Why are field hockey sticks so short

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Why do field Hockey players use short sticks

The stick is indeed the most crucial piece of equipment in Field Hockey. Without a stick, players can’t control the ball. If you are a regular field hockey player, you may know that field hockey sticks are so small that players must remain in a bow position to be close to the ball and surface. It looks uncomfortable, and that’s why many people ask, “Why are field hockey sticks so short?”

Field hockey balls move faster than other balls. While players have more advantages with longer sticks, shorter sticks help them to have greater control over the fast-moving ball. Shorter sticks keep players in a bent position, allowing them to shoot the ball with more force.

This article will mainly focus on the reasons why field hockey sticks are shorter than others. Besides, the readers will learn additional information about field hockey sticks. So, let’s start.

Why do field Hockey players use short sticks?

Field Hockey is the world’s second most popular team sport. The ball, in field hockey, travels at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour. That means players must be running while controlling the high-speed ball. To handle such a fast ball requires a lower center of gravity and higher control over the head of the stick. Therefore, in field hockey, players must remain in a forward bent position while running on the surface. A short hockey stick supports this posture and allows players to ease their weight on the hockey stick.

Moreover, playing on fields rather than ice ground is more challenging and requires powerful strikes. Being close to the surface helps them to deliver powerful strikes efficiently. That’s why Field Hockey prefers shorter hockey sticks.

How to measure the size of a Field hockey stick?

There are two methods to measure the appropriate size of the stick.

  • The U.S. Method:  One can easily measure a field hockey stick in this method. Just place the hockey stick by your side and make sure the top of the hockey stick is at least 2” below the waistline.
  • The Dutch method: In this method, the stick length would be the distance between your underarms and kneecap. Click to search for Best Hockey Knee Brace. Therefore, size can vary from person to person based on height.

How to select a Field Hockey stick?

A perfect FIELD HOCKEY STICK is an inescapable thing for the better performance of the players. But many players become confused about how to pick the right one? Therefore, this section will discuss this topic. Let’s start.

1.      LENGTH

The length of the field hockey stick influences how players tackle the ball, such as passing, throwing, or stopping it. Therefore, the length is vital for a player’s performance. The standard size ranges between 28″ and 37.5″. However, players can customize the length, but it should not go beyond 41” according to the Field Hockey Rule book.

Generally, defensive and midfielder players use longer sticks for their playing position requirements, for instance, passing the ball further. In contrast, offensive players use shorter hockey sticks to handle the ball efficiently.

For readers’ convenience, I have mentioned below the list of standard sizes:

4′ & below28″28″ stick
4’1″ – 4’3″30″30″ stick
4’4″ – 4’6″32″32″ stick
4’7″ – 5′34″34″ stick
5’1″ – 5’3″35-35.5″35-35.5″ stick
5’4″-5’9″ 36-36.5″        36-36.5″ stick

2.         Weight:

Most field hockey sticks weigh between 535 to 560 grams. Sticks come in different weights: heavy, medium, and low/ light sticks. But what sticks a player chooses depends on the position of playing.

  • Lighter sticks weights between 18 to 19 oz.
  • Medium sticks weights between 19 to 22 oz
  • heavy sticks weights between 22 to 25.9 oz

Offensive players typically utilize lightweight sticks because they must handle the ball quickly and pass it over long distances. Similarly, Attackers also use light sticks to manage the ball efficiently. On the other hand, Defenders like using heavy hockey sticks since they have a greater force to direct the ball. Click here to find the Best Field Hockey Sticks for Defenders. Other players may opt for using a stick with standard weight, like midfielders. If you are a midfielder looking for a hockey stick, click the link to get the best field hockey sticks for midfielders.

If you are a beginner and don’t know what weight you should go for, the better option is to pick a stick with the average weight. So, you can determine what weight you prefer.


Field hockey sticks come in a variety of materials. Each material has a distinct effect on the hockey stick. However, most sticks come in Carbon, Wood, Aramid, and Fiberglass materials.

  • Carbon: Carbon provides rigidness to sticks. The larger the proportion of carbon, the greater the power output.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass is famous for its durability and strength. Fiberglass can produce some power when used alone, but the intensity increases when coupled with carbon.
  • Wood: Wooden sticks are an excellent learning tool. These sticks are not as stiff as carbon or fiberglass sticks. But they provide the players with greater flexibility. As a result, players with no advanced skill can handle the ball efficiently.


  • Is a shorter hockey stick better?

A shorter field hockey stick lets players get low quickly and hit the ball with stronger strokes. This happens due to a lower center of gravity. Moreover, shorter hockey sticks help the player to have greater control over the stick’s head to keep the ball around the player’s body.

  • How to shorten a field hockey stick?

One can shorten a field hockey stick by following five easy steps:

  • Remove the hockey tape
  • identify the new size of the stick
  • remove the end cap of the field hockey stick
  • Start cutting the marking line of the stick
  • Give a trial on whether the new stick is comfortable

Final Verdict:

Many people wonder how field hockey players play with the shorter sticks and often ask, “Why are field hockey sticks so short?” This article has briefly discussed why these sticks are too short for the players to play. Besides, I have mentioned other necessary information on the field hockey sticks. I hope readers will find the article informative and valuable.

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