What are hockey shooting pads made of (Shooting pads information)

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Every ice hockey lover out there requires high-class, slick shooting pads to practice & enjoy stick handling as well as shooting. However, a classy shooting pad may cost around $100 to $150. If you have a thrifty whiteboard, a microfiber towel, and a silicone polish you made a shooting pad easily.

How to Make a Hockey Shooting Pad

Will you go for a ready-made shooting pad when building one at home is super cheap. Trust me; the homemade won’t even cost 30 bucks. But, what are hockey shooting pads made of at home?

What to use for a hockey shooting pad?

Calm down as we have answered all of your queries in our content. We have highlighted the hockey shooting pad materials and a step-by-step method of building a shooting pad along with FAQs. So, stay tuned with us till the end and enjoy stick handling right away!

What Is A Hockey Shooting Pad?

Stickhandling, skating & shooting are some of the most fundamental skills of ice hockey. A hockey shooting pad is meant to assist beginners in practicing to be a pro. By shooting pads, we refer to smooth surfaces with low resistance for gliding & shooting ice pucks.

Hockey Shooting Pad Materials

Most hockey shooting packs are composed of high-density polythene. HDPE is a particular form of low-resistant slippery plastic. It is also a major component of other equipment, including mugs, jugs, hockey dashboards, etc. Whiteboard is also a feasible option that is available in any home depot shop. As whiteboards have relatively higher resistance, it is a must to wipe the board with a lubricant.

Size Of The Hockey Shooting Pad

Shooting pads of different sizes are available in the market. Here we will highlight the most renowned ones of this decade.

  • Junior Shooting Pad:  These pads measure around 24″ in width, 48″ in length & ⅛” in thickness.
  • Intermediate Shooting Pads: We would consider the 52″ long, 28″ wide & 3/16″ thick pad as an ideal sized shooting pad.
  • Professional shooting pads: Most professional pads are around 60″ long, 30″ wide & 3/16″ thick.

Which Size Will Suit You Most?

Now among all the different sizes, which one will suit your style the most? I believe these queries have already popped up in your mind. 

For beginner & junior players, we would highly recommend small shooting boards. Such boards are beneficial if shooting practice is the main purpose. Large shooting boards are one of the ideal options for experienced & elderly players.

We would exceptionally suggest this one as it offers enough surface area for practicing stick handling & moves in different styles. They are also one of the best options for full-wrist & slap shots. 

When it comes to durability, intermediate & professional pads are the best ones as they offer a thickness of around 3/16-inches. As per the experiments, 1000 to 2000 shots per week won’t cause any wear & tear across the HDPE of the shooting pad. In fact, HDPE pipings are sturdy enough to last more than three years.

What To Use For A Hockey Shooting Pad?

We have discussed the ready-made & classy shooting pads till now. However, I believe you are looking for a cheap option, right? Investing $100 to $200 just in the beginning may really feel like a waste. 

What To Use For A Hockey Shooting Pad

So, how to make a hockey shooting pad at home? What is the basic hockey shooting pad material for creating a pad at home? Trust me; you won’t need any brand new exclusive equipment to make a hockey shooting pad. You will require:

  • A thrifty whiteboard.
  • A towel.
  • A silicone polish or lubricant.

I believe most of them are already available at home. If not, grab one from the nearest home depot shop. 

How To Make A Hockey Shooting Pad? Check Our Exclusive Tricks Now!

Preparing an efficient & slick hockey mat is super easy after grabbing all the necessary equipment.

  • After getting the whiteboard, clean it thoroughly to get rid of all the dust & dirt. You can’t enjoy shooting if the board is not cleaned enough. That’s because dust particles tend to create additional resistance, and the board becomes less slick. 
  • For proper cleaning, spray ‘the all-purpose cleaner’ all over the whiteboard. Now take the microfiber towel and wipe it up thoroughly. In this context, we would suggest going with a well-absorbent white towel. 
  • For easy & deep wiping, stand on the towel & shuffle the feet. It may seem like a simple step—however, the additional weight assists in deep cleaning.
  • Once you are done with cleaning, focus on making the surface slicker. Take the lubricant and spray it throughout the board. Beware that the polish comes in contact with each & every portion of the tile. 
  • At this point, many professionals advise folding the towel halfway around for fast & convenient polishing.
  • However, some users have commented that they can enjoy much better smoothness & slickness if the polish residue is not wiped out.
  • After being done with cleaning & polishing, the whiteboard is ready for the smoothest shots.

See, isn’t it super easy & convenient? Moreover, the pad offers the same performance as the exclusive shooting pad hockey home depot. So, why would you waste $200 when you can enjoy the stickiness of ice just by utilizing less than $50.


What are hockey shooting pads made of

By Hockey shooting pad, we refer to a slick surface for convenient shooting & stick handling. They are generally made of high-density plastic for exceptional smoothness & slippage.

How much does it cost to make a hockey puck?

In order to produce the best roller hockey puck, leagues have to invest around $40 to $50.It may sound weird as players are investing that much on something that is meant to be slapped by them afterward.

How do you make homemade hockey targets? 

Making a hockey target at home might be simpler than you can imagine. All that is required is – plywood & paint. The general measurement of a hockey net is around 6 feet in width & 4 feet in height. The ideal thickness of the pipes is around 2 inches. Just target the corners because scoring in those areas is relatively hard & requires much practice.

Final Words 

As a beginner, the query on “what are hockey shooting pads made of” might have really puzzled you. We tried our best to highlight the wholesome procedure in the simplest way.

Hopefully, our tips have helped you enough. Now, go & make the shooting pads at home to enjoy the long sessions of ice hockey practice right away!

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