Field Hockey Equipment for Beginners(List essential 20 equipment)

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Field Hockey Equipment for Beginners

As a beginner, the first thing you may be craving to know about is “field hockey equipment for beginners”. The accessories you must need during the game are cleats, balls, duct tape, elbow protectors, hockey sticks, helmets, and so on. You may also need to carry face masks, hockey socks, goggles, kits, etc., in your hockey bag.

While you dream of rising in your hockey match, there are specific ideas you need to feed your mind. Besides the best practice and passion, a hockey player must care for his staff. Because your hockey equipment is the crucial element to reach you on your dream level, scroll down to get all the crystal ideas about hockey equipment.

List of equipment (Field Hockey Equipment for Beginners)

As a beginner, you might be confused, “What equipment do you need for field hockey?” because your field hockey equipment is like the sword to turn the game during the battle. You must carry all the essential stuff to give your best, no matter how skilled or trained you are. That’s the reason it is quite crucial to have a clear idea about the field hockey equipment list.

So, here is the exact full hockey equipment list

  1. Field Hockey Stick
  2. Ball
  3. Jersey/ Uniform
  4. Hockey Shoes/ Cleats
  5. Face Mask
  6. Field Hockey Sock
  7. Elbow Protector
  8. Goalie Helmets
  9. Grip Tape
  10. Leg Guard
  11. Hockey Bag
  12. Neck Protector
  13. Duct Tape
  14. Mouth Guard
  15. Goalie Girdle
  16. Cone
  17. Kits
  18. Shin Guard
  19. Eye Black
  20. Goals

These are the whole list of equipment you must require for field hockey. Facilities and equipment for field hockey

All the equipment with great facilities assists a beginner to rise up to his dream. Beginners or experienced, all hockey players use this important piece of equipment in field hockey

Field Hockey Stick

Field Hockey Stick

Your hockey stick is the most lead element you need to carry during the whole game. There are a lot of brands providing accurately shaped and sized field hockey sticks as per your need. You will find the white part of your hockey stick mostly covered with grip tape. The below part is widely orange in color and plies to pass the ball or shoot around. You will be able to buy a field hockey stick with a price range of nearly $60 to $150.

Field Hockey Ball 

The field hockey ball is a kind of round or spherical-shaped ball. A hockey ball is light in weight and fabricated with solid plastic. The ball is made in such a way as to pass, stickhandle or shoot quite easily. Moreover, you can also fly the hockey ball in the air. You can buy almost a dozen hockey balls in a pack for nearly $50 from your nearby store.

Jersey/ Uniform

Your field hockey jersey is not just a cover-up. In fact, it is a kind of uniform that shows which team you belong to; your team’s name is shown on the front of the jersey, and on the back part, the individual player’s number and name are placed.

Hockey Shoe

Field hockey shoes are mostly known as cleats. The cleats are mostly molded in long rubber studs. They assist you in having the best grip while you are running on the grass or on a turf field. You can buy a pair of the best hockey shoes from the $30 to $70 price range.

Face Mask

The face mask is one of the most crucial parts of your hockey equipment to safeguard you. There are verily two holes in a face mask to give accurate space for goggles and eyes. You can buy a face mask with a price range from $30 to $90 or $100.

Field Hockey Sock

Field hockey socks are an essential part of your uniform. The socks safeguard your feet from excessive sweat and moisture. Thus you can move and run quite comfortably during the whole game. You can buy a pair of hockey socks for a minimum of $10. 

Elbow Protector

The elbow protector is verily placed to keep you safe from any injury. The stuff is fabricated with cushions. Thus, it is like a protector while falling or getting injured by a hockey stick on a field. The price range of elbow protectors is between $20 to $100.

Goalie Helmet

A goalie helmet is a kind of safeguard system to protect your head. The helmet is built in such a system any player can move their head quite easily wearing it. The cost of a hockey goalie helmet is around $150.

Leg Guard

Leg guards and shin guards are quite the same. They safeguard your knee and feet from any fracture during the game. The leg guards are built combined with plastic shells and cushions. You can buy leg guards with a price range between $50 to $150.

Hockey Bag

A hockey bag is quite essential to carry on all the stuff on the field. You can buy the best hockey bag for between $50 to $150. But the price may vary because of the quality or manufacturing system.

Neck Protector

Neck protectors are mainly built with cushions and padding to safeguard your neck. They even protect your collarbone and throat from any harmful situation. Neck guards are verily found for nearly $30.

Mouth Guard

A mouth guard is another safety element of hockey stuff. They ensure your teeth are absolutely protected. The price of the best hockey mouthguard is nearly $50. Yet the cost may vary due to its quality and protection level.

Other Hockey Equipment

Other hockey types of equipment include shin guards, eye black, goals, and other kits. All of them play crucial parts during your whole game. The prices of this stuff vary because of their quality and sizes. 


1. What is the equipment needed for field hockey?

-Hockey sticks, goggles, leg guards, hockey balls, goals, cleats, helmets, and so on are badly needed as field hockey equipment.

2. What are the 4 skills needed to play field hockey?

-The 4 skills one must be skilled to play field hockey are touch and leading, passing, hit, and flat stick tackle.

3. What age should you start field hockey?

-One should start playing field hockey from the age of pre-teen or early teen. It will be good as well to start practicing from an early age.

4. What size field hockey stick is for beginners?

-The field hockey stick size should be 26 to 36 inches for any beginner. But some prefer to buy 37.5-inch hockey sticks as well.

Final Word

Field Hockey is a great game to have passion for, But you must need to have all the needed stuff to rise for the best. However, you are quite confident in your skills. Yet the right types of equipment are the only ones that will move you ahead.  

Besides the most needed types of equipment, there are some other elements too known as safety stuff. These protectors, such as leg guards, shin guards, helmets, mouth guards, etc., are also needed to carry out. Because they safeguard your body parts from any hamper, thus, you can now clearly get all the ideas about what is actually needed during your game.

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