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Best Hockey Skates

Within the soul of every hockey player resides an intense passion for the game. This burning desire for victory and an unwavering determination to excel. On the ice is fueled by their trusted companions. And it’s their hockey skates.

These skates hold a significant role in your performance more than equipment. Whether you’re a professional, finding the perfect pair of hockey skates is crucial for your performance.

In this guide, I will assist you in discovering the hockey skates available. Additionally, I will share some factors to consider before making a purchase. So, let’s tighten those laces and start this journey!

Top rated Hockey Skates

Best for Overall: Bauer Vapor Hyperlite 2 Ice Hockey Skates

Best for Premium: Bauer Supreme Mach Ice Hockey Skates.

Best for Budget: CCM Tacks AS-V Ice Hockey Skates.

Best for Features: CCM Jetspeed FT680 Ice Hockey Skates.

Best Hockey Skates For 2024

With numerous options available, how do you select the ice hockey skates? Well, It’s not about brand reputation or price tags. It ultimately depends on your style, skill level, and aspirations. Hence, I have chosen four hockey skate options for you to consider. Let’s have a quick look at them.

Bauer Vapor Hyperlite 2 Ice Hockey Skates

When it comes to dominating the ice with swiftness, there is one name. It stands head and shoulders above others. Bauer Vapor Skates is a well-known brand in hockey. I want to share why these skates have reformed the game for players at all skill levels.

The Vapor skate collection is designed to deliver top-notch performance. Bauer has put in the effort to create skates that offer players a balance between support and flexibility. The upper section of the skate is made from more supportive materials. It provides you with the stability for explosive movements. Using these skates helps you to move on the ice.

That’s not all. The lower part of the boot offers increased flexibility and responsiveness. This ensures lightning transitions and perfect moves during play. It also provides quick sprints across the rink. Besides, Bauer has equipped the two models of their Vapor line with a feature called PowerFly Holder.

This groundbreaking technology takes your acceleration during takeoff. The front post of this holder is rigid. So, maximizing energy transfer in every stride for acceleration. The stability bar, with its hyperbolic design, enhances balance, leading to transition. Also, it enhances the responsive back post, facilitating side-to-side movements.

Furthermore, they have reimagined the blade channel using geometry. Also, they reduce stress on creating integration between the steel blade and holder. Speaking of blades, you can choose between Fly TI and Fly X runners. These are both compatible with the PowerFly Holder. The Fly TI comes with a titanium coating.

It is high and uses high-quality materials in its core performance. Now, when it comes to comfort, the Hyperlite 2 skates have an improved Aerolite 2.0 Tongue. Bauer has made the tongue more comfortable by adding an edge. It relieves pressure points without compromising flexibility and performance.

Additionally, they have reinforced the Hyperflex eyelets to ensure durability over time. The LockFit Pro Liner ensures your feet stay dry in place, and it is crafted for performance. This lightweight boot is specifically designed to optimize energy transfer. It enables you to achieve your speed while maintaining agility.

No matter if you’re an emerging talent, the BAUER VAPOR HYPERLITE SKATES offers an incredible blend of cutting-edge technology. Also, it provides you with trusted features. You’ll perform at your best every time you lace up.

Remember, the Fly TI and Fly X runners are compatible with both the PowerFly Holder and the original Lightspeed Edge Holder. However, the new Powerfly Holder is not compatible with Pulse TI and runners.


Material: Carbon Curv Composite
Holder: PowerFly Holder
Runner: Fly-X, Fly-TI
Tongue: Aerolite 2.0
Eyelets: Hyperflex
Liner: LockFit Pro Liner
Footbed: Lock-Fit
Outsole Construction: Hyperflex Sole
Family: Vapor
Warranty: 90 Days


● Ultimate Quickness and Agility
● Enhancing your overall performance.
● Provide comfort
● Reducing pressure points.
● Customizable Runner Options
● Keep your feet dry.
● Durable.

● it might not be accessible to budget-conscious players.

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Bauer Supreme Mach Ice Hockey Skates

Let’s dive into the world of hockey excellence with the Bauer Vapor Hyperlite 2. These skates represent the type of performance. I’m excited to share my experience with this exceptional product. When you put on these skates, you enter the performance field.

One of the standout qualities of this skates is their 3D
Lasted 12K Carbon Curv Composite Quarter. It’s one of the good features. This material reduces the skate’s weight by 5% compared to the model. It also provides you with an extra advantage.

This skates offer an advantage because I have the type of steel. And it best matches you’re playing style. Whether you go for the Carbonlite, Pulse TI, or Fly X Runner models, you’ll experience top-notch performance. It will enhance your gameplay.

With the introduction, the Bauer Vapor skate takes flexibility to a level. It revolutionizes how you move forward during your stride. Also, it results in improved acceleration and smoother transitions.

To ensure energy transfer the Unibody Powerwrap Technology stiffens the skate’s outsole. When combined with the Powercoil tongue this skates allow you for flexing and loading. Besides, it provides that power when it matters most.

When it comes to hockey skates, fitness is crucial. Bauer understands this well. They have made improvements to the toe cap to enhance comfort out of the box. While reducing bulk for a snug and low profile fit, your push off with each stride will be exceptional.

Inside the skate Bauer has utilized AeroFoam Pro to keep your foot and ankle comfortable. The Lock Fit Pro lining and footbed keep your foot dry and securely, in place throughout the game.

The Bauer Vapor skates combine technologies and reliable features. This pair of skates provides you both flexible and lightweight. The skates enhance your power and flexibility with each stride. It makes them ideal for players who always seek good performance. Bauer has also introduced the ability to select your runner. Also, it gives you a level of customization for your game.

The Fly TI, Fly X, Carbonlite, Pulse TI and Pulse runners all have their advantages. It allows you to customize your skates to suit your playing style. With advanced features, the Bauer Skates Offer everything a player needs. Remember that the runners come in packaging and can be installed. Also, it gives you the flexibility to choose your setup.

If you’re a hockey player seeking top-tier performance, agility and power. So, look no further than the Bauer Hyperlite 2 Ice Hockey Skates. I’ve experienced the difference they make on the ice firsthand. You can say this skates as a game changer. They will elevate your game, help you dominate on the ice and provide precision and power.


Weight: 791g
Heat Moldable: Yes
Holder: Lightspeed Edge
Runner: Pulse TI, Carbonlite, Pulse
Tongue: Powercoil
Liner: LockFit Pro
Boot Construction: 3D Lasted 12k Carbon Curv.
Footbed: Lock Fit Pro
Family: Supreme
Warranty: 90 Days

● Offering energy transfer.
● Enhanced Flexibility
● Customizable Tongue
● Interchangeable,
● Enhancing comfort.
● Advanced Liner and Footbed

● These skates are a high-performance beast meant for advanced players who skate.

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CCM Tacks As-V Ice Hockey Skates

As a passionate hockey enthusiast, I’m excited to share my experience with you. These skates go beyond being another piece of hockey gear. They are your gateway to enhancing your performance on the ice. If you’re looking for high-quality performance at a reasonable price, the CCM Tacks AS V is the choice.

The CCM Skates comes with AS V features and One Piece Boot Power technology. This advancement ensures you energy transfer. Also, it provides you with strides and a snugger fit that responds better to your movements. You’ll notice the impact on your performance.

The TotalDri Pro liner is equipped with technology. Then moisture management and comfort are taken care of. The CCM skates can keep your feet dry, during games. It eliminates distractions caused by discomfort. If you use this skates, you can focus on the game without any hindrances.

One of the standout features of the AS V is its custom-fitting tongue. This innovative feature revolutionizes achieving the fit. And it enhances your comfort on the ice. You can optimize your feel and protection.
To enhance skating power CCM has incorporated Powerflex Tendon Guard with Fiberglass technology. This advanced feature improves your range of motion. At the same time, it enables strides and explosive movements on the ice.

The AS V includes an Ortholite Ultralite footbed. It does not reduce weight in areas but also adds extra comfort for the bottom of your foot. It’s designed to release moisture, So, it will keep your feet dry during gameplay.

CCMs Speedblade XS Holder features a positive lock mechanism. This mechanism ensures to fasten the blade to the holder. Swapping out blades provides you more efficient or hassle-free game. So, if you use this skates pair, you can stay focused on the game, without missing a shift.

The CCM Tacks AS V Ice Hockey Skates provide a combination of strength and agility. These skates are specifically made for power skaters who want high-quality features. Every aspect is designed to elevate your performance on the ice.

As a hockey lover I have experienced using this skates and have good performance of the AS V skates. I wholeheartedly recommend these skates to anyone who are looking to make their game better. They provide confidence, precision and power that will truly enhance your skating experience. The CCM Tacks AS V Ice Hockey Skates are a choice for those seeking. To dominate the ice and take their hockey skills to heights.


Weight: 955g
Tongue Material: 7mm Felt with D3O Lite Foam
Heat Moldable: Yes
Holder: SpeedBlade XS
Boot Construction: One-Piece Boot Power
Runner: V-Steel, Blacksteel, Step Steel
Footbed: Molded Ortholite Ultralite
Liner: TotalDri Pro
Outsole Construction: RFM Composite
Family: Tacks
Warranty: 90 Days

● Excellent Performance.
● Enhanced Comfort.
● Offers a dry and lightweight feel.
● Blister-free.
● Customizable Tongue.
● Ensures ankles stay secure.

● Finding the perfect fit can be a bit challenging.
● Not Perfect for beginners.

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CCM Jetspeed FT680 Ice Hockey Skates

Let me introduce you to the CCM JetSpeed FT680 Ice Hockey. As I’m passionate about this sport, I am thrilled to share my insights into this piece of hockey gear.

If you find yourself hitting the ice with top-notch technologies without breaking the bank, look no further. The CCM JetSpeed FT680 offers a combination of high-performance features at a value.

One standout feature of the FT680 is its one-piece boot design. Made with RFM material, it is engineered for optimal performance and acceleration. What does this mean for you? It means experiencing strides through energy transfer.

This liner wicks away any moisture, ensuring your feet stay dry throughout your skating. The Metatomic tritech tongue, measuring 7mm incorporates molded protection against lace bite. Its purpose extends beyond comfort aiming to ensure your safety on the ice. Revel in the assurance that your feet are shielded as you gracefully glide.

The ankle padding comes with memory foam to provide comfort and support. Also, the new addition of the Flex Tendon Guard is aimed at enhancing your range of motion. This results help you to improve speed and agility, as you’ll be able to extend your strides while skating.

Ensuring your comfort is our priority. That’s why I have incorporated the molded Ortholite Ultralite footbed. It not only provides a feel but also molds perfectly to give you optimal comfort. Additionally, it has moisture releasing properties that keeps your feet dry during play.

One outstanding feature is the Speedblade XS Holder. It offers a blade release system with a bladelock mechanism. Swapping blades becomes effortless with this design. And the stainless steel runners are designed to maintain lasting edge quality ensuring performance.

To sum up, the CCM JetSpeed FT680 is crafted for players seeking performance without breaking the bank. It is the one piece boot that enables memory foam ankle padding. Also, the moisture-wicking liner every aspect is tailored to elevate your game. So, I suggest you to try this skates once.


Tongue Material: 7mm Felt Metatomic TriTech
Heat Moldable: Yes
Holder: Speedblade XS
Boot Construction: One-Piece
Runner: XS Stainless Steel
Footbed: Molded Ortholite Ultralite
Liner: HD Microfiber
Outsole Construction: RFM Composite
Family: JetSpeed
Warranty: 90 Days

● Offers top-tier performance.
● Perfect fit.
● Lace-Bite protection
● Comfort and safety.
● Enhances your skating stride.
● Quick Blade Release:
● Long-lasting performance.

● Availability may vary.

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Things to Consider before Buying the Best Hockey Skates

ice hockey skates

Picking out the pair of hockey skates can be quite an experience, for any player. Your skates serve as a link between you and the ice. They have a significant influence on your performance, and comfort. Before making this decision take into account the following aspects;

● Type of Skates
If you’re just starting out it’s best to opt for skates. Because it comforts and provides support. For players, at a level finding skates that strike a balance between performance and comfort is important.

On the other hand, advanced players should use high-performance skates. Your specific playing position also influences the type of skate you should choose. Forwards require agility and speed. The defensemen need stability and support while goalies focus on balance and control.

● Fit and Sizing
When it comes to fitting and sizing your skates, it’s crucial to think of them as an extension of your feet. A proper fit ensures control and it’s reducing the risk of injuries.
It’s important not to rely on shoe size as skate sizes can vary across brands and models. Following sizing charts and considering width options will help you find the fit.

● Boot Material
The material used in the boot affects its weight, durability and performance. While composite materials offer performance, traditional leather or synthetic options are budget-friendly alternatives.

● Blade Type
The type of blade also plays a role in skating performance. High-quality steel blades maintain their sharpness for periods ensuring performance on the ice. The blade holder is another aspect to consider. As it impacts stability and ease of blade replacement, finding a holder according to your suits and preferences.

● Foot Shape and Width
Since everyone’s feet have a unique shape and width. It’s crucial to ensure your skates match your foot shape. Also, Proper arch support is essential for preventing foot strain while enhancing comfort.

● Ankle and Heel Support
Lastly, ankle and heel support are factors to consider when choosing skates. Having padding around the ankle is important. As it helps minimize the chances of getting blisters. It’s also crucial to have a heel lock to prevent any lifting of the heel. It improves control and responsiveness.

● Liner and Moisture Management
When it comes to the liner and moisture management its recommended to look for materials. The materials like-like Clarino or memory foam that have moisture-wicking properties. This is because keeping your feet dry is essential for comfort. Moisture can lead to discomfort and unpleasant odors. So, skates with features designed for moisture management. To help keep your feet fresh and dry.
● Budget
When it comes to your budget don’t feel pressured to splurge on the skates. You can find quality options, at varying price points that suit your needs.

● Brand and Model
It’s always an idea to trust brands and models. Take the time to read reviews and seek opinions from people you trust.

● Customization
If possible, invest in skates. You can customize to fit your feet is worth considering. It ensures a comfortable experience tailored for you.

● Weight
Choosing skates can make a difference in reducing fatigue during extended play. They also improve agility giving you an added boost as you effortlessly glide across the ice.

● Maintenance
Take into account how easy it is to replace the blades of the skates. Opting for quick-release systems can save you time and effort. It allows you to focus more on the game itself. Just imagine walking in your skates feeling their fit and visualizing your moves on the ice. Actually, it’s an exhilarating thought!


1.What size hockey skate do I need?

Determine your hockey skate size by measuring your foot, following the brand’s sizing chart, and prioritizing a snug fit for better control on the ice.

2. what are the Popular brands of hockey skates?

Some popular brands of hockey skates include Bauer, CCM, Easton, and Graf, known for their quality and performance in the hockey community.

3. What is the best material for a hockey skate?

Hockey skates are typically made with synthetic materials or leather, with high-quality synthetics offering lightweight durability, while leather provides a traditional feel and durability. The choice depends on personal preference and budget.

4. How much does a hockey skate cost?

The cost of hockey skates can vary widely based on factors such as brand, model, and features. Entry-level skates may start around $50 to $100, while high-end or professional-level skates can range from $200 to $1,000 or more. It’s essential to consider your skill level, playing frequency, and budget when choosing the right pair of hockey skates.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re just starting out as a novice or refining your skills, always remember to have the perfect one. Because finding the perfect hockey skates goes beyond technical considerations. It’s truly an emotional journey.

These skates will be your companions as you strive for greatness supporting you in time. Try to join you in every thrilling moment, on the ice.

If you asked me to suggest you, I would like to go for The Bauer Vapor Hyperlite 2 for its performance or the CCM Jetspeed FT680 for the value and performance. Make a choice to rely on your intuition. When you tie up those skates that deeply resonate with your passion.

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