What Socks Do NHL Players Wear? All Nacessary Details

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WHAT SOCKS DO NHL PLAYERS WEAR? An interesting question to ask, right? Well, this information is also important to know for new hockey players. 


Well, whatever the sport is, equipment is important. The same goes for hockey. Hockey socks are an important piece of equipment that is used in this sport. But the socks are different from regular socks and also in use. Hockey socks are being used for a long time, and their style has not changed even now. But there is so much to learn about various types of hockey socks. And for this, we are here.

Here you will get to all types of hockey socks and other related things. Now let’s dig into the article. 

What Socks Do NHL Players Wear?

Well, what kind of hockey socks do NHL players wear? Can be a good question, but not important. But more important than the type of socks is the right type of socks. If you don’t choose the right type of socks, your comforts will be hampered, and you will start feeling your feet inside your socks. 

Why Hockey Socks are Importent to Wear? 

The choice of socks varies from player to player. What is more important is the comfort level. For these, some players prefer regularly used socks, some use particular hockey socks. And some players play barefooted, but it is risky enough. Why? It may come to your head now, right? Well, let’s find it out. 

 Hockey socks are used to cover protective gear over the spin area of players. It also covers the spin pad and can be stretched from the ankle pad to the above knees. But some players prefer to use tight skates without socks. But it has some downsides-

  • Your barefoot sweat will increase moisture inside of your skate boot. As a result, you will find your boots wet most of the time, in plays and practices. Also, your boots will start smelling.
  • Wearing skates without socks and baking will cause blisters, injuries, and hot spots. 

However, socks will help you to keep your feet warm in the cold arenas of hockey. If you want to play barefooted, make sure your skates’ high-end are thermoformed. But it is better to wear tall socks with protection woven to help the back of your leg from nasty cuts. 

Things One Should Consider Before Choosing Hockey Socks

If you are looking for hockey socks, then you have to consider some points-

  • Types of socks
  • Size of your hockey sock
  • Thickness of socks
  • Durability
  • Your budget

Let’s see one by one.


There are two types of hockey socks, and players wear both of them. With the types of socks, another term comes materials, by which the socks are made. Hockey socks are usually made of cotton, polyester, and velcro. 


The traditional style of hockey socks is knit socks. They are almost similar to performance socks. These socks are more similar to regular socks. Knit socks are cheaper and are not as durable as performance socks. Cotton is the core material of this type of socks. Cotton is soft, cheap, shrinkable, but not that durable. 

Performance Hockey Socks

Performance socks are mainly designed for better performance; you can guess it from the name. It’s are light in weight. Performance socks have more durable properties. According to some players, these socks have features to secure strapping systems better than knit socks. Polyester and velcro are mainly found in performance socks. Polyester makes performance socks last longer and is reinforced with elastic. On the other hand, velcro is used to prevent socks from falling. 


Most hockey socks you will find in the youths, junior, intermediate, and seniors sides. Most hockey socks come in lengths of 20” to 32”. You should choose your sock according to the length of your feet-

  • Tall socks- Come up to your knees
  • Medium socks- Come up to your calf
  • Short Socks- Barely come over your ankles. 

Most of the companies follow their size guide. 


Well, thickness is up to you. This particular point has many debates. Some prefer thick socks, and some do not. The answer is what your feet are like. For this try different kinds of socks, both thick and thin. And look for which type of socks clicks for you. 


It is also an important factor to look after. Durability depends upon many different factors. Usually, polyester-made socks or performance socks are longer-lasting than knit and regular socks. But whenever you find a rip or fray in your sock, try to change it as soon as possible. 


It is another important thing to consider. Normally performance socks cost more than knit socks. Performance socks cost around $30, whereas knit socks are about $15. But you can also buy any specific color and make it by yourself. So you can save money. However, remember your sock must match the color of your jersey. If you want to buy it, then go for the best hockey socks

Will Socks Affect Hockey Skate Fitting?

The answer is, if you wear socks, either thick or thin, hockey skates will fit. But try to wear the same type of socks and stakes. But if your skates are thermoformed, you can wear skates without socks as well. If you are willing to start playing hockey, then the best youth hockey skates are for you. 

Consider these things if you are going to choose hockey socks for you. 

Let’s go through some relatable questions – 



NHL players wear both knitted and new styles of hockey socks. Though knit socks are preferred and traditional feet wearing, performance or new styles of socks are becoming common between the players. Even some players believe that performance socks can prevent injuries and make them fashionable. 


 Yes, NHL players wear knit socks from the beginning of the sport like ice hockey uniforms. But nowadays, players prefer to wear performance socks rather than knits. 


Hockey players wear hockey skates on their feet. Hockey skates are made of a thick layer of nylon or leather. They wear slates to protect their feet and lower legs from injury. 


Yes, ice skates wear socks to feel warm in the cold arena of hockey. Well, you will find many figure skaters who wear socks over or under their skates to prevent them from getting slipped. 

Final Words

Well, is this article on WHAT SOCKS DO NHL PLAYERS WEAR? helpful for you?

If yes, then we are successful and grateful to have you through the whole article. Well, remember socks are your personal choice. If you choose sockless and can handle moisture and odor, go for it. Otherwise, choose thick or thin socks according to your preference. Keep in mind that your comforts are what matters with your play. 

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