How to Draw a Hockey Puck in an easy way?

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How to Draw a Hockey Puck

Do you know how to draw a hockey puck? When it is one of the most popular sports played with a stick and puck. The puck looks like a black disk-shaped, flat, solid made with vulcanized rubber. 

Stick is another essential object for Hockey. A craver or angle stick is used for Hockey. We will also know how to draw a hockey stick. 

Stick and puck is the symbol of Hockey. But playing Hockey requires other essential items. Like shoes, socks, helmets, mouthguards, etc. Don’t worry, I will discuss these items and show the tutorial on hockey puck and stick. 

How to Draw a Hockey Puck

Necessary items for drowning puck

Hockey puck drawing is easy. We can draw within 5 steps. Follow the tutorial for a quick drawing of a hockey puck.

Necessary items for drowning puck:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Color pencil
  • Eraser

Step 1

First, we draw an outline that looks like an oval. 

Step 2

Now, we draw another oval below the first one. Both look similar.  

Step 3

Connect ovals with the two straight small lines. 

Step 4

Now, take an eraser and remove the inside curve line of the oval. 

Step 5

Finally, add some highlights and shadows with hatching. 

Or, color it with a colored pencil. Finished the puck drawing. It is an easy drawing tutorial. 

How to Draw a Hockey Stick

How to drow a hockey stick

Let’s learn how to draw a hockey stick. I will provide six steps for drawing a hockey stick. Let’s start. 

Necessary items for drowning puck:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Color pencil
  • Eraser

Step 1: Draw the Blade 

First, make light lines that are easy to erase if you need to correct them.

Step 2: Draw the Shaft

Draw two straight parallel lines and round the upper corners. You can use a ruler to make straight lines. Now you get a basic look at the stick. You have to add some easy designs. 

Step 3: Add a design to the handle

Please divide the shaft into a few different sections with little lines. It makes the stick more beautiful and exciting. 

Step 4: Wrapping outline

Draw an outline that looks like wrapping the blade.

Step 5: Add wrapping details 

Now finish the line drawing with add wrapping details. Add the details of the wrapping with slightly curved lines. Now trace over the lines with a black pen or marker.

Step 6: Color the stick

Now color the hockey stick. You can use brown or yellow that looks like wood. Use gray in the wrap section and blue near the bottom of the shaft. 

Finally, we finished drawing a hockey stick.

Essential Items for Playing Hockey

You know how to play Hockey and also know the tricks of the game. But you can’t play hockey if you don’t have enough knowledge about the essential items of Hockey. Not only do you know the game’s rules, but you also need essential items.

The essential items are the puck and stick. The best roller hockey puck can win you. 

You need the best hockey mouthguard that protects you from injury. Also need the best hockey skate socks. That helps you to run and pass the puck.

We also need other items for playing Hockey. Here is the list of the essential items for Hockey.

  • Pucks
  • Hockey Stick
  • Hockey stick bag
  • Guards which are shin
  • Hockey shoes
  • Rash Guards and shocks
  • Guards which called mouthguards.
  • Electric Tepe
  • Grip
  • Ball

The goalie needs extra equipment. They are-

  • Need a Helmet to protect the head.
  • Need a Protector that protects the throat.
  • Goalies need a pad Chest
  • Arms Protector as well as Elbow protector
  • Hand Protector, right and left hand.
  • Goalies need a leg protector or a Leg guard.

Fun Factors of Hockey 

  • In 1875, Hockey was first played in Canada, in Montreal. But there are so many inconsistencies about the time of the first Hockey game. 
  • At first, the Hockey stick was straight. 
  • In 1960, Blackhawks Hall of Famer Stan Mikita, of Chicago introduced a curve stick.
  • There are three-inch diameters in the Hockey pucks
  • It is a frozen game and during Hockey pucks, they don’t bounce.
  • During the 1800s, the first puck was made for outdoor Hockey. 
  • Latvians lay flowers at the entrance of the opposition team’s embassy if the Latvian hockey team plays at home and wins. 


Q1. How do you draw a real hockey puck?

Ans: You can draw a real hockey puck in 3 steps. Draw two circles, one above the others; Then connect the circles with little lines; the Color is similar to the real puck. Now you can draw a real hockey puck.

Q2. How do you draw an easy hockey player?


  • First, draw the chin and ears of the hockey player. 
  • Now attach the ear to the opposite side of the face and continue the line across the top of the face. 
  • Shape the face mask by using a curved rectangular shape line.
  • Draw an outline of the hockey player’s back and torso with a curved line. Draw the outline of the wrist with a curved line.

Q3. How do you make a 3d hockey puck?

Ans: Making a 3d hockey puck is very easy. Just follow the instructions. 

  • First, draw a circle
  • Draw another circle below the previous
  • Now add the two circles with the two lines
  • Add some shadow for creating 3d. 
  • Finally, the color is similar to the real puck. You get the 3d hockey pick. 

Q4. How do you draw a realistic hockey stick?


  • First, draw two lines side by side. Join both sides of the lines. It looks like a thin and long rectangle. This rectangle will be at a 40 or 50-degree angle. 
  • Then draw a small rectangle for the hockey stick’s blade below the handle. 
  • Now curve the joint point of the handle and blade. Slightly bend the front line and do almost a half-circle of the below side. 
  • Now we add details to look realistic. Draw some random lines in the blade. Draw other lines on the handle.

Final Thought

Now you know how to draw a hockey puck. We saw the easy tutorial in detail. We hope you can draw the hockey puck. We also added the hockey stick draw tutorial. That is also easy.

Hockey is a very popular sport. There are two different hockey games; ice and field. Ice hockey is more popular. In this game, we need so many essential items. But the most important two items are a hockey puck and a hockey stick. These items are symbols of the sport. 

In a nutshell, I may say that you can easily draw a hockey puck now.

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