Why Do They Freeze Hockey Pucks?

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If you are a regular hockey player or have ever played, you may be aware that players use frozen Hockey Pucks during tournaments. Since many don’t know the reason behind it, they wonder, “Why Do They Freeze Hockey Pucks?”

Rubber is one of the main ingredients of Hockey pucks.  The general principle is that the warmer the rubber, the more bouncy it becomes. It is extremely tough for the players to control such an active puck. As a result, they use frozen hockey pucks as they can glide effectively rather than bounce. Besides, there are other reasons behind using frozen pucks.

How Do They Freeze Hockey Pucks

If you want to learn more, read the entire article. The article will go over the benefits of using frozen pucks as well as other vital information. So, let’s start.

Evolution of Hockey pucks

The previous hockey pucks were different from what we have now. It has gone through several modifications. For example, the first hockey pucks were made of wood and were square in shape. During the late 1990s, leagues experimented with a so-called “fire puck” to improve puck detection, which was later discontinued due to player visual discomfort during matches.

Today, all leagues use standard hockey pucks that weigh six ounces, are one inch thick, and are three inches wide. The exterior design of the puck has also changed. Click here to find out the best roller hockey puck. The outside surface of most pucks has a curved crisscross pattern. As a result, players can control it more effectively with sticks. Click here to find out the Best roller hockey skates. However, experimentation has not ceased. 

For instance, The NHL used black hockey pucks because they were easy to spot on the ice. NHL later added infrared emitters for active tracking. There are ten infrared cameras in the catwalk to detect the ray emitted by the puck. These cameras altogether collect data thirty times per second to detect the puck’s location. People can expect more technological advancements in hockey in the future to ensure the fairest game.

Why Do They Freeze Hockey Pucks?

How many pucks do they need

Rubber is the primary material used in hockey pucks. Rubber is one of the most elastic components, so it bounces a lot. As a result, manufacturers vulcanize pucks during manufacturing to make them harder, more sturdy, and less bouncy. However, they remain pretty bouncy due to the constant movement on the icy surface.

If you’ve ever seen a warmer puck, you’re aware of how much it spins upward and downward during a match. It is too difficult for the players to control such bouncy pucks as pucks will move here & there, making it impossible to catch the puck for the next player. It hampers the player’s performance & therefore, the outcomes of the game.

As a result, they freeze the puck, making it heavier and sturdier on the surface. It ultimately reduces the puck’s tendency to bounce while allowing them to glide more smoothly on the surface. It will make the puck’s movement more predictable, shaping the game’s outcome.

How Do They Freeze Hockey Pucks?

During a game, teams typically require nearly 20 to 30 pucks. As a result, teams keep a large number of pucks available in their stock. However, leagues pre-order approximately 1,500 hockey pucks at the beginning of each season. Then they freeze the pucks until the players require new pucks during the game.

Generally, officials cool them at temperatures between 14 & 20 degrees Fahrenheit or from -6 to -10 celsius. Freezing temperature depends on the temperature of the home country. For example, in a high-temperature country, they freeze the pucks at a lower temperature and vice versa. Furthermore, some officials frequently check to see if the temperature is appropriate. According to NHL rules, the home team is accountable for puck restoration.

The authorities use various types of freezers to freeze the pucks. Among them, tiny and compact ice cream freezers are the most prevalent due to mobility convenience. Throughout the game, the puck has to suffer numerous hits, which increases its temperature. At that time, players change the puck.

How many pucks do they need?

People may be aware that hockey games continue for 60 minutes. Every 20 minutes, players get a break. So, one can divide the game into three periods. 

A typical hockey tournament requires between 20 and 30 pucks. But they store more pucks than the necessity. Initially, they carry 15 pucks from the team’s home freezer to the penalty box cooler at the start of each break. Then these pucks are under official responsibility. As a result, players must store a total of 15 pucks x 3 periods = 45 pucks for a game. Linesmen generally change the puck every two minutes to maintain the quality of the puck and, thus, the game’s outcome.

Since the players do not treat the puck with care, the majority of the puck gets damaged during the game. So, the authority throws them into the trash following the game.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do hockey pucks melt?

Hockey pucks generally do not melt since manufacturers use a Vulcanizing process while manufacturing them. The process makes the puck sturdier due to the three-dimensional cross-links. However, if the puck becomes extremely hot, it can become chemically degraded, resulting in the puck’s melting.

  • What puck does the NHL use?

Inglasco Ice Hockey Pucks is the sole manufacturer of NHL Pucks. These pucks are famous throughout the world for their high quality, longevity, and effectiveness. The company manufactures them in Slovakia. They are also co-partner of Hockey Canada, AHL, Hockey USA, and ECHL.

Final verdict:

While many people are familiar with frozen hockey pucks, they don’t know why they freeze the hockey pucks. As a result, this article discusses the causes of hockey puck freezing. Aside from that, I have discussed how they do it, as well as provided answers to some frequently asked questions. I hope the information is helpful in quenching the readers’ thirst for knowledge.

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