Can You Check the Goalie in Hockey

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Body checking is part of a hockey game. Many of them ask, can you check the goalie in hockey? The answer is no for ice hockey. Checking the goalie in hockey is illegal ice hockey. 

can you check the goalie in hockey

To protect the goal, a player does not hit the goalie. It is out of the rules in ice hockey. There is no rule to checking a regular skater.  You cannot stop the hockey puck by checking the goalie. 

However, hockey is a contact sport that has different rules to protect goals. Here I will highlight why you cannot check the goalie in hockey.  

A goalie is important for hockey

In hockey, a goalie plays an important role. How important a goalie in hockey is cannot be described in a word.  However, the goaltender is as good as the defense in front of them in quarterback positions. So can you check that the goalie in hockey is now clear? 

But when you ask can goalies check the players? Then the answer appears with affirmative, yes. A goalie can check the players to protect the goal.

If the game fails for any reason and the receiver cannot catch the ball. Then all the responsibility is going to the goaltender. A good goalie is enough to make a quick series swing. In hockey, two goalies play in front of the goal crease. 

The goalie is at the very front or outside of the crease to cut the shot angle.  You will never be allowed to check a goalie’s body the way you would check the body of a normal player.  Only the pure skill of a goaltender can change the situation of breakaway and shootout.

The goaltender has the right to be outside in the crease. If you ask that, can you check the goalie outside the crease, then I say no. The rules of ice hockey do not allow the goalie to check the goalie outside in the crease. The goalie can come out to play the puck with the team. 

Hockey goalie rules

Though hockey goalie is important, he should also maintain some rules in ice hockey play. Then, what is icing in hockey? Let’s discuss. Icing in hockey is a player shoots Pak on the bottom of the ice from the side of the team’s red centerline. However, players can cross the red line at any time. Can you check the goalie in hockey? This question is not allowed for Ice hockey.

Ice hockey has some rules for a goalie and that’s are-

  • Redline into the opponent’s zone

When you see the hockey game, then you have a question, how far out can a hockey goalie go? I will tell you that the first rule is hockey goalie cannot involve the player in redline into the opponent’s zone to play. 

If the goalie tries to do these things he will receive a penalty. You will find the trapezoid area in the hockey games.  What is a trapezoid in hockey? Ok, let me explain about trapezoids a little bit. You will see an area behind the goal of a hockey rink. Only the goalie can go to this trapezoid area to play the puck.

  • Not to play the puck

The goalie is not allowed to play the puck behind the designated areas of the goal. The goalkeeper will not be able to touch the puck if the puck goes once in this area.

  • Limited Spaces

A goalkeeper has a limited area for defending to take a penalty. He cannot cross the area of the twenty-third meter outside of the match. And goalkeepers should wear protective headgear. 

  • Permit to use the stick

All the goalies can get permission to use their sticks, kickers as well as leg guards, and feet. They also use any other part of the body to play the ball over the backline or in another line.

Why are hockey players so protective?

Why are hockey players so protective of the goalie? It is because in ice hockey they use sticks, as well as leg defenders. This is because 

  • The gears may break while playing the puck with opponents. 
  • And on shooting time the goalie can be hit by hockey players.  
  • When you watch a hockey game you will see that hockey players are so protective of their goalie. Because they have to protect the goalie.
  • Goalies are defenseless when they run or screw with players. To protect him from injury they need protective materials and players.
  • Since a goalkeeper can change the hockey game, the opponent’s anger is on him. Hockey players are often protective of their opponents as well as goalies. And defends their points and goals.


Q.1. Can you screen the goalie in hockey?

Ans:  Yes. When the opponents block the view of the goalie, it is difficult to save the puck and stop it. One player can screen the goalie so that his team can take a shot on the net.

Q.2. Is checking legal in hockey?

Ans:  Checking is legal for school and college hockey. Ice hockey is legal to check the body of women in the ice hockey federations. But goalie checking is not legal in hockey.

Q.3.  Is it a penalty to hit a goalie in hockey?

Ans: You cannot hit the goalie intentionally or accidentally. If you hit the goalie, you have to receive a two-minute goalie interface penalty. 

Q.4. Can you hit the goalie in the trapezoid? 

Ans:  Trapezoid is the behind of the goal and the goalie can play the pluck outside of the net. You cannot hit the goalie. But in the trapezoid area, the opponents can attack the goalie. 

Final Word

Can you check the goalie in hockey? In this question, the rules of Ice hockey come first. The opponent can screen the goalie but cannot hit him.

Hitting a goalie is totally illegal for a hockey match. And the referee calls for a penalty for the opposite team.  And the goalie can come outside of the net to take shots for his team.

In the above, I show how important a goalie is for his team. And the team players are always protective of their goalie.

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