Why are Hockey Jerseys So Expensive?

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In every sport the players wear jerseys and they have a unique style and design for being the best for that sport. As a fan of the player, you may want to buy a hockey jersey and see that it costs you a lot. So, why are hockey jerseys so expensive?

Do you know that answer? Well, if you don’t know the answer, you should know it so that you can buy the best jersey. There are many reasons behind it, and most of them related to jersey quality and build materials you will know later.

In this content, I will figure out the necessity of wearing a jersey, knowing what are replica jerseys, how to differentiate between the fake and original ones. You will get some FAQs and tips for choosing the best hockey jerseys. So, let’s get started.

Why Do Players Wear Jersey?

In every game, you will see that players are wearing special garments. Generally, people don’t wear that type of garment for daily use. The special garment is called a jersey, and it is so comfortable.

In a Textile Language, we can say that Jersey is a Knit fabric-made product that is prepared from only one set of fiber. The knit industries produce this garment for the players and the fans. The players wear the jerseys so that they won’t feel discomfort while sweating.

Again, a jersey also mentions the team introduction and uniqueness. Here, you will get to know about the team with the jersey the players are wearing. Almost every game and sports players from the same team wear the same jersey. However, the jersey is very comfortable and it is stretchy also. For elongation property, the manufacturers use lycra fiber in it. This elongation property will handle the situation for any hard condition and offer the player a comfortable phase.

How to Know about Replica Jerseys and Original Hockey Jerseys?

There are lots of quality available for a single jersey in the local market where you can be cheated between the replica and original jerseys. As a hockey fan, you should not purchase the fake jerseys, and you know that the jersey was original. So, what to do for identifying the replica and original jerseys?

You can know about the replica product by some signs. They are-

● Color

● Neck Tag

● Team Crest

● Sizing


If you have good knowledge about the color, then you can easily differentiate the color shade mismatching. The replica jerseys are light-colored, where the originals are deep dyed. 

Again, after wash, the fabric property remains the same for the original jerseys. But, the color-fastness to washing for replica jerseys is very poor.

Neck Tag

The neck tag is an important sign to differentiate between fake and original jerseys. The fake or replica jerseys have sharp edge neck tags, where the real jerseys have smooth neck tag edges. Sometimes you will see some fiber coming out from the neck tag, which mentions that the embroidery work is not good. So, before buying a real jersey, you need to see the neck tag properly.

Team Crest

The majority of the time, we have seen that the team logo is not perfect for the replica jerseys, and you can easily differentiate between fake and real by seeing the team crest. The premium quality jerseys come with the actual logo of the team, and the embroidery work is perfect.


As you know, jerseys are available in different sizes like Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. But, some jerseys have their different sizing where leveling is the same. The Large size may not match all branded products. You need to know your favorite hockey jersey’s sizing so that you don’t pick the replica one.

Why are Hockey Jerseys So Expensive?

Hockey Jerseys are expensive because of the quality and the build materials. As a fan, you will always go for the original jersey, manufactured for the fans. The quality of the hockey jersey is very good, and the jerseys’ fibers are also of premium quality.

Again, the demand for the hockey jersey is also responsible for being so expensive. You know that hockey is a popular game, and everyone wants to have a jersey according to their favorite team, and that’s why it is so much demanding.

Another reason for being expensive is that authentic jerseys are not available in all places. If you want to go for an authentic NHL jersey, you need to go to the brand shops. In that case, most people go for the NFL jerseys as they are cheap.  


1. Are NBA jerseys true to size?

It depends on the size you wish to have to wear. Though the NBA jerseys have various sizing, you have to select the size yourself if you are looking for true to size. I hope you will find the best suitable size for you.

2. What is a Nike Swingman Jersey?

This is a branded jersey from Nike brand, and these jerseys are popular among the teen especially. 

The Nike Swingman jersey is a value-for-money product as the build quality is very good.

3. Are stitched jerseys better?

The stitched jerseys are better as they last longer compared to the heat-pressed jerseys. If you think that stitched jerseys are fake, then you are wrong. The manufacturers also manufacture stitched jerseys. Again, you will get great feedback after washing this type of jersey.

Tips to Choose the Best Jersey

You can follow the tips for purchasing the best jersey out of the numeric number of jerseys in the market. The tips are as follow-

● Ensure that the jersey is well built, and check the inner part for checking the built quality. A well-finished jersey is trimmed perfectly so that no itching happens when you wear it.

● Check the color if possible check the color-fastness to water and perspiration.

● You should go for a jersey that has a nice elongation property.

Final Note

Hopefully, you have understood why hockey jerseys are so expensive, and you should buy the original jerseys also. Though the jerseys are expensive, they are very comfortable even when you are sweating. If you are a sportsman, then you should know there is no other option than to choose the best jersey. I hope you will go for the best one.

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