STX Surgeon Rx2 Hockey Stick Review

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STX” is a contraction of sticks. Since 1970, STX has been the symbol of innovation in hockey. Besides, hockey is undeniably a growing market for manufacturers. Large companies thrive their best to take the market lead. STX is one of them.

STX Surgeon Rx 2 Hockey Stick Review

The company has made its mark by launching sticks like Surgeon Rx2, Rx3, and more. Each stick brought innovations and improved gameplay remarkably. 

We are going to review one of STX’s flagships called Surgeon RX2 Hockey Stick. The product has carried so much new technology and modern features, which made it extraordinary and unique. 

Hang on with me till the end. I promise that you’ll find something more about the stick. Let’s start.

Why Surgeon RX2 Hockey Stick is best on the market right now?

Pure Grip

If you are a freak about hockey, you must know about it. Hence, let me remind you again.

The pure grip is an advanced technology to increase hand grip. We know the importance of the grip for taking shots and tackling. STX has put its best effort to create the idea of pure grip. Let me explain.

They have tried different shapes. Also, they pushed the R&D to run into the rink to get the best research result. 

The team has also incorporated NHL players. Players like Vincent Trocheck, and JT Miller, give advisory recommendations on each new stick. Continuing this legacy, several elite players in the NHL have reviewed RX2.

In short, Surgeon RX2 is almost a custom-made stick by pro players and the pure grip is an amazing outcome of that. 

With increased surface area and void-filling design, the pure grip is a revolution. You won’t find gaps under the shaft as you would for traditional sticks.

3K Carbon Fiber

The lighter, the better. The ice hockey stick is longer than field hockey by height. The heavier it gets, the tougher it becomes to handle. 

Large manufacturers invest millions in enhancing weight and better control because players need lighter sticks with ergonomic control and durability. It seems tricky to keep less weight and more durability sometimes. 

With RX2, STX showed the mantra. 3K carbon has come as the most efficient technology in balancing both. It makes a stick stronger and lightweight with no hassle. Additionally, it improves the stick balance. 

Raised Texture

It is a great idea to use an attractive surface as an operational feature. You may agree about the stunning textures on every STX stick. The company took advantage of it. 

The artworks are raised. You can feel the elevated design elements. It increases the friction between the hands and the sticks. So, ultimately you will get super max grip holding anywhere of your sword. 

Precision Flex

When I was new to hockey, I used to wonder about the flex number. I didn’t know the correct flex for me. Well, many of us still haven’t found the right flex for ourselves.

Intuitively, higher flex sticks bend lesser. Flex is crucial for taking shots with the required power in the right direction. It takes a few matches with various flex-rated sticks to understand one’s preferable ratio. 

According to professionals, it’s about impossible to find the right amount of flex in a stick. I, too, agreed until Precision Flex (™) technology came into the market. 

The technology improves the shots by maximizing the velocity. It adds optimized snaps to dial the puck in the right direction. 

The precision flex also offers dual kick points in the RX2. The kick points can affect your shots compared with your height. 

Taller players can bend the stick better with the upper kick point. Also, it generates more power for the rocket shots for the strikers. Lower kick point responds better with snapshots in tight situations.

Nano-Enhanced Resin

All the incredible features are useless if the stick is not durable. Durability is hard to measure with one shot or one match. 

A stick goes through thousands of shots. Microfractures result from due hit after hit leading to bigger cracks.

Nanosystem increases the prevention of these microfractures. The new resin model made the sticks more enduring. 

Pure Blade

The invention of Pure Blade was a smart move from STX. They have rethought the traditional blade theory. Instead of 1 material, they used 2 versions of the same material—18k carbon on the back and the 3k at the front. 

With 18K carbon at the back, the stick gets lighter. STX also thought about its durability. The 3K carbon on the blade face makes it the strongest in the market. 


STX’s one of the most advanced technology. Exclusive carbon bridges run on the length of the stick’s body parallelly. Between these bridges, you will get Quad Core foam. 

The combination of the bridge and foam strengthens the carbon fiber. You’ll feel the puck on every shot. Additionally, the blade has become 20% more long-lasting. 

Note: You have to get R2.1 for quad-core technology.

Surgeon RX2 is a budget winner. Compared to the market, STX’s RX2 is cheaper than other composite sticks weighing around 500 gms with such features. 

Pros and Cons

Undoubtedly, surgeon RX2 is one of the few sticks with the least cons and more pros. 


  • Lightweight
  • Surprisingly Strong
  • Pure blade
  • Quad-core
  • pure grip 
  • Nano-enhanced resin
  • 3K carbon fiber


Literally, RX2 has zero cons. I talked to many buyers. 99% of their feedback was satisfactory. 64% of the users gave 5 out of 5 to the surgeon RX2.

The only disadvantage you can find is the unavailability of Quad-core, Pureblade, and Puregrip in a single variable. Surgeon RX2 has three variables 2, 2.1, 2.2

The stick is durable but not unbreakable. A rare number of users have found cracks after several matches. 


What are the available blade profiles for surgeon RX2?

Ans: You’ll get four profiles: The x9 is ¾” mid-heel, x88 9/16″ mid, x28 mid, and ½” mid-toe.

What are the flexes for rx2?

Ans: There are four flex ratios available. 45, 100, 75, 85. 

Is the surgeon RX2 durable?

Ans: Undoubtedly, yes. The 18K and 3K carbon combinations make the stick unbreakable. Additionally, the nano resin system adds a different level of durability to the stick.


With its powerful features, the surgeon RX2 is a match-winner. Players around the world wondered about its lightweight of it. When I first held it in my hand, it felt like a feather. That insane! 

The build quality is top-notch. Different layers of carbon fiber make the stick the strongest. Advanced nanotechnology increases puck feel. 

The handling of the RX2 gives you absolute control over the puck. Rotating shots in different directions is the easiest with the stick.

I hope this article came in handy for you. Finally, play, enjoy and stay safe.

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