What socks to wear with hockey skates?

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What kind of socks are best for skating

Playing hockey skate may be a precious passion for you. Rather, as one of the new NHL players you must be thinking “What socks to wear with hockey skates?”. The answer is to move with the thin sock. The thinner skating socks have the ability to provide better space for your feet. 

While having a crucial match ahead obviously you want to uplift yourself ready for a winning moment. Your eyes are on your hockey skate or the hockey stick. Yet there is another piece of equipment that has the power to turn the table. That magical but mostly ignorable part is your hockey socks. Sounds a little weird but your hockey socks are the one that gives you complete comfy to move quickly. Scroll down to get all the absolute ideas about hockey skate socks.

Do NHL players wear socks in their skates?

As a rising hockey player, some confusion may come to your mind about NHL players and ice skating. Do all the NHL players actually wear skate socks or not? The answer verily depends on the player’s experience and mindset as well. An experienced skater may prefer to skip the equipment and wear the roller skate barefoot.

But experts recommend preventing the mindset while you are a new skater. Being a new skater while you are still struggling to nourish your balance is not a wise choice to get into the match without ice hockey socks. Skipping the performance socks you may face some severe troubles during the whole game. Such as:

  • The most usual issue you may face during the game is the sweated foot. Without hockey socks, the moisture level may rise up much more than wearing socks. Thus you are gonna definitely feel much uncomfy during the whole game. The fact may interrupt your moving speed during some crucial moments as well.
  • Just because the rising level of your sweat can drench your hockey shoes badly. That’s the reason sometimes you may even need to forego the next practice session right after ice skating.
  • On account of an excessive level of moisture, your roller skate may even get going to smell quite unpleasant. That’s verily an annoying situation you definitely don’t want to get with your favorite practice jersey.
  • Another crucial reason you must not ignore your hockey sock is the protection quality. Your hockey socks safeguard your feet from having painful blisters. That’s the issue you don’t even want to happen in your dream before a crucial match. 

On the basis of the above-mentioned troubles, you can clearly understand the sequence of ignoring your hockey socks. That’s the reason, you must keep looking at your skate sock before any game or even during the practice session.

What kind of socks to wear with hockey skates?

what kind of socks to wear with hockey skates

Your hockey socks are one of the most crucial pieces of equipment you need during the match. But while time to choose the perfect sock confusion still remains, “What socks to wear for hockey?”. There are verily four categories of hockey socks. You will have to pick wisely which types of wearing socks seem appropriate for you.

Thick Sock

One of the most usual hockey socks is a thick sock. These kinds of hockey socks are quite impressive to safeguard your foot. Especially while playing the game on ice, it is the best choice for most hockey players. An appropriate pair of hiking socks made of wool can support you a long way and may hold on to your feet warm for a long duration.

Thin Sock

Another widely used sock is the thin sock. Thin hockey socks are chosen by the players for their comfy quality. This kind of hockey sock absorbs the moisture you have because of sweat. Moreover, they sustain absolute space to move your foot easily or to breathe as well.

Taller Sock

Taller hockey socks are one more type of sock largely preferable for players playing ice skating. These kinds of hockey socks are verily popular for giving the whole protection to your feet. Though hockey is a game of great enjoyment. Rather the game can turn into danger at any level even if you are wearing the hockey protective pant. That’s why most players prefer taller socks to steer clear of danger.

Shorter Sock

Last but not least is the shorter sock. Short hockey socks are widely preferable for some experienced players. They pick the socks on top because of their cozy quality. The short hockey socks are quite easy to wear and put out as well.

Before picking up any hockey socks first, take a look at their quality and then fixed up which one is comfier for you.

Other essential accessories besides hockey socks

Besides your hockey socks, there are other kinds of accessories as well that you need to be cautious about. Like hockey gloves, ice skates, hockey pants, elbow pads, a hockey helmet, and so on. The best field hockey shoes or the best hockey bag are essential as well for the game. Aside from picking the right sock, you just need to look at the appropriate shoe size also. 

Moreover, take a look at which surface you are going to game on. While playing on a grass pitch, it is recommended to pick the cleated field hockey shoe. On the other hand, if your game is going to place indoors, court shoes may be the accurate one for you.

Another essential element is your hockey bag. There are verily two types of bags such as wheeled and non-wheeled. While carrying all the stuff with you a wheeled hockey bag may be considered accurate for you. Yet you can travel with non-wheeled hockey bags as well while carrying a lighter.


What socks do you wear in hockey skates?

: It is recommended to pick up the right hockey socks according to your game type or comfy zone. So, take a look cautiously, thick sock or thin sock which one is more proper for your moving.

What kind of socks do NHL players wear?

: NHL players widely prefer to wear knit socks as they are more traditional. But the players nowadays pick performance socks as well. 

What kind of socks are best for skating?

: Skating socks made with synthetic materials are considered the best ones for skating. These types of skating socks safeguard your foot from blisters and dry out your feet from moisture as well.

Final Word

Hockey socks are a kind of key stuff to secure your foot from any unwanted or harmful situations. Thinner, thicker, shorter, or taller whatever the socks may be. All the hockey socks are filled with unique qualities in their own way.

Different types of games or surfaces require different types of stuff. So, experts recommend trying out the skating socks during practice sessions before the final game. Thus, the method will assist you to pick up the perfect hockey sock according to your actual need.

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