Grit on the blade enhances puck control. Additionally, the rx3 offers three different blade patterns to pick from. 

It is the best stick with overall features, quality, and price. 

Don’t wait. STX is offering a 14-day trial. 

Grab a piece and enjoy it.

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